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  1. daringx

    Upcoming Chromium Update Could Make Ad Blockers Less Effective

    I just installed Pi-hole on my file server and it appears to be preventing those nag-screens. I haven't seen any on at least, which used to pop up all the time. Thanks to all in the forum for the recommendation! So far it's running with the default configuration and haven't had...
  2. daringx

    NVIDIA Demonstrates Issues with Non-Validated FreeSync Monitors at CES 2019

    Good point! A bad cable will exhibit similar flickering and I have been a victim of that myself. Here's a good post on how to edit your monitor's settings with a 3rd-party utility to avoid issues with Freesync. Presumably it should work just as well to remedy any issues on Nvidia hardware for...
  3. daringx

    YouTube Stars Are Shilling Real-Life Loot Boxes, and They Look Terrible

    This is targeting the market of millionaires willing to gamble big bucks for some fun. Not us "average joes". According to this CNBC report, there were over 11 MILLION millionaires in the US in why not tap that market? Seems like a good profit making business to me, wish I'd...
  4. daringx

    Cryptocurrency Prices Plummet Even More

    Concerning your comment of "you want a currency that slowly inflates", please read Bottom line...any amount of inflation is not sustainable. There will be a reckoning one day. If you care about your progeny's future, you should be...
  5. daringx

    NVIDIA’s RTX Speed Claims “Fall Short,” Ray Tracing Merely “Hype”

    My hope is that enough people believe the hype to drive down the price of existing cards. Current prices are a sham. A Vega 56 at $250 would make me spend some bones.
  6. daringx

    Sling TV is Losing Steam

    Do any of these services provide 60fps on PC? I know a lot of them do on streaming devices, but I only have a Windows PC connected to my TV. I would like to find a good service for the college football season.
  7. daringx

    Monoprice Take 20% Off Almost Everything my hopes up. Thought now would be a good time to get another of their lightweight camp chairs, but no luck. Here's a list of all excluded products, it's pretty long!
  8. daringx

    Japan Finds “Semi-infinite” Trove of Rare Earth Elements

    There's plenty of rare earth metals here in the US. It's just that China undercut US suppliers so that they became unprofitable and closed down the mines. I think a few have reopened since China started their embargo tactics a few years ago and the DoD got anxious. Rest assured, the US is not...
  9. daringx

    Hardly Anyone Is Paying Taxes on Their Bitcoin Gains as Filing Deadline Nears

    Not true. I pay my recommended share. My state (KS) has a "use tax" for online out-of-state purchases that don't collect state sales tax. They let you voluntarily report your tax amount, but also give recommendations based on your income level if you're not sure what you owe. I pay the the...
  10. daringx

    Doomsday Torpedo Detailed in Pentagon Document

    Yeah, there's a documentary about this incident on PBS (and currently available on Netflix and other streaming services) called "Command and Control". Definitely worth a watch. It all happened due to an errantly dropped wrench socket. The aftermath was poorly handled, though it does at least...
  11. daringx

    Doomsday Torpedo Detailed in Pentagon Document

    It is scary. The idea of peace through "mutually assured destruction" is contingent upon the sanity of those holding the launch buttons. History has shown that leaders are not always rational when making decisions. We've had a number of close encounters since 1950's, and it's still a very...
  12. daringx

    Boeing CEO: We’re Going to Beat Elon Musk to Mars

    Aye, but Boeing's most experienced veterans of space travel are retired now. It's a new generation that needs to pick up the mantra, and Musk's company has just as much chance as anybody else.
  13. daringx

    Star Trek: Discovery Will Return on January 7th, 2018

    I watch both the Orville and Discovery. At this point in the seaon I look forward to Discovery episodes the most. It's just better "sci-fi" than Orville. Too bad it's been demoted to CBS Online, which most people will never pay for, or even know how to watch (as very few TV's can stream from...
  14. daringx

    Lean back and Watch YouTube TV With a New app For Your Big Screen

    I tried to subscribe to Youtube TV but was denied. Apparently it's only available in select much for "internet" TV. I eventually put up an antenna but it was a major pain to assemble, mount, and position and then route 50ft of coax to get only 3 of the 4 major networks that work...
  15. daringx

    Bitcoin Price Soars above $5,000 to Record High

    Oh yeah, I definitely have my long term goals in focus. I agree with your line of thought and have a pretty diversified retirement account that covers a variety of investment types. This Bitcoin thing is just gratis and doesn't have a significant affect on my retirement fund, hence the...
  16. daringx

    Bitcoin Price Soars above $5,000 to Record High

    I built (on contract) a rather large amount of ASIC miners in 2013 using the first available ASICs. For my work I got paid with Bitcoin when it was nearly $1000 per. Shortly after the ASICs flooded the market the BTC price dropped drastically. I never sold and still have them today. Almost...
  17. daringx

    Apple and Spielberg Have Plans to Reboot Amazing Stories

    A good Airwolf reboot would be awesome, though without a "superpower" nemesis it might be hard to make. I do love watching all the old "bubble canopy" heli's the bad guys operated with tacked on rockets and machine guns get blown to bits. That old Bell helo still looks pretty awesome today...
  18. daringx

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Hands On Preview

    I absolutely loved MWO when it was just 8 vs 8 in Beta with only a few IS Mechs to choose from (especially with re-arm and repair costs factored in). I continued to play and enjoy it for a few years afterward, but completely gave up when they introduced "loot boxes" and other shenanigans. I...
  19. daringx

    Programmer Automates Data Entry Job, Ponders Whether to Tell Employer

    That seems like a pretty edge case. Any company worth your time would have recognized the value in your work and promoted you or at least applauded your work. Don't get too hung up on their failure to recognize initiative. No business in the USA will survive for long with that sort of...
  20. daringx

    Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct CPU Air Cooler @ [H]

    I'm a bit confused by the heat pipe design on these types of coolers. It's my understanding that heat pipes work best when oriented either in-line with or perpendicular to gravity (i.e. hot air/coolant naturally rises relative to gravity). In this and many other cooler designs installed in a...
  21. daringx

    Tesla Semi All-Electric Truck to Be Unveiled in September

    They are, farming will be quite different a decade from now.