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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    Count me in please :)
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    OfficeMax F&F sale

    Dammit. My 225BW monitor just shipped from Newegg :( That's about a $60 difference, after tax. I wonder if there's a way to get my money back without getting burned on the shipping. Ideas?
  3. G Weekly Deals

    So you raised the price by $10 then removed the $16.44 for shipping... I guess it saves me money, but I've always questioned this kind of pricing scheme. But thanks for the six bucks.
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    dell 9300 Coupons WHERE?????? is where I got mine... is another good one.
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    [HOT] Dell 700m Lappy for ~$800 shipped ($750 off)

    yes please :) can you PM it to me?
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    [HOT] Dell 700m Lappy for ~$800 shipped ($750 off)

    Here's a good one: Dell 700M Ulta-portable with 12.1" WXGA screen, Pentium M 1.7, 256mb ram, 60Gb HDD, 8X dual layer DVD burner and 8cell extended battery $770 +$19 s/h + sales tax. it worked out to $803.89 for me. Use E-Code 11111-i700mA2, upgrade the DVD burner and battery (or any other...
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    Dell 700m or 6000 or go for IBM T series

    Yeah, but I don't lick my screen that much... Except for when that Pussycat Dolls vid is on. Did I tell u that I'm an ass? :)
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    Dell 700m or 6000 or go for IBM T series

    <sarcasm> Why didn't you have both hands on the keyboard? </sarcasm> Man, i really am an ass :)
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    Dell 700m or 6000 or go for IBM T series

    Can you get a pic of your hands in the starting typing position? Maybe some kind of reference to show hand size too. For example, at full span from the tip of my thumb to tip of my pinky is 10". On a standard 104 keyboard I can touch the cap locks and enter at the same time... I think the...
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    Dell 700m or 6000 or go for IBM T series

    Good comparison pics from another forum: I have 2 concerns about the 700m vs. the 6000: 1. You can't get integrated bluetooth with the 700m. Not a big deal, but now that I have an Axim and Moto V710, having BT is <very>...
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    Wichita LAN Party 14 - Wichita Kansas July9-10

    Holy shit. I been in ICT for forever and I just saw this. There's about 6 of us that LAN together and we been looking for something like this. It's a little late so I doubt any of us will be able to make this one, but I'll be in for the next. Sounds like a blast.
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    Sager 7620

    Nice, that scroll wheel looks tasty. My buddy has a VIAO with the scroll wheel and that is one of the best tools on a notebook. Funky touchpad shape would be interesting...
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    New Dell 9300

    Ummm... and that's a good thing? :)
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    So what Sonoma lappy looks the best to you?

    dude, check your sig...
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    So what Sonoma lappy looks the best to you?

    Ok, so it looks like I got 3 good options: The ASUS 7Z1V for $1667 +s/h fully configured Toshiba S2 for $1781 +s/h fully configured...
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    So what Sonoma lappy looks the best to you?

    Agreed. So how does the Acer stack up against the Toshiba S2? They are both less than $2000 and the Acer has the slower FSB and lower res screen...
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    Need some help laptop display is upside down

    There is usually some pivot setting in your advanced display settings. Depending on the drivers, it can be in different places.
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    So what Sonoma lappy looks the best to you?

    My tax return should be here soon and this upgrade season is going to be a laptop. I like all the new stuff with the sonoma's, but they have been hard to find as of yet. I've been looking for something with a 1.86 PM, at least a 15" SXGA screen, 512MB ram, either a X700 or 6600 Go, and B/G...
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    x700-M / Go 6600

    $3000 for the Voodoo is nuts! It might be a very nice machine, but I'll spend my $1000 somewhere else.
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    PDA's - PPC vs Palm?

    I have an X30 624mhz and I thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. It was cool that Dell let me upgrade to PPC 2003 SE with media player 10 when it came out. Not all vendors will support you like that. It should already come loaded with it now if you buy it from Dell. Movies, games...
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    Need between dell or sager

    Has anyone seen these 9300's? I'm in the market for a lappy, but I have have to wait for the tax return. I'm kinda stuck in the same place as Protean... Dell 8600 (not there anymore) or a Sager 3790. Since the 8600 has been discontinued, I was looking at the 9200's. Now i'm hearing about these...
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    Free 14 Single-Serve Packets of Nescafe

    I'm in now. Thanks.
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    Up to $750 off Dell Laptop Coupons

    Too bad they aren't selling the 8600 on the webpage anymore :( I wanted one of those...
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    SVC sucks.

    I really like SVC. I always get my PC commodity items (cables, thermal paste, heatsinks) from them. I've never gotten components from them, but their shipping has always been on time and right. I'd like to see the details of the sale before you start yelling bunk. If you pick ass-slow class 3...
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    Mobility x600 vs Mobility 9700

    Damn, all those places are sold out too... For the price, this thing is impressive.
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    Mobility x600 vs Mobility 9700

    Where would you find a 8100? Didn't notice them around anywhere...
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    to anyone who owns an alienware notebook

    Take a look at the Sagers at the place Yassarian mentioned. You can put together a pretty good machine for less than $2000, You can even forget the OS and save yourself some more money. Personally, I'm about to get the Sager 3790 when the tax money gets in.
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    AceGoober's [FS/FT/WTTF/WTB] Thread

    Hey Ace. I got the enclosure in today. I was a bit worried because it looked like the UPS truck had relations with the box, but all the gear was perfect inside. Great packing job. Awsome deal. Thanks!
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    AceGoober's [FS/FT/WTTF/WTB] Thread

    Check your email and pm bump for ya.
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    AceGoober's [FS/FT/WTTF/WTB] Thread

    I'll take the USB/Firewire enclosure. ygpm!
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    Free: USPS(R) Stack & Weigh Scales

    Got mine today too. The came out of Austin, TX so milage may vary...
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    HOT: Swiftech MCX462-V w/ Fan $25.

    [edit] oops. nm, I'm a bit slow...
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    Project: BayPC

    do you plan on doing something special with the LAN cable or is it just going to stick out the front?
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    Is 3Dmark synthetic valid?

    I think my 3DMark score is valid for everything: - picking up girls - "Hey baby, see how big my 3DMark is? It gets bigger when you overclock my balls." - impressing my boss - "I got a high 3DMark score, you should give me a raise." - avoiding traffic tickets - "Please officer, you can see...
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    Black Friday = Day after Thanksgiving!

    Has anyone been able to verify which computer the AMD 2800 w/ 15" LCD for $350 is?
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    black anodized SI-97

    Damn, that is pretty. Anyone see these in the US?