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    Should I go with XL2370?

    From what I've recently read, the Dell U2410 seems to be the answer I've been looking for. Perhaps I just didn't know how to ask. Does any other brand use the same display, such as HP, NEC, etc.?
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    LCD Monitors with the darkest blacks

    The Eizo ev2333w amazes me in this aspect. After I watched this video I was left hoping it'd be great for gaming. But as you mentioned they typically have the " worst ghosting and highest input lag of all LCD monitors. Black crush not withstanding... :/ "
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    About to pull the trigger on the 2709W...

    Yes. If you enjoy playing first person shooters at all, I would consider something around 8 gtg.
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    Should I go with XL2370?

    Just seems like there's something missing. I feel that Samsung is laughing their way to the bank. The HP LP2275w has great reviews and it's a 16:10. I'm looking for a display similar to it, but more updated(i.e. not as thick as a telephone book).
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    Should I go with XL2370?

    I am shopping for a display to play Halo 3 ODST, and occasionally watch movies. I want the least amount of screen lag possible in a lcd form. I'm willing to pay upwards of 1K for the ideal solution (i.e. an IPS widescreen with no lag) but I don't think it exists. The Samsung XL2370 seems to be...