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  1. jamesv

    music files breaking up sometimes (SSD)

    If you want even better Tube based audio, find some vintage kit, replace the capacitors, OpAmps and Google the model being modified and see what applications might need different Tubes, etc. I have 3 x Bellari RP562’s modified by the guy that Builds amps for famous players, wasn’t too...
  2. jamesv

    amd apu

    AMD 5650G for me. But not until 2022 when they’re not the latest greatest.
  3. jamesv

    Make Intel great again? Intel Rocket lake i7-11700 processor review!

    Intel and AMD fighting it out is nice, but Intel is too damn hot, and AMD too many Watts and no APU 5000 yet. Good news is the W480/W 1250P combo is cheap now and has everything I need so maybe I’ll get a 5000 APU sometime in 2022. Wish these guys would just give us a fast bad ass quad @ 65-95...
  4. jamesv

    I7 10700 build

    Non K CPUs still overclock. No such thing as “locked” unless you believe those telling you that. My old i7 S went from 3.6 to 4GHz with no sweat. Never needed more than 4GHz but it’s been running 24/7/365 for 6 years. I wanted a 10th gen CPU too but the temps are just too high for a 1U...
  5. jamesv

    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" Boosts Up To 5.30 GHz, Say Rumored Specs

    They’re all choking for plain old desktop chips. I got 3700X and 3 x i7 4790k’s that work fine. But always got enough time to build the best 1U. Even ASRock Rack is behind schedule. I waited 3 months last summer for the 570 board, and it’s a PITA still, BIOS updates are numerous though. cheers
  6. jamesv

    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" Boosts Up To 5.30 GHz, Say Rumored Specs

    Tiger Lake Desktop please. Otherwise Zen3 5000 desktop w/ APU gets my money you dummies.
  7. jamesv

    New ryzen 3 boards

    I’m happy with my ASRock X570D4U and 3700X. Small mobile chassis w/ dual 2TB Sabrent M.2’s. 3600 Samsung B Die RAM. Waiting for the 5600X, maybe go with 8 core after seeing the Cezanne 5000’s.
  8. jamesv

    Department of Justice Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

    Staples and Office Depot were being destroyed by WalMart & Amazon. Eric Holder/Obama said no Merger you greedy capitalistic businesses. Google wanted YouTube, Facebook wanted problem you wealthy authoritarians, just censor our adversaries domestically and fund our campaigns.
  9. jamesv

    Department of Justice Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

    Google helps control the people of China for it’s wealthy communist leaders. Like it or not their tradecraft is being perfected there in the giant AI Facility. They’re not going anywhere. They buy politicians then protect their investments. Its the American way...
  10. jamesv

    New four bangers unavailable?

    I so want a fast Quad CPU with lots of cache. That type of design offers the lowest latency as well as fastest recovery from IPC leakage. (Misses) AMD seems to be addressing the 3000’s which crapped out @ 80% especially 12/16 core designs by redesigning CCX and a unified cache. That’s exciting...
  11. jamesv

    Zen 3 is rumored to be flaunting monumental IPC gains in early testing

    I have 2 x 4790k’s, i7 5775C, i7 8086k and a 3700X. All built for audio. Cache is king on the new Tiger Lake 8 Cores, and Cezanne. I’ll take one of each as long as 4GHz is the base. Sure glad Matisse put Intel on their heels. 8086k was only a small step better than my 4700’s. Matisse too much...
  12. jamesv

    Did I make a mistake buying the i7-8700?

    I don’t need big overclocks but I always buy the S or non-K COUs and gladly accept the free 400MHz with a pinch of voltage. I’m still running a couple 4790ks and a 4790. Thought by now the non k would be showing signs of aging by higher heat disappation or faster throttling. Nothing. I don’t...
  13. jamesv

    Specialized Processors are Seemingly Overtaking General Purpose Chips

    I use a general purpose CPU to run 18 x 400MHz DSP Chips From Analog Devices. Only in the last 10 years have I started using the CPU for similar audio chores. I need 50% of 4 Cores @ 4GHz to do what 15% of one ADSP-21369 Chip does. Nice having both to share workloads. If I didn’t have to use...
  14. jamesv

    AMD Matisse Zen 2 Processors Revealed in AIDA64 Extreme Beta Patch Notes

    As a 1U Rackmount addict I like faster, cheaper and cooler. 4GHz on all 8 Cores @ 53C..
  15. jamesv

    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    Like my apps. I need the low latency of a Dual Core but a Quad is what I use. 6 Cores is where latency starts to take its toll in real time usage. This is why I just bought 2 more ASRock Z97m WS/i7 4790k combos and Modded them for Supermicro CSE 500f-441B 1U Chassis. Once I see “new” cores...
  16. jamesv

    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    Smart as us putting us thousands of the giant turbines in migratory paths. We subsidize them sitting idle during the windy season. German Brown Lignite is the nastiest Coal on Earth. It smells like it looks too. I think California has so many unenforceable stupid feel good laws, but this isn’t...
  17. jamesv

    Microsoft Commits to Providing the U.S. Military Access to All of Its Technology

    World Peace is meant for contestants in a beauty contest. In another 100 years mankind might evolve, until then I prefer to say “Nice Doggie” as I reach for the biggest rock I can find.
  18. jamesv

    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    Yes but your explanation of the process enlightened me. Nice to have a place where I can learn without having to research. Something that isn’t of major concern being explained succinctly saves me from reading 50 different lengthy explanations. Cheerz
  19. jamesv

    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    Thanks for explaining. The 7nm I cited that AMD had was a misunderstanding, seems that was a GPU. But isn’t that kind of like prepping for your CPU? Seems logical to develope something like a GPU before going all in? Exciting stuff though. Since Intel made record revenue in Q3 I won’t feel bad...
  20. jamesv

    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    I misunderstood AMDs Presentation obviously. OTOH I’m enjoying the competition AMD has caused. I’m running a small recording facility and building stage worthy 1U PCs. I remember when Tyan Tiger mainboards with Dual Athlon MPs ruled. Glad to have them back. I still have to use the fastest...
  21. jamesv

    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    As the dumbest person in this thread I’m curious about something. If you keep dropping the ball on 10nm, why is Intel acting like 7nm is some sort of relief? Wouldn’t 7nm add more problems. And how is it that AMD can have 7nm already. Did they make Ryzen so different it can leapfrog over Intel?
  22. jamesv

    Facebook Estimates That Only 30 Million Accounts Compromised by Hackers

    I think they’re just saying they were hacked so they could share data with others who want said data. Power is intoxicating when you know the law is so far behind you. Even if Legislators regulate them, it’s a win win for them. Who could ever survive the regulations as a start up, then try and...
  23. jamesv

    Tech Corporations to Testify Before the US Senate About Data Privacy Practices

    I’m convinced Silicon Valley Tech folks knew what they were doing long time ago. Surprised thy didn’t cancel Trumps account during the primaries when it was obvious he was going to win. But they know that people would notice the bias and censorship. They want to be drug before a committee and...
  24. jamesv

    WPI Develops Autonomous Fish Hunting Robot

    That’s awesome. We could get about 20,000,000 of them for the flying Asian Carp in the Ohio River Basin. Those suckers fly into your boat. If our hits you in the face going 50mph it’s like Mike Tyson tagging you.
  25. jamesv

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    My apologies Mero Mero Chingon. I should have read the rules before responding to posts. No mas Politico jive from me. Great idea about buying a subscription for frothing. Cheerz Thanks for your decades of great reviews. Reading your stuff since the 90s when you and A.Shimpli were @ PC Mag.
  26. jamesv

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    Sorry, cdabc123, my Wool got caught. Back on topic. Games I’m not sure about. But do you remember the video showing a nuclear explosion with DC as the backdrop? Seriously low quality. I can say with confidence that the Piano in the recording was pre Soundblaster PCI. Cheerz
  27. jamesv

    Does a multichannel digital to analog converter exist?

    Look at a Behringer FCA1616 for USB also. I use an XITE-1 DSP Rack, an expensive recording studio for PC. Nobody uses them except for film scoring guys or live performers. But any old Soundblaster would accept the ADA8200 @ 44.1/48k or SMUX @ 96k halving the channels. MiniDSP has neat stuff...
  28. jamesv

    Does a multichannel digital to analog converter exist?

    I’d suggest buying a Behringer ADA8200. 200 bucks. It’s very capable. But turn that into an Audio Interface costing around 2k by sending your unit to Black Lion Audio. Get the Premium modification, or even the Standard mod. Now you’ll have 8 x Analog Ins, TS or XLR as the inputs are multi...
  29. jamesv

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    I know it sucks for the offended. Would love to get offended with you more but I’m looking for insert points and watching my investments grow. So back to market watch. If I lose we’ll have something in common. Then we can be offended together.
  30. jamesv

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    Those aren’t considered lies, just politician speak on a higher level. Afraid to offend anyone, or when accidentally busted speaking freely, then walking back like Cuomo is the usual wasted efforts. Trump lies, then tells you to F off. Master of disaster. Hope and change, keep your doctors...
  31. jamesv

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    My boys play a free online game and claim NKoreans jump them all the time and are mic’d up saying fuck you American dogs, etc Gotta be fun for them. I told my boy to tell them we need a rib eye steak and pizza break, come back in 10. Go eat some dog, we’ll be back. That should jackem off a little.
  32. jamesv

    What are your test tracks for new audio hardware?

    I run a Physically Modelled set of Electric Pianos and Acoustic Pianos with 2 different types of Reverb @96k. Old Digital AES/EBU connected, and newer DSP Based algorithms. I listen to them over Blue Sky Surround 5.1 and also JHAudio IEMs with 24 way Drivers, grouped in Quad Drivers x3. In other...
  33. jamesv

    Google Employees Protest Secret Work on Censored Search Engine for China

    Protest, sure. Quit working for the shareholders? No way. Fake out rage, fake human rights, FakeBook, it’s all fake, except for the dollar. At the end of the day its always about the money, even when they say it isn’t. Chinese government pays big bucks for high tech, wonder what Google will...
  34. jamesv

    Chinese Startup Breaks the US Monopoly on Web Browsers by Repackaging Chrome

    This will not happen unless the people start demanding it. Chances of that happening are slim to nothing. Better odds on Colenel Sanders returning your chickens after offering to babysit them for the weekend while you go to Disney.
  35. jamesv

    Welfare Agents Tapped License Plate Database to Track and Prove Welfare Fraud

    Can’t wait to see how our Government will act when everything’s free. This is what they do to people who need food. I can already see the slogans in 2020 for the election. Everything Will Be Free, but this time we mean it..
  36. jamesv

    Google Tracks You with Location History Off

    Privacy doesn’t exist and Security is a superstition. These guys want to track me no problem, as long as my drivers always work I don’t care Someday I might get covered by snow from an avalanche while skiing. Then Google can sell the rescue team my location. It’s all good.
  37. jamesv

    Intel Rumored to Launch 9th-Generation Processors on October 1st

    Not with apps I use inside of 1U Chassis. More Cores is more latency. I’d take a Dual Core @ 6GHz over an i7 8086k in a heartbeat. From my experience Intel is full of crap on watts of low power aternatives. I had an i7 4770S. They said lower watts and @ 400 MHz slower who could deny that. 15...
  38. jamesv

    Intel Rumored to Launch 9th-Generation Processors on October 1st

    It’s whats kept me away from AMDs. Intels chips with 95 Watts or less are as high as I want to get. I want AMD or Intel to have a base of 4.5-5GHz and 4 Cores @ 65 Watts. After the Core Wars perhaps.
  39. jamesv

    Facebook Now Deletes Posts That Financially Endanger/Trick People

    Blame it all on fake artificial intelligence, or an algorithm.... These tech companies are addicted to cash flow, even if they say they aren’t. I hope they get rich and become trillion dollar corporations. I hope they make money selling my worthless information. I might even have value someday...
  40. jamesv

    Swastikas Will No Longer Automatically be Banned in German Video Games

    I especially liked the aerial view of goosestepping chorus girls in a rotating swastika in Mel Brooks original movie the Producers. You have to have a sense of humor I guess.