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  1. DeathFromBelow

    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I think they bit off more than they could chew with DS9/Voyager and the TNG films in concurrent development. You can see the writing falling apart in TNG season 7.
  2. DeathFromBelow

    New Star Wars movie to be made by Ragnarok director

    I honestly don't like any of the old post RotJ EU material. Stuff like grand smurf Thrawn and the Vong... it just doesn't seem like Star Wars to me. I'd like to see a prequel trilogy reboot or something KOTOR-related.
  3. DeathFromBelow


    Yeah, the freezes stop with a different GPU (RX560 or 580) and I've been trying each new optional driver. The power supply is an old but reliable 1000w Kingwin Lazer. Games run fine and the crash rate seems to have gone down with each new driver, but after a few days I eventually get a hard...
  4. DeathFromBelow


    Are you sure? I keep thinking I've got things fixed and then it freezes up again. I've been messing with an XFX 5700XT RAWII and I've had a crash since updating to the latest GPU and X370 chipset drivers yesterday (Windows 7) and I'm also getting the same behavior under Ubuntu. It seems to...
  5. DeathFromBelow

    Scientists May Have Discovered Universal Memory, DRAM Replacement

    This could theoretically be awesome.
  6. DeathFromBelow

    The Original Star Wars IX Script Has Allegedly Leaked. And It's Much Better Than The Rise of Skywalk

    Luke's attitude was 'well, crap... the Jedi were a bunch of hypocrites who created a monster and destroyed themselves. I walked into the same trap and created a new monster, I'm not leading anyone else down that path again.' His teachings and his conversation with Yoda in TLJ made for some of...
  7. DeathFromBelow

    The Original Star Wars IX Script Has Allegedly Leaked. And It's Much Better Than The Rise of Skywalk

    Sounds like misdirection. They 'leaked' a lot of fake scripts during the production of this trilogy. Back when episode 7 came out people noticed that Reys theme has bits of Palpatines motif all over the place. I'm guessing that the Palpatine connection was planned from the start. I thought the...
  8. DeathFromBelow

    XFX 5700 XT RAW II fan override?

    The manual fan control options seem to be working fine with the latest driver. The fan curve options are under performance -> tuning in the Radeon software.
  9. DeathFromBelow

    XFX 5700 XT RAW II fan override?

    A friend at work was having all sorts of weird crashes with his 5700XT (completely random freezeups or black screens, no BSOD). Turned out the fix was installing an optional Windows update and then reinstalling the driver. I think it was one of the optional .net rollups but we didn't go through...
  10. DeathFromBelow

    Which GPU brand generally has the best build quality?

    Nobody has actual RMA numbers and anecdotes are useless. I just buy whichever card is the least fugly (and has a standard PCB if I'm going to slap on a waterblock).
  11. DeathFromBelow

    Google Stadia Port Troubles Blamed on the Linux Kernel Scheduler

    It's not that Stadia sucks or that the whole idea of game streaming is flawed. No, the real issue is that a bug in the Linux kernel prevents software from changing the speed of light.
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    New rumors : MS trying to push Windows 365 in 2020 to replace owned Windows 10

    I'd pay for a Windows 7 subscription. Windows 10... not so much.
  13. DeathFromBelow

    AMD Radeon RX 5950 XT - Finally a 2080 Ti Killer

    Is there an article or actual documentation of their dishonesty/failures in the past? I'm honestly curious about their backstory. This isn't the first time I've heard these sort of things said about them. I don't mind wild rumors as long as they're disclosed as such. Not like there's a whole...
  14. DeathFromBelow

    Switch From Windows to Linux

    Absolutely. I was experimenting with Ubuntu back in the early 2000's, but it was basically a hobby OS. I'd always run into something that I couldn't do or do easily without Windows back then. I disagree. Something has changed in the last 5 or so years where Linux became far more compatible and...
  15. DeathFromBelow

    Windows recognises the fx 8120 as officially a 4 core now. Interesting

    Imagine if AMD just flat out bought reviews and journalists to cover up bad news about their products. AMD wasn't deceitful, it's an 8 core processor with 4 shared FPUs. The weak single-threaded performance is from the small cores. It was a perfectly fine 1080p gaming processor that could do a...
  16. DeathFromBelow

    Micron calls the bottom of the memory market

    Time for another fire at the factory.
  17. DeathFromBelow

    Perfect secrecy cryptography via mixing of chaotic waves in irreversible time-varying silicon chips

    Quantum computers cant even factor 15 with better than 50% reliability. I've become very skeptical that they will ever be practical for anything.
  18. DeathFromBelow

    18-year-old Morrowind mod project releases 60 new quests, massive new map

    There are over 1000 in-game books altogether in Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim, though the number of new lore books declined in the newer games. Personally, I'd rather have well-written text dialog. I don't enjoy listening to the same 5 voice actors doing all the in-game voices, and the extra...
  19. DeathFromBelow

    8 Core 16 thread APU from AMD (rumor)

    How much video transcoding do you do on your 15-60w hardware? And what's this crap about slideshows? AMDs APUs blow away Intel's IGP solutions for gaming in the same price/power ranges. Hell, I still use an old 15w AM1 system for retro gaming/movies/web surfing. Even with the weak CPU its...
  20. DeathFromBelow

    18-year-old Morrowind mod project releases 60 new quests, massive new map

    All these years on Morrowind is still the best game in the series, and arguably the best CRPG ever made. Oblivion/Skyrim aren't 'bad' games, but they're dumbed-down for consoles with crappy UIs, GPS navigation, and simplified text/voice acting for the console peasants who don't reed reel good...
  21. DeathFromBelow

    Night mode could actually be worse for your sleep pattern, study finds

    The point is that there's a lot of marketing BS going on, particularly regarding the effects of blue light. This sort of reporting is exactly what I've expected since all the marketing buzz about blue light filtering for night mode and 'eye protection' started showing up. There's no evidence...
  22. DeathFromBelow

    AT: Intel’s Manufacturing Roadmap from 2019 to 2029: Back Porting, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4 nm

    From 2007: Nokia's valuation was something like $150 billion back then. The average lifespan of a big (S&P 500) company is 15-20 years these days.
  23. DeathFromBelow

    AT: Intel’s Manufacturing Roadmap from 2019 to 2029: Back Porting, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4 nm

    Bulldozer looks pretty damn good in light of the huge security issues that Intel created to maintain their apparent IPC advantage. AMD admitted right up front that they wanted better, and they got to work squeezing real IPC gains out of the architecture for Piledriver and their APUs and...
  24. DeathFromBelow

    Intel is still sneakily sabotaging AMD performance

    Some oddly defensive responses in here. How well is Intel paying their social media manipulators these days?
  25. DeathFromBelow

    Intel is still sneakily sabotaging AMD performance

    Yeah, Intel isn't shady at all. Can't help it, my dick just keeps Ryzen.
  26. DeathFromBelow


    No. Privilege escalation is a core security feature of all modern operating systems. It certainly does encourage developers to write their software properly, but that's not the main reason it exists. UAC is actually 'less annoying' than privilige escalation in Linux and MacOS/iOS by default...
  27. DeathFromBelow

    Why 8K TV is a non-starter for PC users

    More pixels can be beneficial even on smaller screens. Higher resolutions should allow for better motion resolution, something LCD's suck at in general.
  28. DeathFromBelow

    Intel Revives old 22nm process to battle 14nm shortages

    I'm really starting to wonder WTF is going on over at Intel.
  29. DeathFromBelow

    Has AMD passed Intel or just pulled even or still slightly behind

    Intel is clearly #1... in security vulnerabilities.
  30. DeathFromBelow

    A private equity firm is buying all the .org domains.

    Free market activity that you don't like equals... communism? I mean, I get being opposed to this as harmful to people and the internet overall, but comparing it to communism and mass censorship seems like a non-sequiter. This is the result of unregulated economic forces, not some central...
  31. DeathFromBelow

    The VR hype train enters the farm...

    VR finally gets a killer app.
  32. DeathFromBelow

    I'm over colored coolants

    Copper Sulfate It's what's in blue PT Nuke. You can buy a few lifetimes supply of the stuff on Amazon for a couple bucks and mix it yourself. It doesn't take much. I've run it for 4+ years at a time and had the water come out totally clear with no strange buildups or weirdness in my loops. I...
  33. DeathFromBelow

    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    It looks like a Delorean had a sex change and got into weightlifting. I actually dont mind the angular design. The front/headlights are ugly though.
  34. DeathFromBelow

    are solid state batteries the next big thing?

    I first started hearing about solid-state batteries in 2017. Dyson spent a bunch of money on it (along with their car concept), and more recently Volkswagen said they want to start using them in vehicles in the next 5 or 6 years as production ramps up. Supposedly there is some low-volume...
  35. DeathFromBelow

    5700xt Liquid Devil review. Dang, it's beautiful.

    You'd save about $50. Maybe $70 if you go with a cheaper block like a Bykski. IMO the price really isn't that bad. For $50 you get the customized BIOS, convenience of having the block preinstalled, some coolant dye, and you don't have to void the card's warranty. The real issue (as he states...
  36. DeathFromBelow

    Boeing can't catch a break

    I can't give Boeing crap over this. NASA, SpaceX, and everyone else have had parachute issues at some point. There was no rocket. The Dragon capsule was bolted to the ground for static-fire testing of the launch escape system. It exploded because of a leaking oxidizer valve. SpaceX has...
  37. DeathFromBelow

    Recharging lithium ion batteries twice as fast with light

    Yes and no. My understanding is that battery tech has been advancing at a steady pace, with significant improvements in cost/safety/capacity/reliability over the past 20-30 years. Entirely new battery tech is rare but some elements of these 'revolutionary' ideas do make it into production. Even...