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  1. Libast

    WTB: ~$150 GPU

    Son has an RX460 that is on its way out so gotta keep my boy gaming! Local FB posts are crackhead scary. Looking at anything from a GTX 680ish to 10603gb ish in or under $150. Shipping would be to Oklahoma of course.
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    FS: Parting out ! RX480 8GB, i7 2600, DZ77GA-70K

    Monday bump for the boys n girls
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    FS: Parting out ! RX480 8GB, i7 2600, DZ77GA-70K

    This all sold locally. Thanks for looking! Retiring from PC gaming due to expensive car hobby (and lack of supply on new GPU) so parting out my build. All prices are before shipping, but we can negotiate that, from Oklahoma. I can take Paypal or Venmo or Cashapp or cash if you happen to be...
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  5. Libast

    Radeon VII Video Card Review @ [H]

    Radeon VII with 8GB at a cheaper price would be sticking nails into nvidia's butt. All hail new cards to bring older card prices down though! /RX480 still
  6. Libast

    HTC Sales Are down over 61% in 2018

    I love HTC phones- you can't buy them through the carriers anymore :(
  7. Libast

    FS: Everything sold for now.

    wait nvm not a K series :p
  8. Libast

    Orlando Company Creates Scents for VR Attractions and the U.S. Armed Forces

    Not so sure about applying this to VR pr0n.
  9. Libast

    An Active Robot Is a Healthy Robot

    There will never be a need for Skynet. We will be slain in our sleep by our Roombas.
  10. Libast

    Bitcoin Shoots Up to Over $3400

    Ya missed the joke my friend!
  11. Libast

    Bitcoin Shoots Up to Over $3400

    Price goes up, price goes down- you can't explain that! ~Bill O'Reilly
  12. Libast

    Intel 2018 Architecture Day @ [H]

    That Sunny Cove HSF looks like a mighty unit!
  13. Libast

    CERN Blasts Intel Chip

    Me too!
  14. Libast

    NVIDIA Blames AMD for Excess GPU Inventory

    So lower the price of the 1080s and we can take care of that over supply issue for you.
  15. Libast

    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    AMD is like "can't beat us in benchmarks if your cards don't work"
  16. Libast

    The Definitive iPad Pro Durability Test

    I love his videos. He does the same thing to every device. and yes, the scraping metal with the razor makes me feel uncomfortable with life.
  17. Libast

    Volunteers Are Keeping an IBM 1401 Mainframe Alive

    Don't you people have cell phones?
  18. Libast

    AI Portrait Sells for $432,500

    *puts kids macaroni art on ebay AI INSPIRED ARTWORK NO RESERVE!!!
  19. Libast

    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Discusses Quarterly Earnings and Next Year's Forecast

    the only thing winning in my portfolio is my electric company lol
  20. Libast

    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Discusses Quarterly Earnings and Next Year's Forecast

    Their stock is taking a beating today unfortunately. *Edited because I can't speel gud.
  21. Libast

    Alienware is Looking Into PC Component Manufacturing

    More competition is always better for us.
  22. Libast

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Opposes EU Article 13 Copyright Legislation

    USA USA. Not to mention we pay the company, many more times other countries, *for* the soap they use to roto root our buttholes!
  23. Libast

    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    The cycle continues- Intel enjoys market leader for years, gets stagnant. Along comes AMD, flips Intel's shit, Intel cuts and cancels, comes roaring back. Rinse lather repeat.
  24. Libast

    AMD Launches RX 580 2048SP for Chinese Market

    They did this with the RX560 too, but with a bios flash (at least on mine) you could undo their shenanigans.
  25. Libast

    Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 580 8GB Below MSRP

    *still holding onto his RX480 bought in 2017 for $209 on valentines day
  26. Libast

    New Radeon Driver for Windows 10 April Update

    Mmm Cheetos dust.
  27. Libast

    WTB: i5/i7 Sandy Lake 1155 & DDR3 240

    Save me from ebay / facebook / craigslist.. Picked up an HP retail box from a relative that is missing the CPU (has HSF) and ram. Would like to give to my kiddos to start them on their own computer. Looking to spend sub $80 total, shipping and all :) Shipping is to Oklahoma City area...
  28. Libast

    WTB: Oklahoma City Area 1155 cooler and/or case

    Issue resolved, thanks anyways folks :)
  29. Libast

    my i7 980X is 7 years old!

    Still have my i7-2600. lol
  30. Libast

    XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB is $180 AR and a free copy of Doom.

    I bit on this. Gonna be a nice upgrade from my 6850! Also threw in some more ram. Plus, Free Doom!
  31. Libast

    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Giardia lamblia
  32. Libast

    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    The use of 2 video cards enables the American Dream™ of bailing out the beleaguered power companies from coast to coast.
  33. Libast

    WTB: S478 P4 3.06

    last chance bump for my [H]ers before i browse other solutions.
  34. Libast

    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Stimulate the economy.
  35. Libast

    WTB: S478 P4 3.06

    yup has to be a 533.
  36. Libast

    WTB: S478 P4 3.06

    Thank you, crossing fingers :) really hoping for the 3.06 for the hyperthreading. but i'll keep it in mind because it would be better than nothing. :)