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    Which cord do I need for 280X?

    You can absolutely do a miniDP-to-DP cable and be fine, you could even do a mini-DP to DVI adapter if you already have a DVI and it'd save you money.
  2. J

    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    Matrox Mystique PowerVR Kyro Geforce2 GTS Geforce4 Ti4600 GeForce 6800 Pci-E GeForce GT 440 All-In-Wonder 128 Pro 9800 Pro x1900xtx HD4850 R9 280x
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    need help overclocking g3258 on a h81m-p33 mobo

    Isn't the H81 one of the chipsets that added non-Z overclocking by tucking the multiplier controls into some weird other section of the BIOS? Look around in the other menus to see if you find a menu hidden away somewhere.
  4. J

    Scythe Mugen MAX CPU Cooler

    That guy either has tiny hands or it isn't long til we have residential A/C condenser unit style coolers. Things looks like a beast.
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    Is there something I can change to make all the difference? 4770k Overclocking

    I don't know that you are going to achieve both stability AND a lower cpu voltage. Your DRP3 should cool a higher voltage just fine anyway. Most of the settings that will make a big difference are Vcore and the ring freq (3900 should be fine). MSI also has a utility that gives you control of...
  6. J

    Share Your Intel Pentium G3258 OC and Settings

    That board maxes out at 1.2V and you can OC with it after a BIOS update, but the deal is gone now anyway. I got the Microcenter MSI PC Mate / G3258 combo a few days ago. Stock cooling and 1.2V gets me 4.6Ghz. Guess I am on the lucky side. This is with a few sticks of 4 year old Samsung...
  7. J

    Seagate 2TB $110 + shipping ... good?

    I think it was just the .11 drives that had issues... but other than that I have never had problems with Seagate. A friend of mine had gotten this drive from Fry's and returned it after the endless clicking to get a Hitachi.
  8. J

    Antec Truepower Quattro 850W Power Supply Frys B&M $79.99

    The Dallas area has the 850W for $79 as well.
  9. J

    Oblivion weird stuttering

    The flip queue size, as was in the link posted earlier, should be set to 0 for Oblivion. When I had an nvidia card that solved this exact issue, and this is the same setting for ATI cards, so try and get the ATI Tray Tools, and set the flip queue size to 0 :)
  10. J

    Warhammer Online Not Crediting All Developers

    Those of us who have worked in the industry (I have) generally watch the credits. I like to see people I have worked with over the years show up in some games. It's fun. Plus, without credits, most games today don't have an ending.
  11. J

    Just got oblivion...what should I download???

    Looks like Qarl's with the parallax texturing... a VERY good combo. Anyway, usually the only ones that are a must have for me are Qarl's, OOO, and one of many leveling fixes.
  12. J

    Just got a PS3 - What games to get?

    I have a ps3 with one game... Rock Band
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    Guitar Hero 1 and 2 for PC any way of getting it??

    I have done it with Frets on Fire. If you have a PS2 version and possibly others you can import songs directly from the disk... or download.
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    Free CD Imaging Software? (Alchol120 alternative)

    Nero, CloneCD (if it is still available) or like others said, the free Alcohol.
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    Do you remember your first graphics card?

    I remember skipping out on the whole voodoo craze and my first real 3D card being the GF2GTS. It was pretty awesome at the time...
  16. J

    9800GTX vs 8800GT

    Yeah, but there are other 8800GT 512MB for $140 AR... or even $135, but some people don't like the Zalman/Glaciator style coolers. My opinion though is almost always to get one to three steps down from the top with what you are buying. Right now the 9800 is tops, so I would buy the 8800GT...
  17. J

    Best deal on PS3?

    No matter what I would wait and see what the PS3/MGS/DS3 bundle looks like when it comes out. Prices on everything else should come down.
  18. J

    Best Cheap Gaming Computer

    Just get on newegg and buy some parts. You should know what you already have, like KB/M, monitor, hard drive, DVD-RW, or whatever else you don't want to replace or don't need to. Case: plenty around $50 with adequate power supplies. Shouldn't have to do more than $100 Motherboard: Plenty...
  19. J

    Quad or Dual on a gaming machine?

    1920x1080, and yes, it is spectacular for gaming.
  20. J

    If video cards / chip didnt exist

    Dual core processors would have come sooner, and graphics would have more coding on the processor much like SSE/MMX/etc. The graphics processing would have been done no matter what even if not on a separate video card.
  21. J

    Best defrag software?

    Because some people want to know how to improve gaming performance... with regard to defragging tools.
  22. J

    Quad or Dual on a gaming machine?

    Just because people don't upgrade their computer every 6 months doesn't mean that they don't plan on upgrading to Quad core with their upgrade. You are basically saying that because their processor in the present isn't quad core that their processor in the future won't be quad core...
  23. J

    Quad or Dual on a gaming machine?

    Assassin's Creed for one utilizes quad core. This issue is actually a lot more important than the SLI vs Quad-SLI question. Quad SLI right now does nothing, as evidenced by the [H] testing. Quad core processors on the other hand don't do much for older games, but because they are becoming more...
  24. J

    Best defrag software?

    Well, I wanted to post again. I said earlier that I generally use O&O, and I have been happy with it, but I realized that I hadn't put any defrag program on my system since I reinstalled with a format on Feb 25 of this year. My main drive is 200GB. 67Gb is free and it was 73% fragmented... I am...
  25. J

    PS3 Update - Version 2.35

    Well I did have Rock Band freeze up on me last night requiring a reboot... but that was before this update
  26. J

    PS3 streaming music from pc question......

    It is the arrow, the very top left button in the triangle menu. You can then select the hour, minute, and second that you want to jump to.
  27. J

    need upgrade options from 8800GTS

    So you want to upgrade a card that still costs around $120 (varying a lot of course) and not spend more than $200? Wait for the new ATI card to come out and it will drive the other prices down. You won't get much of an upgrade right now for under $200. About the only thing you could do now is a...
  28. J

    Guitar Hero 4 Details Released

    If only Harmonix and Activision could learn to get along...
  29. J

    360,ps3= pc equivalent

    The computer I came up with that topped a console a month ago was $350. Even a 9600GT is beyond the level of graphics that the 360 and PS3 put out. The biggest difference, as has been pointed out, is that neither of the consoles actually do 1920x1080 graphics most of the time, and the PC...
  30. J

    Pre-Ordering games is a waste of time

    But places like Gamestop depend on pre-orders, at least their employees do. The problem is that the system has developed now that if you don't pre-order, you get treated like crap. Out of stock? "Well, you should have pre-ordered". Pre-ordered and out of stock? "Well, when we get a shipment...
  31. J

    Cloth Mousepads Dead? All I hear about are hard surface

    I got a Qck Steel pad free with my laser mouse, so I have been using it, but I notice no difference from my $50 Wal-Mart desk.
  32. J

    Comcast Considering 250GB Cap, Disconnecting Pirates

    It is stories like this that make me ever more thankful to have FIOS. If they ever put a cap in, I might consider keeping it anyway, but I would never go with Comcast with a cap. Like so many others, there are only so many disconnects per minute before you just get sick of it.
  33. J

    Who is taking part of TF2 Free weekend?

    I played about 3 hours... there is a LOT of back and forth momentum between teams. Part of that is just normal class adjustment. And yes, it sucks when people play selfishly. That is what got me out of CS, BF1942, and several other online multiplayer games.
  34. J

    PC Game reviews? IGN or gamespot?

    I wouldn't trust either one. Game review sites are like government... anything that starts out good gets big, and is no longer any good. I personally trust the HardForum Games section for my reviews. Real reviews by real people. Rating systems are flawed.
  35. J

    Need help with 37" Westinghouse 1080p display

    I went ahead and disabled 1080/30Hz mode on mine... so it never does that. I had a few programs try to kick into 30Hz when they loaded. ATI drivers have an option to disable specific modes, so I am sure the Nvidia ones do as well.
  36. J

    Any more oblivion expansions?

    COD4 is much less stricken with bugs
  37. J

    Any more oblivion expansions?

    They pay mostly for the multiplayer, not just the SP.
  38. J

    So home is delayed AGAIN!!!

    Well as long as they aren't talking about trying to charge for it once it does come out. I am perfectly willing to not buy add-ons in the Home world. It is still free for now though, so I am not too worried about Home whenever it might come.
  39. J

    Good controllers for PS2 ?

    There is a PS3->PS2 connector if I remember correctly... or perhaps it was the other way around, like a PS2->USB. Most of the PS3 controllers are wireless and plug in to recharge. Me personally I would just get something cheap now and not worry about later, since you should be able to pick up a...
  40. J

    Any more oblivion expansions?

    Well there are tons of free mods out there that add content... have you gone through the Knights of the Nine (not free) mod, or the OOO additions?