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    Searching for i7-9700, or i7-9700k for good price or trade

    I'm trying to upgrade my friend computer from i5-9400 to i7. Looking at around 200. I have 200gb SSD and ddr4 ram to trade. But just post what you want for it. I might come up with it in the future.
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    FS: Mac Mini's

    Are these late 2012? Compatible with Mojave or Cathalina?
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    WTTS: 1060 3GB for 1050 ti + cash or 1650

    Traded locally. Thanks everyone.
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    WTTS: 1060 3GB for 1050 ti + cash or 1650

    I have a HP elitedesk 600 that doesn't have the external pcie 6pin. Trying to trade it for a 1050ti or a 1650.
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    FS: Canon G9X M2

    Blogging camera, great quality. The touch screen has a small light crack. It doesn't affect anything. I'm selling to upgrade. Heatware - yetimandaddy Asking $125 OBO
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    i7-7700, 32GB, 500GB SSD, GigaByte 1650 OC, AMD Game Codes and Bundle

    For sale Dell 3668 desktop i7-7700 500GB SSD 32GB DDR4 Ram Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 1650 Gaming OC 4G Everything original except the cpu, ram, hdd, and video card. I got this for $399 then upgraded and its up to $700. Played Ark on High. Asking $600 shipped. AMD Raise the game Bundle code: AMD...
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    Gaming PC HP Omen - i7-6700, Zotac 2060 Amp!

    My gaming rig: i7-6700 1TB ADATA SSD 8GB DDR4 RAM Nvidia 1060 - 6GB Windforce $600 OBO shipped. The ram and psu is HP stock. I changed out the cpu, ssd, and video. Please be considerate, I live in KY. If you are in CA, I may be losing money by giving you free shipping with the current offer...
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    WTB: Good dell, Lenovo, or mac business laptop

    Want: Long battery life, Light weight, Good Ram, 6th gen or better. In good shape. Range set is 100-200 Trying to see what I can get.
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    FS: i7-2600k Combo w/R7-260z Cheap

    Pending pickup locally.
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    FS: i7-2600k Combo w/R7-260z Cheap

    Selling i7-2600k Askrock z77-ex4 Extreme 16gb - 4x4 DDR3 Sapphire R7-260x 2GB OBO , asking $150 shipped - SOLD
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    FS: iBuyPower Custom PC i5 6th Gen 2TB Hard drive

    Have for sale. i5-6600 16gb DDR4 2TB hard drive Asking $350 shipped
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    For Sale/Trade: HP ZBook 15 Studio G3 Mobile Workstation

    Is it 666? Has it been lowered?
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    FS: K40 Tesla 12GB RAM GDDR5 GPU, Far Cry 5 PC Ubisoft codes

    bump. I'm looking for a IPhone trade
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    FS: K40 Tesla 12GB RAM GDDR5 GPU, Far Cry 5 PC Ubisoft codes

    Tesla K40 12GB GDDR5 Graphics - $140 Shipped (Refurbished in like new condtion) Pen g4400 - $50 Far Cry 5 PC Ubisoft codes - $15 obo --Games-- Must be redeemed through ubisoft. Can you played through steam. I will take paypal. Heat: