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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    Ignore the trolls, I'm hitting significantly better temps after undervolting while getting full "factory" performance on the chip with no apparent stability issues. Hitting ~27,600 for the last five or six times I've tested and my temps are staying below 80 even after running it hard in gaming...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    Update: Arctic did finally get back to me, apparently there has been more interest than they were expecting so they got deluged in requests. They've told me they still need to manufacture the new covers and will send me one as soon as they do. They also said in the meantime I can run it...
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    Your CPU progression

    My rigs CPU's: Motorola 68000, 8 MHz Intel 486 SX 66 mhz Pentium Upgrade 133 mhz @ ~150mhz (This one smoked the FSB when it died so I didn't OC again for a while) Pentium 2 266 mhz Pentium 3 1.3 ghz Pentium Core 2 Duo E8600 @ 3.7 ghz Core i7 2600k @ 4.7 HT/ 4.8 w/o HT Core i7 6700k @ 4.8 HT/...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    So, an update and a response to some comments. The update: Arctic replied to my support request that they will reply to my support request likely sometime in the next 9 (7 from posting) days. This is in request to getting the new backplate that's compatible with Asus motherboards so I'm...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    Removing the PCB lid from the AIO dropped my temps by 6'ish degrees on that core... So, yes, the AIO covers the whole chip, but no it wasn't making full contact with the chip because a pair of capacitors on the mobo are too tall for this water block so they lift up one corner just slightly (you...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    Well damn. guess I'll be redoing the thermal paste this weekend: "A selection of motherboards interferes with the PCB cover of the water pump. This can be remedied by removing the PCB cover. For this, only two screws have to be loosened and the cover can be...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    Yeah, I can change voltage per core and I'm using adaptive and "-" modifer with .075 on each P Core right now with the vcore at 1.34. Setting the vcore lower makes the chip unstable but it doesn't seem to care about the adaptive on the performance cores being at -.075 so it's probably an e core...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    That lasted exactly one run then after booting into the BIOS a second time the Mobo was back to putting 1.4 volts into the chip again... Edited the previous message as the Intel Safe option is in SVID which I skipped the first time I setup the BIOS after the update as I thought it was in an...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    That's fascinating, they dropped a new bios for the board a couple days ago but it actually set the core voltage to 1.25 by default now so that's improved from where it was. It's back to thermal throttling but only because it's actually applying the very minor overclock I set... (pretty sure...
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    How bad did I lose the Silicon Lotto?

    Trying to tame my i9 12900k but I can't get it stable under 1.34 vcore in cinebench R23. Went through three coolers (started with Scythe Fuma 2, then an AIO Artic II 280 and now the 360) and just finally got it to stop thermal throttling. The Asus mobo keeps trying to auto set the voltage to...
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    Microsoft CEO Defends US Military Contract That Some Employees Say Crosses a Line

    As a Microsoft employee, I expected and support this. The news needs to stop reporting a couple of people like it's the entire company but that won't happen because it doesn't fit their agenda.
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    Microsoft never refused the contract, they already responded saying essentially "thanks for the feedback, we're going ahead with it." There was backlash originally and Brad Smith squashed that with a similar statement then as well. This exists in the current Microsoft contracts AFAIK. If you...
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    Chucklefish Claims Sony Turned Down Recent Crossplay Requests

    Sony's PSN was getting hacked left and right when Microsoft said no. They also said (paraphrasing) "no, your network sucks, improve that and then talk to us." So it's worth noting that in the same year, Sony was sued by multiple governments twice for breaches into the PSN that exposed...
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    Metacritic: Xbox One Didn't Have a Single Positively Reviewed Exclusive in 2018

    Have an Xbox One X mostly for a few games and as a media player, Switch for Portability (it was given to me) while I game on PC the most. I actually prefer the XB1X because I can buy most of the "exclusives" digitally once and play them on both the PC and the Xbox. Wish more companies would do...
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    Former Microsoft Employee Claims Google Broke Edge

    Google literally made daily to weekly changes to You Tube to keep it from working on WIndows Phone (as a windows phone user it was a daily question of "will it work today?" when someone sent me a video link). No surprise they did the same thing here to Edge after they got crushed in battery...
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    Microsoft Claims the iPad "Isn’t a Real Computer"

    Strange how I haven't noticed that as I work for the Windows division of Microsoft. Windows is currently growing (for all the nay-sayers that think it's dying) and it's still an important part of the business AFAIK. There is no bitterness from anyone I've talked to. Instead I get the...
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    Google Employees Speak Out Against Project Dragonfly

    "The millions of people in the world still unqualified to take your job." There fixed that for you.
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    SeaSonic's FOCUS PLUS PSUs May Have Issues with Certain GPUs

    Running a Seasonic X-Series SS-850KM3 and an XFX Vega 64 LC. It regularly drops video when I'm running certain games. Finally RMA'ed the card, now I'm curious if the X-series (older higher end series) is handling the Vega better than the lower end Focus Plus but dropping the video instead of...
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    "I Called Out a Counterfeit Item on Amazon. Then They Banned Me"

    Now curious if I'll get banned. Meant to post a review on a product, posted it against the seller instead. They contacted me for more information so I sent them a picture and they refunded me immediately. They then asked me to remove the review (they did not need me to remove the review to get...
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    Windows 10's Next Release Will Let You Uninstall More Built-In Apps

    You can remove Candy Crush, and turn off suggested apps and another one for letting windows download recommended apps and that stuff will stop showing up. These settings (currently) have persisted through all of the new versions. You can also uninstall one drive though that one takes a...
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    Windows 10's Next Release Will Let You Uninstall More Built-In Apps

    Fascinating, I've never had anything reinstall after I told window to stop. Wish I could remember the option name but it's in there. Turn it off and apps will stop showing back up, even after major updates. I do have to delete the stupid Bing favorite it keeps adding. I don't need a link for...
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    Microsoft Employees Beg Company Not to Bid on US Military's Project JEDI

    The last article like this that was linked was the petition against MS providing cloud services for the boarder patrol. There are 130,000 FTE employees. That petition had 300 signatures. Nobody I work with (at MS) knew about it until it hit the news. Most of them thought stopping services...
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    Windows 10 October Update is Losing User Data

    90% chance this is the same old user rename issue where their files are still on their computer and it created a new user account for them on the same machine... It's simple to fix, find the old user, right click on the old user folder, take ownership of the files, copy them to the new...
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    Microsoft Launches New Surface Devices

    My Surface Studio was $4200 and I love it, typing this on it now. I like to draw and getting a 27" Cintiq (they ran ~$3000 when I got my surface) with decent internals would have cost me about as much but would have also been less convenient as the Studio takes up a lot less room than a Cintiq...
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    Fortnite Goes Cross Platform on PS4

    I feel like I read a different memo than everyone else... Turning on cross play is literally a switch for most of the games that have been asking for it. It's been turned on by "accident" in multiple games already (and quickly shut down because "Sony"). Instead of just letting the devs do...
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    I don't think you understand how insidious that NDA is. The way it's written, if Nvidia wants to do something and keep it hush hush, they send the information about the program to any journalists that have signed the NDA. Even if information then arises from secondary sources it would have...
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    Kyle, have you considered creating a subsidiary that you can contract for review work that can sign the NDA without exposing your company to the same rules? This might let you get the review hardware while still being able to report on shitty business practices. Just a thought.
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    Pressure Mounts for Xbox’s Missing VR Strategy as PS VR Revenue Tops $1 Billion

    What are you on about? Kinnect sold over 15 million units in it's first year, is approximately the same price as the PSVR after adjusting for inflation, and is still used outside the gaming industry. AFAIK Microsoft stopped producing the Kinnect as...
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    Yup, you have to make compromises somewhere. I don't buy EA, or Activision games anymore as they killed too many companies I like. Fortunately there's plenty of fantastic games out there not by them. I work for Microsoft and honestly of the big three (Apple, Google, and MS) MS is stumbling a...
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    The only problem I have with all of this, is that people that buy NVidia will use this as an excuse to continue buying NVidia because they aren't "currently" evil. The company is still evil, it couldn't even properly save face by saying "we were trying to provide clarity but it looks like we...
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    “Avengers: Infinity War” Posts All-Time Record Opening of $250M

    I'm not a Dinklage fan, I don't watch Game of Thrones (only got through 2.5 of the books when I realized the third book was essentially a whole new cast and said f' it because I was reading them as they came out and that's too much to remember every 5 years). So seeing Dinklage amused me...
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    Google Could Owe Oracle $8.8 Billion

    Sun sued Microsoft for adding on to Java and making that version only work on Windows. So, Oracle didn't ruin Java, they've being doing this for a while. Also, Microsoft updated Java to make J++, they also stole Java to create a different product. If I'm reading the suite correctly, Android...
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    Microsoft Admits It Incorrectly Upgraded Some Windows 10 Users To V1709

    I hated Windows 8 when I first installed it, and then I found the one feature that made me love it. Right click on the windows start menu taskbar icon (or Windows Key + x). You'll get an old Windows 9x style start menu (without programs). You can even change it to show Command Prompt instead...
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    i7 6700k temps on oc, what u get?

    Have you checked temps again since installing the Freezer 240? The thermal paste they provide in that kit seems to take a few days to set (3 for mine). Each day, after running at a stable clock overnight I found the CPU 10-20 degrees Celsius cooler than when I started the test so I was able to...
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    Noob Questions about socket 1155

    I've dabbled in OC'ing my comps for a while, usually as an end of life solution to a get a couple more months out of the machine, but this is the first time I'm planning on doing it from the get go so I've got some noob'ish questions. I picked up an MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) Motherboard and a 2600K...