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    Sweet will have to check that out , really odd that it didn't do it with other monitor but does with the LG (exact same computer obviously too) Thanks Edit: Wonder if the fact it was displayport on my other monitor and HDMI on this could possibly cause the difference ?
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    A riddle for you TV as a monitor experts. Just got the C2 42 , couldn't resists after going down to 799 and while still doing minor tweaks (waiting on the service remote ) , I have watched couple PC setting videos and got the ECO stuff off , and have full chroma at 120 coming from my 3080ti...
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    So I don't sit in a bright room with windows behind me , but I keep hesitating on pulling the trigger on the 42" LG Oled on sale due to concerns about brightness. How do you guys handle playing SDR games on it , is it as bad as some videos say about being really dim in non HDR games ? (Going to...
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    LG 48CX

    Many thanks good to know.
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    LG 48CX

    Been reading off and on , if wouldn't mind from the experts current situation on these ? Decided I didn't like the curve on the 38" LG combined with loss of vertical space (used to 4k 60hz for a while now). So sent it back to Costco and going to give the CX 48 another go. 1. Currently have...
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    GPU Market Gets Flooded With Used GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s

    Still remember lots of shit given to those of us who jumped on the Titan Pascal first edition 4 years ago , while it was a lot to bite off cost wise at the time, it's done me well for that long , Definitely was tempted many times to get the 2080ti but managed to hold off.
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Just got mine in from Costco , the 38GN950-B.AUS , second one actually , first one was busted so sent back and new one arrived today. I don't want to deal with any worries about burn-in with OLED and mainly I don't want anything over 40". I've been gaming on my BenQ 32" 4k's for years now...
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    Is it time to say goodbye to 1440p?

    After seeing this and the sale on Costco on the 38GN950-B.AUS , I pulled the trigger and looking forward to giving it a go. Seems close enough size wise vertically where the extra wide space will make up for it. Add in the faster response and hz and hoping this will do me for a few years like...
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    Is it time to say goodbye to 1440p?

    I probably need to look into that size then , it was a 35” likely I was looking at the specs on and it was 7” shorter vertically than my 324k one which just seems small. With no 32” 4K IPS’s on the horizon with a faster refresh rate maybe I would lime the 38” widescreen
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    3080 10g and 4k

    Of course what might push me to the 3090 is the 3080 being out of stock and I'm sitting there starting at a 3090 in stock........
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    Intel Is Changing Its Logo and Iconic, Five-Note Bong Sound

    All I know is I still remember with nostalgia the EQ and Tribes days on the Pentium 2 and the commercial chime of the time
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    Is it time to say goodbye to 1440p?

    Same , been using the BenQ 3200U (and previous 3201 BenQ before that) on the 60hz 4k myself for years now. 32-maybe 38ish (40 at max) is the ideal size for me. And IPS 4k 120+hz right now 32" size would be my ideal. Tried the 48cx and just too big. I keep eyeballing the higher hz ultrawide's...
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    3080 10g and 4k

    The cynical side in me thinks Nvida has a 16GB 3080 TI for 899 to launch around big Navi Launch or announce it then anyway.
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    So what CPU if were building a brand new system right now to go with a 3080/3090 ?

    Thanks much for the suggestions so far , figured I'm not the only one with a 5ghz 7700/8700 wondering same type of thing. I'm actually hoping some sites will test out the 3080 with something along the lines of a 7700k and see how it does without the newest PCIE etc , not like my machine is a...
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    So what CPU if were building a brand new system right now to go with a 3080/3090 ?

    I know this is a CPU/system question but figured it would fit here as tightly related to the new 3080/3090. In my case I've got a 7700k/32GB RAM/Samsung 970 TB drive with a first gen Pascal Titan that OC'd nicely , and the system has done well for 3+ years. It's 100% for gaming , I've got...
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    EVGA 30xx series is up

    Answers to some questions from the EVGA folks on their forum. EVGATech_LeeM Also, to answer about half the questions in this thread: Currently no pre-order planned. Similarly, no pricing is available at this time. Like the US store, we cannot generally comment on availability at this time...
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    EVGA 30xx series is up
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    AMD's best Big Navi GPU may only be a match for Nvidia Ampere's second tier

    Or they wanted to bitch slap AMD now , and again with a 3060 and 3080ti later on. Have yet to see any reason to think different , I've heard "just wait for AMD's answer" for over a decade now in video cards.
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    LG 48CX

    Yes 1449 including the extra two year square trade and the two year Costco warranty , shipped free. Unfortunately I'm returning it (thankfully Costco is super easy and automatic on these kinds of things.) It's just a bit too big for me to be comfortable with 3ish feet away. I've used a 32"...
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    LG 48CX

    Just got mine in from Costco , setting it up for 60hz , 4k for the moment until new cards are out , but missing a GYSYNC option entirely , any ideas ?
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    LG 48CX

    Just pulled the trigger on this from Costco with the 90 day return policy and free extended warranty at the moment for 1449. I've currently got a BenQ 32 been running for couple years at 60hz on a Titan Pascal and will be building a new rig once the new Nvidia series comes out In the meantime...
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    New BenQ PD3220U, 32" 4k (updated 3200U)

    I've got three of the 3200's and before that had three of the predecessor. For overall quality at that price range they've been impossible to beat. Used one for gaming at 4k and other two for work/misc on sides and been unable to find anything to replace them. For 32" 4k right now the BenQ's...
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    Battlefield V's battle royale Firestorm is now live

    Can you play it solo or is it going to put you in a squad like apex ?
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    This the FOV patch ? Might try it if on sale somewhere if so , couldn't play with the launch default FOV though.
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    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    WTF ? He should do something that would cost him millions and lots of trouble because of the actions of some random people on the internet who invoked his name? Please tell me you are not serious.
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    The Division 2

    Same here. I had written it off as I am prone to the motion sickness on tight FOV shooters , and had was very pleasantly surprised they said they would add it. I saw quite a few requests for it on reddit and other forums, so I'm assuming they decided it would be worth it.
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    The perfect 4K 43” monitor! Soon! Asus XG438Q ROG

    Awesome setup , thanks for the pic you put here. I currently have three BenQ 3200U 4k monitors (one in middle for gaming , other two hooked to another rig for work/misc ) and was considering taking one to my office and putting a 43" in the middle. Your pic gives me an idea of real life size...
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    The Division 2

    Saw they said there were going to add a FOV slider , anyone heard/seen any rough eta on that ? Just wondering if weeks/months etc. Can't really play it until then. Thanks.
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    BioWare Warns Hostile Replies Make Developers Less Likely to Engage

    Diablo didn’t release with the wooden starter sword being as good if not better , of a weapon than epic drops. The obvious lack of real testing and Q/A this game has had with so many bugs has earned them the shit they are getting. You choose to work for a shitty company that is getting worse...
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    EA is fixing the issues everyone. With a call for free beta testers for a released, retail, AAA game that you bought. They are seriously trying to give Bethesda a run for their money on biggest shit show.
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    About time politicians wised up and realized they can fix the ills of the poor with legislation like this. Now if Philadelphia will raise minimum wage to 30/hr we can all watch what a Mecca of success and progressivism it will become for all.
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    Google's Game Streaming Console Controller Potentially Revealed

    How long before they abandon this project ? What is their going average on shit they come up with them quit on ?
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    When this movie doesn’t make as much as other Marvel movies and gets meh reviews , will it be our fault again like it was in the female Ghostbuster movies ? I say “our”as a straight white heterosexual Protestant male. Basically evil incarnate I’ve learned. (My Asian wife with a masters degree...
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    Quadriga Cryptocurrency Wallets are Empty

    The irony in these sorts of situations always amuse me. “FUCK THE PO-PO!!!” Until we need them ASAP of course.
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    Grim Dawn Alpha starts tomorrow

    Much thanks for the info. Actually thinking of trying to slow and see and do everything so not worried about speeding through it too much. Been fairly disappointed at recent game releases and remembered I enjoyed this a good bit just got sidetracked , would be good to have one to dig into for...
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    Grim Dawn Alpha starts tomorrow

    Ah cool , no complaints from me it's endgame only , was going to start over from scratch in it as it's been well over a year since played it. So might pick up the expansion and start as an Oathkeeper. Should I grab the other expansions also at the same time ?(only have the base game)
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    Grim Dawn Alpha starts tomorrow

    Is the new expansion end game content only or any changes for new characters ?
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    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    Even if you like the game , why is anyone trying white knight or defend this trainwreck for a AAA release "years in development" ? This isn't a two man indie development put out early to pay the mortgage. It's a rush launch of a game they supposedly spent 48+ months developing. By a 20+...
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    I just want my G9x back. No other mouse has fit/felt as good to me for gaming.
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    No Link between Violent Video Games and Increased Aggression in Teens, Study Finds

    Same with the books , I remember sneaking around with books tucked in the Trapper Keeper. :p And I bet a lot don't know even Tom Hanks was recruited into the crusade against D&D.