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  1. 1337Goat

    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    Let's not forget who holds the REAL power here. TSMC. Without their technology, both Nvidia and AMD would immediately collapse. TSMC is both a blessing and a scourge, for if AMD or Nvidia could only fabricate their own chips, then not only would supply issues be solved, but potentially, they...
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    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    Yeah, I'd say for sure that Nvidia's thinking is future-facing, and what they're really getting at here is 8K+ resolutions. There's just no feasible way to make it easy to run a year 2024+ modern game at 8K or up without DLSS type technology. I also wouldn't be surprised if upscaling from 4K...
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    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    If AMD wants to win the AI market on the consumer side, all they need to do is release cards with more VRAM. That's it. 32 GB, 48 GB, even 64 GB or more, and immediately, raw performance would take second-place to the ability to actually load in huge data models.
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    Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome

    If it hasn't been mentioned yet, Vivaldi is a browser that is worth looking at. I don't use it currently, but I'm considering it more and more each day. (Edit: Vivaldi is Chromium based. Let it all just burn.)
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    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    I would say that whether or not a game has interesting or unique characters is less important than if it adheres to some sort of ideology, as if the game itself was propaganda for a specific agenda, rather than just the general feelings or ideas of the creators. So it's not so much a game being...
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    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    Oh yessss, I actually played Overload a little bit on my old Oculus Rift DK2, and WOWZA. I'm lucky I was sooooo young when I first started playing Descent. My mind functions natively in 6DOF 3D space at this point. Truth be told, I haven't actually played through the Overload singleplayer...
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    [GOG] King's Bounty: The Legend FREE till 9-4-23

    Well, I was considering Baldur's Gate 3, but maybe this would do the trick instead?
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    Gigabyte's NVIDIA Grace Hopper Platform

    I kid you not, I would be annoyed if Nvidia CPUs became available for consumers, but I would probably still buy one for my next upgrade. Hopefully they wait until the tail end of the DDR5 era so I can get all the performance out of my current system before I have to upgrade.
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    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    Hmm yes, at first I was shocked and sad, but after a little research into Volition's activities, I realize that shutting them down is the right move. It would have been easy for a person at Embracer to go to Volition HQ and done a quick interview, and then leave that HQ with a sad, but knowing...
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    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    Freespace still exists in the form of the Freespace Source Code Project at RIP Volition.
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    Gamers Nexus vs LinusTechTips: Smackdown

    Let's end this discussion. I remember my previous post I made in this thread where I stated, "All publicity is good publicity." Let us all voluntarily decide to stop talking about Linus and never mention his name ever again. If you read this, do not post another comment on this thread or any...
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    Gamers Nexus vs LinusTechTips: Smackdown

    Don't ever forget how LTT became "POPULAR." I remember before I would ever watch LTT, that I would see their video thumbnails CONSTANTLY on nearly every video I would watch on Youtube, no matter if it was tech related or not. LTT was forcing themselves into everyone's view, probably with some...
  13. 1337Goat

    Just in time to make interdimensional-alien fighting quantum-computing-antigravity-A.I.: ✨Room temperature superconductors✨

    No way. I think we need to follow what AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and even those other little companies out there, like Phison or Micron are actually researching and developing. Where is computing going FOR REAL? Look at the actual data for what's being researched, produced, bought, and sold, and don't...
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    I think there are indeed use-cases for incandescent lights, but for the sake of conserving the energy we use, it's ideal to use LEDs. A quality LED is not exactly that bad, and really can make up the majority of your light, considering that the sun exists in the sky, and provides us with light...
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    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    I actually once used Waterfox extensively as my main browser, although this was very long ago. At some point I moved to Basilisk, although currently I'm now using Firefox. Just too many incompatibilities with the modern web. I had used Waterfox simply because I thought it'd be interesting to use...
  16. 1337Goat

    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    Yeah, I would never trust Waterfox again. Check out Basilisk if you want a browser based on the old Firefox. It's like Palemoon, but a little more fun.
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    Your Ubisoft account can be suspended and subsequently permanently deleted for 'inactivity,' taking your games library with it

    Reminds me of a bank I used to use. It was the bank from my childhood home, and so it was filled with the money I had made suffering at Jimmy John's as a teenager. (yuck.) Well, I eventually realized that they were stealing money out of my account each month, with "inactivity" as their...
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    Denuvo plans to offer independent benchmarks to prove its DRM doesn't cause performance problems

    I believe that DRM is inherently wrong and serves no purpose in the long-term existence of humanity. The next one hundred years will be more kind to non-DRM software than DRM software. People will simply be able to play games and use software, even if something has happened to the DRM-tracking...
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    Far Cry source code has leaked online

    Well, if Doom added jumping, then perhaps we will get a remake with new abilities, or even microtransactions and NFT cosmetics.
  20. 1337Goat

    Far Cry source code has leaked online

    Short single player, but please keep in mind that if you actually played the multiplayer and got good at it, those suit abilities were the bee's knees when actually playing against real people.
  21. 1337Goat

    Anyone savin up and or excited for the 4090 Ti?

    I'd buy it if it granted me 32 or 36 GB of RAM. Or 48. But I'd be sold at just 32 or 36 GB. Yep.
  22. 1337Goat

    DLSS is the true revolution in gaming, not ray tracing

    The true glory of DLSS takes place at 16K in the near future, or 8K at 120hz+. When you want content that displays many thousands of pixels, then it ought to not take long as to realizing that DLSS is exactly the tool for upscaling already detailed 2K/4K content. We're still in the age of...
  23. 1337Goat

    Why does Nvidia's Jensen Huang always wear a leather jacket?

    Nvidia was founded in 1993, not 1997.
  24. 1337Goat

    CD Projekt is not for sale - CEO

    Yeah, I thought Cyberpunk was great. It's not like it's meant to be the ultimate video game ever made, but for what it is, I enjoyed it a lot, and would recommend it to anyone who likes games. If they make more stuff, I'd at least show interest in it, even if it ends up being another bugfest.
  25. 1337Goat

    “More than Moore”: a glimpse at the future of computing

    This is not necessarily true. It could be true that a specific element such as silicon has a finite point at which you begin to identify its subatomic particles. But that does not preclude the actual real-world usage of sub-atomic particles into a form able to process and compute data. The limit...
  26. 1337Goat

    Nvidia Postpones 3nm GPU Launch to 2025 Amid Economic Struggles and Dwindling PC Demand

    Do not forget that we are all expecting an RTX 4090 Ti to come into existence. Wringing out the enthusiast-cloth to its last drop of cash is certainly Nvidia's plan. If they release the RTX 4090 Ti this summer, then that would simply end current market conditions, especially if it's priced...
  27. 1337Goat

    Millennials Spend More Time Playing Video Games Than Gen Z and Teens, New Study Finds

    The games I prefer almost always have a defined plot, good characters, and fun gameplay. Graphics are nice too. Oh, and an ending. A game I can play forever without ever finishing it doesn't interest me. Just seems like a waste of time, and I don't play games to burn time. I consider games just...
  28. 1337Goat

    Buffett dumps TSMC shares

    I believe China would be making a mistake to attempt to claim Taiwan. Hong Kong on the other hand, well, as an American I do appreciate it being more of a free market area, but it is still connected directly to mainland China, and thus, it is a ripe target to want to control and it would be...
  29. 1337Goat

    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    They're Taiwanese, just in case you are worried about communist infiltration of your system.
  30. 1337Goat

    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    Yeah, I use Armory Crate, but I would never dare say it's not a dangerous viral rootkit that does far more than I would ever want. In fact, they made it a joke with their desktop pet, which literally mimics Bonzi Buddy. I think it's a self-aware joke, but I really don't know. This one doesn't...
  31. 1337Goat

    Max's For Sale Thread (Ryzen CPU/Nest Wifi/ & more)

    Yeah, I bought a 6700 XT here for $300, and it was darn worth it. Played through Far Cry 6 on high settings, and I know for sure that Fortnite runs at about 60 FPS on epic settings. Over 80 on high settings.
  32. 1337Goat

    WTB: 3090 or 3090 Ti (Price UP!)

    Prices raised $20 for the benefit of the seller!
  33. 1337Goat

    The Best Gaming CPU

    Thanks for such a perfect thread title, Erek. Probably a little better than mine, "The 7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU." Heheh.
  34. 1337Goat

    WTB: 3090 or 3090 Ti (Price UP!)

    Hey there, I'm looking for any brand of RTX 3090 or 3090 Ti, with my max price for the RTX 3090 being $730 shipped, and the Ti being $830 shipped. Good-condition OC models can have a $20 price bump to $750/850. Let me know if you've got what I need. Thanks!
  35. 1337Goat

    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Hahah I don't mind being proven wrong. Thank goodness this ISN'T a failure of a CPU. I'm happy I made my gamble, but luckily, I lost nothing, and we all gained a thread. Victory for all.
  36. 1337Goat

    PDXLan 20 Concluded: Elmy's latest creation. Mr. Bubbles walkthrough

    Yeah, I gotta admit that I don't like it. I think it's very colorful and RGB, but all it is is just taking RGB to a more dramatic and intense level. It's not like this is actually all that creative. And those bubbles don't do anything, right? So it's not like this is a mineral oil submerged PC...
  37. 1337Goat

    EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming for 750$ vs 4070ti?

    Yeah, a 4090 Ti with 32 GB VRAM would be a serious smack across our cheeks, just due to how nasty the price would be, despite the "oh it's sooooo much VRAM! thank you sir!" cries even I would make. 32 GB VRAM on a 4090 Ti would be insulting, but I'd end up wanting to buy it, as if the modern...
  38. 1337Goat

    EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming for 750$ vs 4070ti?

    Even if you could afford a 4090, you could still buy two (used) 3090s for about that price, giving you a total of 48 GB VRAM. For non-gaming tasks, the 3090 is just better in every way. Saving a few seconds or minutes isn't important when the real bottleneck isn't time, but VRAM, when it comes...
  39. 1337Goat

    House Bill s.686 Restrict Act could fundementally change the way we use the internet

    I truly think there could be a way for a government to exist that can put pressure on hostile-to-society business practices, yet not create laws that interfere with our personal freedoms and what we do on the internet and in our own homes. So "small government" doesn't necessarily need to mean...