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    Kids today are dumb.

    It's simply a matter of generational upbringing, not intellegence. Video games grew from this state of a kids only medium and as the medium grew in along with technology, it presented an opportunity to allow players to interact with there games in more of a movie like experiance, where you have...
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    Buying new CPUs and older motherboards

    They don't do anything, it's like if you ordered an AM3+ board and an Intel CPU; there job is to simply sell and ship you the products. They expect you to understand everything before you buy stuff from them. They do not refund money because of incompatibilites.Whether or not is has the latest...
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    Electromagnetic Railgun Tested On Video

    More things for humans to kill other humans with, awesomeness!!
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    Comedian Makes $200k Selling Video With No DRM

    Didn't know it was possible to not know Louis C.K. lol
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    The Future According To Microsoft

    At least us minorities are still the valet....again:( lol
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    Homes Without Cable Will Triple by 2016

    Haven't had cable for years, not missing it. Internet ftw!
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    This Explains why Rage Sucks on the PC?

    Runs fine on my GTX 470 and the game is great. That's just me of course, but my statement still stands, it is irreverent whether or not you hate it, it's how you voice it that matters. It he has not constructively voiced his concerns.
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    This Explains why Rage Sucks on the PC?

    I wouldn't say you guys are dicks, just whiners. You're posting an opinion on a hardware news site about a game that is subjective to who plays it, it's not broken for everyone and a lot of people enjoy the game, so when you and Kyle post ''Dont buy rage!!!!!!!'' at the top of the site and whine...
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    This Explains why Rage Sucks on the PC?

    Kyle needs to stop posting his game opinions on the front page. We whines to much.
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    Rage sucks

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    Rage sucks

    The PC elitists loved Crysis 1 cause it pushed their systems, they don't care about storyline.
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    Rage sucks

    Not really, just a bunch of butt hurt PC elitists that are mad that it doesn't push their systems, for most the other issues are minor, texture pop ins etc. And kyle is still a little whiner cause his free hardware isn't being pushed hard enough.
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    Rage sucks

    Damn, Kyle whines about everything. If the game doesn't make his free hardware fall to it's needs he crys for his money back. He did the same thing with Crysis 2.
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    Rage sucks

    I'm enjoying the game to be honest, the visuals look good and while the gameplay isn't anything revolutionary it's still pretty good. The hardcore PC enthusiast side of me does dislike the extremely limited graphics options, all you can change is resolution, AA and GPU transcoding. I hate how...
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    Mark Zuckerberg Is On Facebook All Day

    I laughed when he called him a visionary.
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    Enough Whining

    I don't see what the problem is, if the criticism is reasonable and logical, then what wrong with that? Yes gaming is one of my hobbies, but if i pay for a game or if a see a title and i look at it and wish it had more of some something or i wish it didn't have a few things, i don't see how...
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    Battlefield 3 going to be awful ?

    Yes there are a lot of bugs, but that's why you need to make sure they're aware of them, that's why Betas exist lol. It's a very fun game, definitely nothing groundbreaking. Within the confines of what they're letting us play it feels just like BC2 with a different ''sauce'' on top. I really...
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    GameStop: Consoles Continue To Be 'Gold Standard'

    *Waits for the butt hurt PC elitists to nerd rage* Consoles still attract the mainstream hence will always be the ''Gold standard'' if current trends continue.
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    Good Beta, though there are some highs and lows that i'll probably be giving as feedback( considering thats what Betas are for lol) It could be only in the Beta but the physics destruction isn't what i fully expect originally, as i was expecting a near fully destructible environment, i would...
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    Check your email guys!!!!, i finally got mine.:)
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    I want what i paid for and what they promised and at a reasonable and logical window of time, they said 48 hours early, but that is falling through. We have not even begun downloading the damn thing yet while others are already in. I just want what they said they'd give, and i understand...
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    People who preordered on Origin will have to wait till around the afternoon just to get the email for the beta. And yet the MOH people are already downloading it.
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    I don't get it, why is it that people who bought MOH just get a the code and start downloaded, i would of thought that Origin as being their priority, instead we have to wait till the f***ing afternoon just to get the email. If it's ready for download let us start downloading dammit.
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    F***!!, can't download it on Origin yet. wtf.
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    Scientists Disarm AIDS Virus’ Attack on Immune System

    Good to see Humans do something to help themselves instead of destroy.
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    Consoles Have Just Become Sh**** PCs....

    The article brings out a point but it also seems to ignore why such things are now implemented with consoles these days. He just sounds as though he's longing for the days before the PS3 and 360 came along when console patching didn't exist and online gaming with consoles were just getting...
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    Man Fired from Starbucks after Musical YouTube Rant

    If he was on the clock and actually at the Starbucks making those comments, then i'd understand the firing, but off the clock and at home, he can say what ever the hell he wants. And even if it affects the company, well all that does is give them a chance to change the issues.
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    I turn my system off whenever i'm officially done using it, but i leave it on overnight if im downloading a game or something.
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    Anonymous Planning 'Day of Vengeance' on Sept. 24

    Never cared for Anonymous and what they do, they tend to be hypocrites On one hand they pretend to be for the rights and freedoms of others, but when they hack some dudes facebook so they can post gay sex pictures on their page it isn't exactly uplifting to what they consider their cause.
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    The Best Game No One is Talking About

    After Driver 2 the next few iterations of the series weren't very good so i never touched the series after the second. If Driver San Fransisco is cheap somewhere i'll probably pick it up.
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    AMD HD 7000 Delayed to 2012

    Been waiting for the next line of cards, even if its delayed it's better to have a product that's delayed forever then a product that sucks forever.
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    esata cable over 10ft?

    Here's a 10ft male to male e-SATA cable on Amazon.
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    AMD has a winner

    Bulldozer isn't supposed to fight with the the LGA 2011 Sandy Bridge chips as far as i can tell. I think they'll be around LGA 1155 SB chips if not a little better possibility, but i think overall performance with still go to SB-E as it's looking like a monstrous platform with more memory...
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    AMD has a winner

    Wow, i need to read that review.:eek: I'm currently running a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3, and while it's not the UD7, ive had no problems with it.
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    1055t vs x2 560

    For gaming an X2 560 is fine(even if you keep it at only a dual and overclock) and if you can get the other two cores unlocked and running stable that'd be even better. As more and more games start to go multi-threaded only then really will you start seeing the benefit in the extra cores the...
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    4870 owners - what did you upgrade to? (kept your CPU)

    A few years ago i was running a HD 4870 with an I7 920 CPU. I eventually did a side grade to a HD 5770 and then moved up to my current GTX 470. I also switched from the i7/X58 platfrom and moved over to my current 1055T/990FX platform (getting ready for Bulldozer):) And yes it was all...
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    AMD has a winner

    That's all i would like for BD to do is compete with SB or maybe even surpass it by a fair amount. SB-E is for a completely different type of person, i can pretty much bet that SB-E will kill BD in performance(especially in multi-threaded software). But i don't think AMD is trying to aim that...
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    AMD has a winner

    Have my Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 board ready for BD to bring it!! :)
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    Steve Jobs' 'Curious' Lack of Public Philanthropy

    It's his money, he may do as he pleases.
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    TinyChat Releases iPhone Video App

    It works with ITouches?!!!