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    PC releases you are excited for?

    Don't know what type of WW2 game you're looking for, but Hearts of Iron 4 which is a Paradox grand strategy pick your country and control everything type game should be out next year; it's on my watch list for sure. Also looking forward to X-Com 2 and Warhammer 40K : Armada
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Karlshure and Konigsberg have some odd guns, they get some of the best AP damage of any 6 inch guns in the game (3700 and 3900), and the worst HE damage (1700). The Karlshrue is still hurt by its short range, but when it gets in close, it can use that big AP damage to tear up other cruisers and...
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    Early Access games that are good but still in developement

    Factorio, Another perpetual in development game (closing in on 4 years and the version is 0.12.something), but it's stable, runs well, and has plenty of content as well as a good modding community. I would not recommend anyone jump right in without checking some lets play type videos because...
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    Psychonauts 2 announced, crowdfunding started.

    The problem is, they way over funded Broken Age and couldn't make the game they promised without releasing half a game to raise enough cash to fulfill their obligations. I'm not opposed to games being delayed because they need to time to finish or polish or cleanup. What I don't like is...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    On smaller guns, up to about 6 inches, you can use AP in certain situations (like long range and/or angled) since you can get penetrations and do 1/3rd max damage (and AP always has higher max damage than HE, if only by a bit on some guns). But on anything over 8 inches, you're all but...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Even fully upgraded you don't have a lot of AA, what you do have is a terrible detection range by air (almost 12km). When you're top tier a lot of cruisers won't have the defensive fire ability to spread out those torpedoes. If you're not in a pack of ships to overlap AA cover, you're...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    From the wiki: Main Battery Mod 2: Increases the traverse speed of the main turrets: +10% to main battery loading time +15% to the main battery traverse speed Main Battery Mod 3 Decreases main battery loading time: -12% to main battery loading time -17% to the main battery traverse...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Once you unlock all the research options for a ship (including the next ship(s) in the tree) it gets 'elite' status which produces more free XP - XP not tied to that ship, but part of a pool that can be used towards anything. So it can help unlock upgrades on other ships faster (especially if...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    For reference, 1250 doubloons will set you back about $7 from the shop, about the only thing you'd be able to do with 500 is un-mount equipment (costs 25 for each thing you remove) so you don't have to re-buy the same equipment on the next ship. A lot of it's pretty cheap, but once you get...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    That makes more sense then, I guess I thought this was more like dog fighting alpha, more a tech demo than final content. If Social Module is an in universe location it makes sense to do it to the detail they did.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I understand the social module and it's instancing and networking are parts to be plugged into the PU. Just like the flight mechanics from dog-fighting / arena and racing stuff is part of the overall sim. Believe me, I write code for a living, I know how much back-end plumbing has to exist...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    They went full Double Fine Adventure. Had an unexpected windfall of cash and lost perspective of what they were trying to do. Every crazy suggestion for wouldn't it be cool if... got thrown into the mix and took focus away from the modernized Wing Commander / Freelancer they promised to build...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    The thing about the St Louis is that's it's completely ringed with guns. You can turn in circles all day long and you've always got guns pointed at your target, or fire from one side and switch to somebody 180 degrees away in a few seconds. The turrets on the Cleveland rotate pretty quick...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Nice, thanks, I'm free of a few obsolete ships.
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Am I just a moron and have never noticed in World of Tanks, you can't even sell a vehicle with complex equipment unless you pay the gold to remove everything first, or is this different in Warships? I have a small pool of gold in Tanks from events, missions, maybe an old premium I got tired of...
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    Planetary Annihilation new RTS like total annihilation and supreme commander

    PA: Ambitious, but rubbish. I updated it last night, but haven't played the titan update yet. I actually haven't played in quite a while, the only real winning strategy against humans was a bot spam, basic features missing for months after 'release' (why would you want to load or save a...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    It's still beta, a lot of balancing left to do, a lot of newer players who don't understand their roles yet. The co-op to start you off is nice, but it would go a long ways towards improving play if those also included tips or hints during the battle to help people learn. Things as simple as...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Are you playing US or Japanese destroyers? I think the Japanese are a lot easier to get into because their torpedoes are much better at low tier. Really by tier 4 and 5 Japanese destroyers are the scourge of slower moving ships. They both have a torpedoes that give you a fair bit of time...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    How to play the St. Louis: hold down the left mouse button until the other guy blows up. It's the only ship I've kept so far after unlocking the next tier. Same, giving up the torpedoes wouldn't be a big deal, but American cruisers are all about the guns. Trading 2 main guns for some AA...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Can be a little more complicated than that (I still don't have enough games in most of my ships to have a good feel off the bat so I tend to fire a volley or two of AP first to find out if I'm not sure). AP has higher armor penetration than HE, but can either not penetrate, or over penetrate...
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    F1 2015 system requirements announced

    Yep, Renault threatened to leave the sport if engine development didn't have more real world applications, and Mercedes largely backed them. So, small displacement, turbo charged hybrids are the result. It's not all that not bad in my opinion (if Renault and Honda could provide a decent power...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Quite enjoying this so far. Gameplay has been nothing but enjoyable, a couple of UI complaints I wish I could zoom out farther, not being able to see what's directly behind me makes it easy to turn into teammates (fortunately, the friendly ramming damage is very minimal right now). Is there...
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    Unity 5

    The big thing with Unity 5 is they made all the rendering engine capabilities available in the free version. That brings it more in line with what you get in free (or minimal monthly subscription) versions of Unreal and Cry Engine. Up through 4.6, a lot of necessary features like render...
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    Half Life 3 almost confirmed?

    Eh, it's a GDC session. According to the online schedule Valve employees are giving 4 or 5 talks this the week. Not that it's impossible, but it's a really odd venue to make that kind of an announcement. If they scheduled a press conference at that time, it would make sense for a reveal...
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    Picked it up this weekend and put an hour or two into it. The physics feel a bit odd.... your contraptions don't seem to have any mass what so ever. Firing a cannon or two (or 20) can cause even decent sized, armor plated machines to lurch and jump around, and just the act of turning your...
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    The Golf Club Game

    So this is what SimGolf looks like 20 years on... Are you playing with a controller or mouse, and how does it feel? Says they're officially released (no longer early access) next Tuesday, so I'm guessing what's out there is fairly complete.
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    Kerberal Space Program- Awesome space indie game

    First it refused to load the contracts office (app crash), then hard lock on exit, and today decided to throw a null reference when I tried go the VAB. As of today, I do have mods installed (Kerbal Engineer, Alarm clock, KSP parts pack), so I'm not putting the blame on the KSP core for...
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    [Rumor] Steam Summer Sale starts on 19th and lasts 8 days?

    I've got about 130 hours into EU4. Currenlty working on turning The Hansa into a major colonial power now that I've beaten up Denmark and taken most of Norway's north Atlantic islands. If the DLC is on sale as well, Wealth of Nations is a good addition for the trade aspect of the game...
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    Watch Dogs was intentionally hobbled on PC

    Actually, if you look at the full shader he linked too back here The consoles both use a 3d texture lookup for the value of upperColor where PC has only the static value. Based o the names, it looks like consoles get some variance in...
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    Unreal Tournament 4/2015

    I probably would prefer a tiered roll out where maybe people who subscribe to the UE4 developer stuff get more access earlier because they're more likely to understand where the core is at in development and best able to contribute content in-engine. Throwing it out there for everyone would be...
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    10 yrs since

    Well, at least the Half Life 2 episodes wrapped everything up nicely. It's not like Valve ended on a big emotional cliffhanger, or had dramatic endings to major characters in the Half Life universe, or left the player feeling helpless and unfulfilled at the close. To do anything like that...
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    anyone with IBM IS/400 skillz?

    IBM has a redbook on this (download for free as a PDF). It's old, but the basics haven't changed It sounds like you're not allowed to do ad hoc queries, so one for working with stored procedures as well...
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    Kerberal Space Program- Awesome space indie game

    Indeed, Scott Manley's Career mode tutorial will get you started. Alternatively, in sandbox mode, there are a number of stock ships that give you a feel for flying a basic, stable rocket, and can get you to orbit / mun / minmus. The most important thing to understand about KSP is that...
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    Unreal Tournament 4/2015

    It's been a long enough, a simple remake of UT2004 on the Unreal Engine 4 would probably be enough to get me to buy. Don't know why, but I never really found favor with UT3. The only way it's a PC exclusive is if it's a Facebook game. Where you can pay $0.10 to respawn faster, and keep the...
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    Valve VR leader joins Oculus R&D

    Highly anticipated new tech * (Carmack 'when it's done approach' ^ Valve Time) ...This may require some patience.
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    Barns and stock piles are (in my opinion) point of production storage, they allow people working the production buildings to quickly deposit their goods nearby and get back to work. Markets are point of consumption buildings, they gather resources from far and wide from the stock piles and...
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    Programming Language Like The One Your Brain Would Use

    throw new BeerNotFoundException("Doh!")
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    SSRS/Report Builder - Sum of a field being dependent on a value of another

    The best way would be to adjust the query / business object being supplied as the datasource to include a location id for each task and add that as a parent group. Alternatively, if there are a fixed (and reasonably small) number of locations you could add a footer row for each location at...
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    X: Rebirth official thread.

    Apparently, this is the beta test.