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    FT: EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3 for AMD 5700 XT or Radeon VII

    I have a 1080Ti in my workstation that I recently converted to Linux. It works fine but I'm not gaming and Nvidia's Linux drivers are crap. I'd like to do a straight trade for a recent AMD card, or would consider older AMD cards if you add some cash.
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    Apple Pro Display XDR

    You’re right, there is the Dell UP3218K, but I’ve heard that has quality issues. It gets super hot and really seems like it needs active cooling. Are there other 8K monitors available?
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    Apple Pro Display XDR

    FWIW I do a lot of vector graphic design and typography so I appreciate the high density over refresh. Apple’s monitor seems very close to my ideal monitor. - 32” of working space - “retina” pixel density - professional color coverage If you look on Newegg for a PC monitor, you can find...
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    Looking for 4K display with non-dull image typical of matte displays

    Wow congrats. My husband has one of the earlier Aorus monitors. Not cheap, but very good quality! I hope you enjoy it
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    Slim, portable, and non-flimsy monitor

    Does not exist. your best bet would be using an iPad Pro as a secondary display using Apple Sidecar or Duet Display
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    Looking for 4K display with non-dull image typical of matte displays

    I'm not sure what you're talking about really. I've been using various matte Dell and Asus displays over the years and mostly haven't been perturbed by "dull" or "lifeless" image quality. Adjectives like that are really hard to qualify, it sounds really like a matter of personal preference. Do...
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    34" useless after windows scaling?

    I use a 34" ultrawide (3440x1440) and to my eyes it's the same pixel pitch as the 27" 1440p I used before it. For me those pixels are big enough and there would be no point going above 100% scaling. This is also why I think 4K at 27" is useless. For 4K you need at least 32" to have any hope of...
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    Every Monitor Sucks

    Me too, I loved my Dell UP3216Q before my exterior window got blown in by a wind storm and smashed it. But since then I can't justify shelling out $1200 for the same thing when the low refresh rate and pixel density wasn't ever that great. The Alienware 34 ultrawide is really a good compromise...
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    Every Monitor Sucks

    I just want 32" 8K Gsync at 120hz. Will be slumming it on my Alienware ultrawide until that comes out.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    cool but pleasse put a grille on that noctua!
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    Destiny 2

    wait you can get one-shotted now? I haven't played the game for a year. I remember it being like everyone is a bullet sponge.
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    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch Remake)

    Links Awakening is one of my favorite games of all time, but my backlog is still too large to feel any rush to go out and re-buy it.
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    4x16gb or 8x8gb for Threadripper

    I'm thinking of upgrading my Threadripper 2950X machine to 64gb as I'm constantly getting near full usage with 32gb. Does 8 versus 4 dimms matter anymore? I would like to run at least 3333mhz C16 since that's what I have now. Any kit recommendations would also be appreciated! I don't mind LEDs...
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    Is there a way to fix monitor screen?

    what monitor is it? unfortunately panel replacement is not easy to do yourself and probably not worth it either. you might be better off just buying a new monitor. My 32" 4k Dell display got smashed when my window got blown in by strong winds. That was a $1300 lesson in home maintenance, but...
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    Iptorrent Invites

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    HP Smart Socket Removal?

    yeah from your photo it looks like it's just clipped to the heatspreader. just carefully pry the tabs up and i'm guessing it pops up. i doubt they glued it, that would be a stupid socket.
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    Razer blade laptops up to $900 bucks off at microsoft store

    just be sure to pony up for the microsoft store extended warranty. we deployed 4 of these as development workstations and two of them failed (one failed a day before the manufacturer warranty, the other 2 months after). they're precision engineered to only last one year. the microsoft warranty...
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    Warm? 1920x $260 @ Amazon

    X399 is a much better platform, that's a decent price but like OP mentioned the 2920x at $300 is probably the best deal.
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    So I've downloaded a new prime 95

    Did you try with 8 threads? The amount of queuing going on with SMT might have actually bottlenecked the chip down to the point where it wasn't able to hit as high of a power load.
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    is there a way to optimise pc graphics to be like ps4?

    probably not, most USB external drives are slow and optimized for backups. you should really be looking at a SSD for modern games. you can get a 1TB ssd for less than $100 now so it's not a huge expense.
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    is there a way to optimise pc graphics to be like ps4?

    Probably because your storage is so slow that it can't stream in elements fast enough. That WD green hard drive is no good as a primary.
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    AMD gains in discrete, overtakes Nvidia overall GPU Shipments....

    fwiw my husband and i went to microcenter a few times over a couple of weeks while he was building his computers. the RX 5700 stuff was flying off the shelves, but there were tons of nvidia cards. he ended up getting a 5700XT off Amazon because you couldn't buy it locally. for 2K gaming it's a...
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    So I've downloaded a new prime 95

    Prime95 uses AVX which stresses your CPU like nothing else. Your OC was not stable. Xeon chips have different turbo offsets for when AVX instruction sets are used (they run slower to reduce power usage). As far as I know, the consumer chips don't offer this. Best bet would be to back off your...
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    Broke AM4 Socket Cover

    time for a new motherboard
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    Those with Fiber what is your speed tier and what is the fastest you downloaded from steam?

    I have 250/250 fiber and 10G LAN, get about 47MB down on Steam.
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    3900x available on Newegg

    how exactly is threadripper dog shit? i have a threadripper it's great, how dare you, TRIGGERED
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    3900x available on Newegg

    thanks i got 4. shucked them and found a WD Red NAS drive inside!
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    WTT EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 for Radeon VII

    Basically the title. I'm using this card in a Linux box and it's great, but I'd much prefer AMD graphics because their Linux support is better. Please PM me if you're interested in doing a trade.
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    stuck in delta lab in Doom 3

    Hardforum: Resurrection of Evil
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    seller and i have resolved this
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    Micro Center CPU price reductions 2920X $299, 1950X $329, etc.

    Picked up a 2950X to replace my fried 1920X. You can't beat these prices, even with Threadripper 3 on the horizon. The X399 platform is just so much nicer than the mainstream stuff.
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    FS - Firesale from closing up shop

    Interested in the PCIe SSD, I'm going to do some research to see if I can use as a secondary boot drive.
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    AMD does it again.

    still faster than an X1950 XTX PE. I'd count that as a win.
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    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    Threadripper 2950x, 4x8gb Corsair Vengeance RGB at 3333 CAS 16 The kit is rated for 3466 CAS 16 (verified working on Intel) but this MSI X399 board hates running above 3333 (same issue with my previous 1920x). Oh well, good enough.
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    A little threadripper help

    I had the same issue, Enermax TR4 360 and its performance steadily dropped over a year of ownership. I ended up pulling it after reading about the corrosion issues. I replaced it with a Corsair H150i Pro, which is not natively a TR4 cooler - Corsair sells an aftermarket TR4 mounting bracket...
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    Deadripper - is this even possible? (bad X399 board fries CPUs)

    Yea I agree, I'm not going to fight Gigabyte on it, just send it back to Amazon and hope the replacement doesn't fry CPUs. Still a weird situation. The silver lining is me going from a 1920X to 2950X with my spouse having no room to complain about spending money since he fried my chip, so I'm...
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    Deadripper - is this even possible? (bad X399 board fries CPUs)

    My husband was setting up his new X399 computer (Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme) and it wouldn't POST. After trying pretty much all the components in other computers we narrowed the problem down to either the CPU or the motherboard. I already had a working Threadripper build so I swapped my CPU out...
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    Can a burn out USB cable kill the front USB circuitry of the case?

    there's a short in the cable or possibly (less likely) the camera. i've had cables go bad but never that dramatically. the cable could have gone bad if the client had been abusive to it (bending it extremely or pulling it hard to try to untangle) given that the cable came apart i'd guess this...
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    Router advice on 10G LAN + fiber Internet w/ static IP

    That's a pretty cool setup you have going. I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on the Ubiquiti USG and Unifi 16 XG switch, just debating whether to buy one of those Cloud Key devices or run the management software on one of my VM machines.
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    Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ Pricing is Insane!

    "HDCP Supported: No" Is that a mistake?