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    overclock Phenom II 940

    Unless the OP is running a 64bit OS, 6gb is even more pointless.:D
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    upgrade problem :(

    Did you reset all to default after updating the bios? Could be your new Deneb doesn't like the old Agena settings. The board doesn't happen to have ACC does it? If so, make sure it's disabled.......Deneb doesn't play well with ACC.:D
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    AMD to release 3.5GHz 990 by the end of the year.

    Second that. A pair of 4870x2s is gonna blow your doo back.:D
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    For a gaming rig, Phenom II 920 worth it over a q6600

    Second that. Keep your current setup, unless you have the need for a quad. The majority of games don't use multiple cores.:D
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    AMD 940 Overclock Help

    Your bus instability is probably due to the ram being pushed too high. What ram are you using? Drop the ram divisor to 800 and try pushing the bus up, but keep the vdimm at the 1066 setting.:D
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    Socket A Boards - still in service?

    Still have an Asus/XP2400+ running (the old woman's machine........she doesn't know the difference:p). I've got an XP1600+ hiding somewhere in my junkpile.
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    My Phenom II benchmarks

    When did this degenerate into an i7 Über Alles thread? The sign on the door said 'My Phenom II benchmarks'. :rolleyes:
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    9950 BE 125W heating issue

    There you go!:D
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    Any OEMs using AM3 boards yet?

    AM3 boards have just been announced by a couple of manufacturers.......doubtful that any OEMs have them as yet. You should start seeing them in a couple of months when the CPUs start rolling out.:D
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    9950 BE 125W heating issue

    New paste.........make sure your temp sensing prog is reading correctly........check your voltages (vcore, etc). Your temps should be < 35º idle with the stock cooler at default settings. I just built a gaming box for a client using a Giga MA790GX, 9850BE, Zerotherm Zen cooler with a small...
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    Phenom II and ddr3?

    The first DDR3 board announced..... http://
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    Got a phenom II 945...Which mobo

    Understood. I have two SB750 boards with bios' updated for AM2+/AM3 CPUs. I was refering to new boards which support DDR3.....:D
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    Phenom II 920 / 940 for sale @ NCIX

    I've got one on order from Bottom Line Telecommunications......$296(US) shipped. If you wait a bit after the initial feeding frenzy they'll drop in price. Me....I can't wait! :D
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    Got a phenom II 945...Which mobo

    AM3s aren't going to be seen in wild for a couple of months, at least. The board manufacturers haven't announced any AM3 boards and until they do, AMD isn't going to be in any hurry to activate the DDR3 portion of the IMC.......somebody's BSing!:D
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    More Phenom II benches

    Actually, SoF over at XS is running a Phen II @ ~4ghz/air cooled on a Foxconn without enabling ACC. There seems to be much less of an advantage using ACC on the upcoming II than there was with the original Phenom. Time will tell, however.:D
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    Phenom 940 vs Core i7 Benchies!

    I seriously doubt that Intel users drank the Obama Kool Aid......
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    What are some of the features of the Phenom II?

    Here's an article on the transistor design improvements made to 45nm.........a bit technical in spots, but a good read. It tends to explain why AMD hasn't jumped on the HK/MG horse yet!:D
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    What is Deneb supposed to be comparable to?

    LOL..If you're selling blood for comp parts, you'd be drained dry putting an i7 box together:D!
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    AMD and the future of socket AM2+

    I suppose this means that Intel will break from the tradition of using names from the Northwest..........after Nehalem we have*ta da* SUSANOO! Choke your chicken, Intel.:D
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    Holy Crap!! Phenom II 6 GHz+ OVERCLOCK

    I'm planning just that......on one of the three SB750 boards I've got sitting here!:D
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    Holy Crap!! Phenom II 6 GHz+ OVERCLOCK

    No, these runs are usless other than to point out the advances in AMD's design process.......which is exactly what the demo was intended to do. Agena, with all its warts, could only strain to ~4ghz on gas. Deneb gets to 6+ghz. 2+ghz more headroom= a whole lot more rockin' and rollin'!:D...
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    Holy Crap!! Phenom II 6 GHz+ OVERCLOCK

    Barcelona.......4ghz on cold sh*t..:rolleyes: Deneb.........6ghz on cold sh*t...:eek: AMD's transistor improvement is showing up big-time!
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    Dragon vs Spider

    Found this comparo between the current 'Spider' platform and the upcoming 'Dragon''re welcome!:D
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    where is [H] Phenom 2 review ?
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    Phenom 2 Launch Plans.

    Ya..HondaGuy has been rubbing everybodys nose in that OC over at XS. 3.25 stable is the best i've gotten on 2 Barcy BEs.:mad: Ran the 9950 @ 3.5, but it wasn't real happy about it.:D
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    Phenom 2 Launch Plans.

    Here's the whole ball 'o wax posting from XS..... This might answer some of the questions being raised.
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    Argument - Am I right?

    LOL........his last job was probably at Best Buy!:D
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    Early Shanghai benchies........

    Didn't want to state..........the chip is still under NDA.:D
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    Early Shanghai benchies........

    Found these on an 'un-named' site......big pickup in MySQL and power consumption reduction.....looks like AMD has a winner in the server sector. AMD Opteron 2384: 2.7 GHz AMD Opteron 2356: 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon X5470: 3.33 GHz Intel Xeon L5430: 2.66 GHz For clock/clock comparisons: Opty...
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    AMD's answer to the i7? I think you're wading in your own FUD!:D
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    Shanghai Benchies

    Thanks! Didn't check it before posting.:D
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    AMD's answer to the i7?

    Absolutely right on! You only need to look at current economic conditions to realize a chip swap and bios upgrade is looking really good to the business sector.:D
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    Shanghai Benchies

    LOL. These are server power benchies.......nothing to see here......move along!:D AMD's rebuttal to the original INQ post: http://
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    AMD's answer to the i7?

    Might be a bit premature to make assertions about speeds since nobody has benched a 45mn Phenom. Your probably right-on with the FX assesment........high-k and additional tweaks to the core, Q3-Q4 2009 would push the clocks to point that a high-clocked FX would be doable. 32mn probably the end...
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    Phenom X4 - Personal experiences

    Both the Phenoms in my sig are rock solid (Prime blend) at those volts and speeds. Thay do, however, run hot. You'll need better cooling than stock if you want to push these things.:D
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    Shanghai opty already on sale!!!

    You might want to check this thread...... Opty ~mid-November........hoping for an early December Deneb!:D
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    New build opinions?

    Ya........looks like it might be a crapshoot on which H/S you get.............guess I got lucky!:D On the other hand, OP is interested in a BE chip. I'd be very inclined to think it will come with a heatpipe. That being said, if OP trys O/Cing much, even the heatpipe cooler isn't going to...
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    New build opinions?

    Don't think so........every AMD I've bought since the Opty 165 has had a copper heatpipe cooler.......that's 1 Opty, 2 5000be's, 1 9850BE, 1 9950BE. The heatsink is made by AVC and has been the AMD reference cooler for several years.:D
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    Deneb 2,2 GHz --> 4,0 GHz

    Man, this thread is tracking about as well as a wino in a bowl of jello. Move along Trolls........nothing to see here!:p
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    Phenom 9950 BE 125w

    Ya.......I ran a 9850BE in an Abit AX78 until I bought a Gigabarf 790GX. It ran fine at 2.8ghz, but I could clock it up to 3.25 in the Giga. Just don't expect much as far as O/Cing goes. You will probably need to check Asus' support site for bios updates.:D