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    Modding Tools

    for a big large open window i would say jig saw with some hand files to de-bur edges thats my 2 cents
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    Just bought myself one of these babies

    Panasonic Cordless all the way but then i need that for work so yeah its not worth a cheap home handyman drill for a worksite lol nice drill though take care of it and it will take care of u
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    functional blowhole writeup (many PICS)

    speaking as a sparky i would agree with dewalt milwaukee is ok but i must say if i had the choice i would stay with my own cordless i bought 15.6 v panasonic 3.5 A hour but my second choice if i had one would be dewalt sure they are expensive but with life time waranty i have on my pano its well...
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    Lego case

    TSx here is something i learnt with lego although totally off subject there was a project to bulid a bridge from lego use as lil blocks as possible ie cheapest and yet hold the weight required a group discovered that the strongest was not to put block on block on block and run a car across the...
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    stealthing of soho 1080

    thanks for the reply i noticed that withe the clips on the side thats why i posted hoping that some one may have conqured the problem but seems that we are doomed not to be able to :( i guess ill kist have to keep on with the door but hmmm who knows
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    stealthing of soho 1080

    hey there guys if anyone has stealthed the drives of a antec soho 1080 case before can u give me a hint how to (ie pictures etc) i wanna do it but dont wanna stuff it up thanks dudes
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    Good deal on Dremel kit / opinions?

    yeah it would be a preety good kit to buy seems to have quite a few cutting discs a few sanding drums etc so yeah preety good mmmm flex shaft i want one of them hehehe but yeah to me preety good but yeah might need a few grinding bits i couldnt see if any where there i saw the polishers but yeah
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    Ideas for LCD mod

    i cant remember what it is called + we might have something different here in oz but look for a plastic bonding glue most places that seel acrylic should have it i know our hardwear stores have it but im not sure there
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    Ideas for LCD mod

    there is basically 2 ways that u can bond it together the cheap way and the expensive way the expensive way would be to design it and get a person who works with acrylic to plastic weld it together the cheap way would be to by a special type of glue that upon puttin on plastic melts causing the...
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    ok i have just made my 16 character 2 line lcd display it is currently running and seems to work all good however i have encountered 1 problem which is when i want to see my case temp/cpu temp it displays it as 0 i am currently using a program called LCD SMARTIE version 5.1 i am wondering...