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    Motherboard dying on a ESXi v4.0 host, how best to jump?

    You should be GTG as long as the motherboard is the same as before, or very similar.
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    Corsair Accelerator 30GB & 60GB Caching SSD Review @ [H]

    Can this be used with XP? Can it be used with the NVida NForce 4 RAID 0+1?
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    DVR's that with work with cablecard

    I thought the Ceton cards are quad tuner units.
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    DVR's that with work with cablecard

    Comcast is going digital in my area (after lying to us that "we have you covered" when the digital transition occurred - grumble) & I don't want to rent anything from Comcast. I want a DVR that I can buy that supports cablecard. So far, I know that Tivo and Moxi both support cablecard. Are...
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    Bush Data May Overload National Archives

    Heh - that's because Bill and Hill shredded most of the evidence! :D
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    Shut Down Your Console To Save The Planet

    Oh really?! In Minnesota here, we're not using enough power:
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    Futuristic Right Angle Radiator

    Very Borg inspired. Flow resistance is futile!
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    Lenovo Parodies MacBook Air Ad

    The video was taken down I think - I can't get to it. :confused:
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    Britain Seeks Pedophiles Facebook Ban

    Pffft! Better solution: Ban social networking sites altogether. The world would be much better off without Facebook, Myspace, et. al. They're all pretty much rubbish.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'll through my name in the hat! Thanks Kyle and AMD!
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    The new AMD Cripple..err Triple Core, I like the idea! Make the Sempron a single core absolute bottom dollar CPU Then the X2 dual core could be priced just below the the Core2 Duo The Cripple Core, X3, (or whatever) priced just above the C2D and the Quad core just below the C2Quad...
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    A Farewell from [H] Consumer

    Now that you have all this experience in doing the "Consumer Reviews", maybe it could be put towards a consulting venture doing what you were before - reviewing "the experience" of a dealing with a company. I'm sure that there would be companies that would pay to find out just how they rank...
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    BFGTech GeForce 7300 GT OC @ [H]

    Just for giggles, has anyone seen 2 of these in SLI? What would it's performance compare to - maybe a 7600GT? If anyone has seen this or done it, I'd love to read about it.
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 & Quad FX Platform Review

    I'd really like to see this to be redone with Win XP 64, so that the AMD system can take advantage of NUMA. I wonder how much of an affect this would have. Better yet Kyle, send the box to me - I'll let you know the results! :D
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    92 mm radiator for my case.

    I have the Antec 1240 case, and above the PC there is a 92mm fan opening. I'm trying to get a radiator to fit that position. Anybody know of such a beast? FWIW I am running a swiftech kit with the 80mm radiator currently, and I am just looking to add on to it.
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    What is a 6800XT? They (ATI and Nvidia) do really muddy the waters with the use of the XT, GT, GTO, etc monikers...
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    What is a 6800XT?
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Have you ever had a hard drive fail on you? Yes 2. Have you ever had a USB Pen fail on you? (if you've used these) N/A 3. Have you ever had an external Hard Drive Fail on you? (if you've used these) Yes 4. Have you ever had a CD-R, DVD-R, or other optical media fail/corrupt on...
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    How not to hook up a CPU and heatsink!!!

    Now I see how Intel sells so many CPU's - the users need a LOT of replacements! No warranty for this dimwit
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    Event log error

    I've been getting an intermittant error in the event log of my Windows 2000 box. The times do not coincide with anything that I am doing at the time (that I am aware of anyway). Silent Running: Stress test transition: L0 -> L0 Any idea what this is? The source is "nv", and it's...