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    Woman Arrested For Hit-and-Run After Her Car Calls 911

    Now I know that you will always hit and run.
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    UPS Having Trouble Handling Holiday Online Orders

    Didn't last year I heard that one of the shipping companies over hired and so had plenty of people for the holidays which ate into their profits?
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    Broke Again, Dotcom Asks Hong Kong Court For Millions

    Uh, i doubt your willing to go to jail for the many decades he is facing.
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    Price List for Secret Hacker Techniques

    Wasnt a company paying a million dollars for some secret exploit a little while ago? THIS IS HALF OFF!
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    Analysis Of Apps Permissions In The Google Play Store

    I never thought China would be the ones to publicize this! ;)
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    How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

    Some of his examples I don't really agree with. For instance, he argues that Mac OS had much easier discoverability. I have seen many apps where operations are hidden in right click menus that require the user to right click everything to figure out where it is. His arguments that swipes are...
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    Siri Won't Help You Unless You Subscribe To Apple Music

    Still better than Alexa. When I asked when the movie Spectre was going to be released, it said "Sorry, that feature is unavailable."
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    Inventor Files “First Run” Movie Patent to Beat Piracy

    I guess he never heard of PRIMA Cinema. They offer first run movies from their $35000 player with movies rentals at $500 a pop.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch in Testing

    Well, I beat it fine on my PC with my GTX 780 ti so for me it's a bit too late.
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    Ten Jobs That Automation Won’t Kill Off

    Rich people. All products will refocus to rich people and cost 10000 for a phone to make up for the lack of volume and everyone else will get by on minimum wage welfare and/or die.
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    Baidu Admits Cheating In International Supercomputer Competition

    Indeed, because the company Baidu cheated, the "Chinese" as a whole cheated. It's always proper to generalize!
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    How Google Finally Got Design

    I don't think microsoft is that well designed. For instance, there main UI which (I think are called pivots?) is not information dense. You can see maybe 6 items in a grid format with no tabs which unless you change your complete menu structure, doesn't translate well from iOS and android. The...
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    App Turns Apple Watch Into A $20 Casio Calculator Watch

    Oh wait, I'm an idiot and just clicked the link.
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    App Turns Apple Watch Into A $20 Casio Calculator Watch

    That's like saying a calculator app turns my phone into a $10 calculator, or a alarm app turns my phone into a $50 alarm clock, or etc...
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    High-Tech Hypocrisy

    Except they already have a marketing budget that they would have spent on something if not google. So it is still "free" in the sense that you are trading personal information for the service, but it does not increase costs for other products.
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    More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy

    Oops, I quoted the wrong comment.
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    More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy

    Yeah! Except the ones to blame is not nVidia, of course they would try to make a proprietary ecosystem. The ones to blame are the game companies using this tech. Based on all the posts here, they probably all hate Apple because they make some proprietary stuff. News for you: every company is...
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    Judge: Warrantless Airport Seizure Of Laptop “Cannot Be Justified”

    I don't know if you would want them to make up their minds. What if they make up their minds that it is okay and the border is 1000 miles within each direction of the border?
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    Big Surprise: Apple Watch Flooded With Dicks

    There was that one graffiti dicks onto potholes person to draw attention to the potholes to get them fixed.
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    Google Announces A Patent Purchase Promotion

    If they get all the patents, they become a monopoly on patents and they will then be regulated by the US and then patent codes will be created that rival the complexity of the tax code.
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    Interactive Exhibit Features Two Decades Of Female Game Developers

    As much as I dislike nitpicking, just becomes there are female developers doesnt mean there are a lot of female game players. For instance, it's possible that the developers were tempted by the great competitive rates and great working hours of the game industry! (In case your wondering, that's...
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    Uber Must Face Lawsuit Claiming Bias Against The Blind

    This can probably solve this problem but then that means that sueing uber was the correct course of action since it would make them add this feature. People who say they should sue individual Uber drivers don't get this.
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    Uber Must Face Lawsuit Claiming Bias Against The Blind

    Why is it unreasonable to expect anyone who is not allergic to allow service animals on their car when their car can easily fit one with no modifications? What difference does it make if it's a personal vehicle? When they signed on to uber they signed on to allow other people to get on their...
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    Uber Must Face Lawsuit Claiming Bias Against The Blind

    Wow, what a bunch of crybabies on this thread. If you are not willing to have dog hair in your car (unless you're allergic) you shouldn't be allowed on Uber, simple as that. There is no additional accommodations needed for this.
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    Verizon: Mobile Data Caps Are Good For You

    After your data cap is used up, you would have no choice but to interact with your date! Verizon is always looking out for you.
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    Video Game Heroes: Silent or Talkative

    I dislike silent protagonist in RPG's or story focused games because then they have no personality. In other games, it doesnt matter as much.
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    Old Security Flaw Leaves Apple And Android Users Vulnerable

    Hmm, does that mean KHTML is also vulnerable since webkit is derived from it? What about trident, gecko, presto, or blink?
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    $129k Bidder Backs Out Of 20th Anniversary PS4 Auction

    I mean, if the person was a hundred millionaire then 129k is really a drop in the bucket for them. Obviously, since they didn't pay, they most likely are like those ebay bidders who bid nonsensical amounts to troll people.
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    Las Vegas Man Arrested For ‘Swatting’ Incident

    I disagree. Only if the act lead to someones death should that happen. The hardest they should punish this crime by itself is fine + fees for the search + some fitting punishment jail time, not decades. If there is a death somewhere they will add a murder charge on top of the separate "swap" charge.
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    'The Interview' Takes In $31 Million So Far

    This is important because this is a trial run of the potential of same day movie streaming which all the pirates and tech people point to as would reduce piracy. However, these early reports show that it is not nearly as profitable as just releasing it in theaters (check his other movies for...
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    Apple 'Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers'

    If that is the case, first class tickets will never sell. Why would anyone pay 30x more than economy to travel somewhere? Wait, the answer is if money has almost no value to you because with the millions a $15,000 ticket vs a $1000 ticket is the equivalent as normal people deciding if a $5...
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    Apple 'Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers'

    What evidence is there that there are enough jobs for everyone to "upgrade" to? You say the people who work minimum wage are "refusing to get educated" (classic blaming) and don't realize how it would be almost impossible to make time to actually go to school when low end jobs are the ones that...
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    Apple 'Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers'

    Unfortunately, with the way wealth disparity works now, eventually when China completely raises their standards to that of the US, people in the US will have the same income but the iPad 43 will cost $1500. Things will just be more expensive in the future so enjoy this moment of cheapness while...
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    North Korea Says Its Supporters May Be Behind Sony Attack

    It would actually be funny if someone else purposefully used the north korean malware to misdirect everyone and then just give random BS demands so that their true purpose is concealed.
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    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?

    It's because everything is presented as a slippery slope. "Abortion leads to infanticide in the future", "gay marriage leads to beastiality", "gun control leads to totalitarian governments", "anti gun control leads to lawless dystopia", "porn leads to rape", "video games leads to corruption of...
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    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?

    So you didn't solve the problem in any way at all (the genocidal or the treatment methods).
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    Apple Deleted Rivals’ Songs From Users’ iPods

    It's because when you do that, you show off your lazy thinking as anything apple ever makes can't ever be good because theyre crapple. Just like anything micro$oft is a cynical ploy while anything made by scroogle is out to get you. It's sort of like using slurs, no one will trust you afterwards...
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    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?

    Problem is now you are imprisoning the retired senior citizens and maybe the sex workers because the process to get off the island would undoubtedly be worse than the TSA. Not only that, but can you imagine anyone wanting to go to pedo island when theyre old? I doubt it.
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    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?

    Same thing can be said about rape in general.