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    Official PS5 Thread

    Nice! Wal-Mart's site froze for me right at 3.
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    Xbox series X

    Just received this email from Amazon. Just got to love retailers that accept more pre-orders then they can fill on launch.
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    Xbox series X

    My Amazon pre-order is still showing not yet shipped and that they will email once they have an estimated ship date. I do live fairly close to a number of different Amazon DCs here in the Phoenix area but am slowly loosing faith that I will see it tomorrow.
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    EVGA PowerLink $9.99

    Amazon currently has it for $9.95 for prime members only.
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    Totally agree, really enjoyed the beta but I would have a hard time spending $60+ on the game.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Woho for free upgrades
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    Upgrade Time

    I am looking to upgrade, just started gaming on the pc again and believe my current CPU is bottle necking my 760. Current Specs: AMD FX-4170 MSI 970A-G46 8GB Corsair PC15000 240GB Samsung 840 SSD (2) WD 1TB Blue EVGA GTX760 Looking to upgrade to a 4670k, been an AMD fan for awhile...
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    Post pics of your Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U setups!

    There is already a thread for this:
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    Worst PC Game Launches of 2013

    SimCity followed closely by BF4.
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    WTB: Battlefield 4 PC

    Looking for a Battlefield 4 PC game key, willing to pay $25 via Paypal.
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    And the sloppiest launch title honor goes to? BF4..

    Haven't had any hiccups with my xbone version :confused:
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    Xbox One reviews.

    Got lucky at Kmart this morning, 3 people in line 20 minutes prior to opening and had 15 units in-stock. Way better than dealing with the crazy lines at Gamestop & Best Buy last night.
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    Xbox One reviews.

    There was already a good line outside of my local Best Buy and Gamestop at 4pm. I'm going to try my luck at Sears & K-Mart tomorrow morning, but I don't have high hopes...
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    4770k for $199.99 AT MC, 3 days only

    Fry's in Phoenix refused to price match.
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    Google Chromecast now available at Amazon!

    Picked one up this afternoon, so far its been ok with playback, when streaming from my laptop it can get a little choppy with playback. But from my tablet & phone it has been fine so far.
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    i5-4670k combo deal at the Egg.

    Frys has a i5 4670 & MSI Z87-G45 for $308.00
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    Haswell and Z87 Bundles Now On Sale at Microcenter Offer does not apply when price includes rebates, special program or educational discounts, bonuses, free offers, gift cards, rewards points redemptions, coupons, promo codes, bundled items, or one-of-a-kind or limited-quantity offers.
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    Haswell and Z87 Bundles Now On Sale at Microcenter

    Fry's wont price match on bundle deals...
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    Nook HD+ cheap in some states ($169 in AZ)

    Went to my local B&N here in Phoenix and this deal is dead in Phoenix Metro now....Should of not waited so long.
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    Had some luck with my OnSale order, had to call Macmall and gave them my amazon order number and they were able to provide me with a tracking number for my onsale / amazon order. :D FYI Ordered on Sunday at 3:37pm MST with 2 day shipping.
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    It sounds like most of the Amazon / OnSale orders are going to be canceled.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Not bad for Comcast
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    Which 40" hdtv out of these for gaming

    I dont know, its been hooked up to my surround sound system since I have had it
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    Best Racing Game?

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    Which 40" hdtv out of these for gaming

    I also have a Samsung LN40A550 and fricken love this LCD, have only been gaming with my 360 on it and so far I am very impressed with it
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    Dell 22" Widescreen (E228WFP) $200

    Just checked and all the the stores in North Denver show sold out :(
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    TF2 ruined?

    Agree TF2 has been somewhat annoying since the update
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    Stargate Worlds taking beta signups

    Woho....signed up
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    FS: HDDVD 360 Addon w/ HDDVD's

    sent PM
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    The new Gamertag thread! Post your XBOX Live Gamertag!

    AgedBarley games: GH2 GOW Halo 2 NFS:C
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    I know my local stores wont take a console back and issue a refund if its been open.....
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    FS: Nintendo Wii + more!

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    FS: Nintendo Wii + more!

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    Halo 3 Beta Update

    Got both emails Im in has well :D
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    Halo 3 Beta Update

    Woops double post
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    FS: Nintendo Wii + more!

    Still up for sale...the guy that was going to buy it backed out