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    Post your triple monitor arms/mounts!

    I'm curious how you connected the monitors to the stand you made. Can you post some pics of that? I'm been thinking about working on a project like this for myself.
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    So who still has a floppy drive installed?

    I replaced that hole in my case with a card reader back in 2007.
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    Forum sale gone bad, comments?

    Why would I disclose any potential issues if there were none? The fan was not running at 100% when I tested it nor did I notice any such hardware deficiency of it running at 1/2 the speed of what it should have been (according to Alien432 that is). Also, I never blamed Alien432 right away...
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    Forum sale gone bad, comments?

    Wow, I'll start off with the positive heat. You are right I don't have 1 positive heat, but that's because I have never used it before. To be fair I don't have negative heat either so this is pointless. Now, tell me why I would purposely sell a card that I could have RMA'd if there was a...
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    Forum sale gone bad, comments?

    It's one thing to buy and sell (some people make a good living off of this), but its something else for that person to ask for a discounted price making you think its for thier own personal use then turn right around and sell it. I sold it to him for less because I thought I was helping a...
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    Forum sale gone bad, comments?

    I have a delivery confirmation receipt of the package I sent him, as well as screenshots of the second buyers forum posts and screenshots of benchmarks (which I was told were done by Alien432 and were not). I also have the email where Alien432 admitted he had resold the card. His last email...
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    Forum sale gone bad, comments?

    Ok, what do you guys think I should do with Alien432? This is what happened- I sold the card to him almost month ago here: It was fresh from EVGA as an RMA replacement and I had purchased an ATI 5870 for my eyefinity setup in replacement...
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    Advice on a dr pepper spill through top fan

    Man, sorry to hear about that. Assuming nothing fried. I would use distilled water if I had to use water at all to clean up syrup residue. I'd also go pick up some contact cleaner and try to use as little liquids as possible to clean things up. In any case you will probably just end up...
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    Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 @ best buy $64

    I wasn't aware Docsis 3.0 was available residentially. We just had our service line upgraded at work to the 50/10 Docsis 3.0 speeds and I'm loving it. We had gone from a T1 to 16/2 comcast service about 4 montho ago and that was amazing already.
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    5870 or 5970?? Which one should I keep

    If you can afford a 3008WFP, a 5970, and a 5870...I don't think you should be worried about the small savings of the 5870 over the 5970. Keep the 5970 and sell the 5870 to an [H] member at a discounted cost :) . Nice hardware btw.
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    GTA IV - interesting fact.

    Cool, nice find!
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    BF2 is kicking my $&%@!!

    Might be a longshot, but this is what worked for me...Go into your device manager and disable onboard sound if you have another soundcard installed.
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    OMG I failed!

    Geez, I feel bad for you but no dice on a return me thinks. I know we all get overly excited when we get new toys, but this goes to show you it pays to take your time when ordering and assembling.
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    DiRT 2 on Steam

    Has anyone tried the Logitech Dual Action gamepad with Dirt 2 yet? I have to wait until I get home to try it but I'm curious.
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    Your #1 PC game of the decade (and the biggest disappointment) ***poll***

    Even though I don't play nowhere near as much as I used to, I would have to say WoW because of all the hours of good times of gameplay.
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    Look what I just bought

    Ooh, home movies in HD! You're gonna have to give us a little write-up review when you receive this. I've been looking for a camcorder in that price range.
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    Best Christmas Decoration Ever

    Too funny!
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    DiRT 2 on Steam

    Whew, same thing for me. I'm glad I held on to the cd key card.
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    F/S EVGA GTX 285

    SPF to Alien432
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    FS: xbox 360 elite // ps2

    Are you open to trades on the Elite?
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    F/S EVGA GTX 285

    I recently RMA'd my 9800GX2 to EVGA and they sent me a GTX 285 1GB (part# 01G-P3-1281-AR) as a replacement. I used it for about 2 weeks with no problems until I received my Saphire 5870. This 285 now needs a new home. Asking **SOLD** including shipping within the US OBO. I'm open to trade...
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    300 person LAN network questions.

    My only question is where is it, oh and are we invited?
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    DreamHack Winter Festival 10,000 LAN Pics

    We had a some local people setting up LANs for the last few years. It started off at a Holiday Inn banquet room with a few hundred people and the slowed down until it was most recently hosted at the guys place of work which had a room to use. The number dropped to less than 60 and now they...
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    8 Million Reasons for Real Surveillance Oversight

    Wow, 8 million times. I would be curious to know how many customers where located instead of a total number of traces.
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    Prevent Dust

    That and fan filters will do the trick.
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    AT&T Gives Up on Verizon Ad Lawsuit

    I hate those Luke Wilson commercials, so pointless that they don't talk about 3G coverage. To make it worse that commercial always airs in multiple parts...
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I can't wait until these are released. I wonder why they mention both flavor cards for minimum, but only list an nVidia card on Recommended settings...
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    BF2 Alternative

    Well with the release of the 1.5 patch you do have some additional maps that can hold you over for a while until BC2 is released, but I haven't found a comparible alternative to BF2 because of the lack of vehicles in most other FPS.
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    BF:2, VISTA, no GO!

    I got my Vista install to work by installing patch 1.41 then installed 1.5. When does the game crash? My install had a problem with onboard sound, so I had to go into the device manager and disable it. I have a USB headset so it didn't bother me too much.
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    Beware of ‘Skank Agents” on Craigslist

    Too funny! Unfortunately this is too true though. My wife works at a group home for girls under 18 and at least half of them have been listed or listed themselves, on the adult section of Craigslist.
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    Thousands of Sex Offenders Booted From Facebook

    Exactly, whats to stop them from creating a new account. This seems like a big waste of time and resources.
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    Newegg Ripoff

    I'm not sure that Newegg is the ripoff, this is the waterblocked model and that's what all retailers are selling it for.
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    How many of you W7 users are using UAC?

    I had such a bad experience with it in Vista that I just shut it off in W7
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    The Official Test Your Badge Thread

    Testing sig
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    No Widescreen Support in Call of Duty 4 GotY?

    Ya sorry. I just checked on my comp and was able to swap from 5760 x 1200 to 1920 x 1200 without an issue. It probably is a driver issue you are experiencing.
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    Using Thinkpads as Bus Seats

    I wonder what you use on the touchpad...
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    No Widescreen Support in Call of Duty 4 GotY?

    According to the link you posted 1920 x 1200 is supported.
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    MMORPG that doesn't require guild/clan

    This is true, but experience tells me that this will only lead to more headaches in unexperienced pugs. Most of the high end dungeons take time and dedication to learn which you probably won't find in cross server pugs.