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    OLED 4K TV with 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 spotted, what about burn-in?

    That's gorgeous... Do you use it for work at all? I'd love one of these for programming and fun.
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    Mini PCI-E wireless NIC antennas I bought these (not the exact ones, but close enough), work great. edit (buy it now)...
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    Thin mini-itx

    Awesome! Thanks for that, may just have to give in and grab the DH61AG.
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    Thin mini-itx

    Hey all, Anyone seen any manufacturers display thin mini-itx boards? Hoping to grab one with a z68 chipset and have a little custom case building fun. Anyways, if anyone sees a manufacturer announce one, please post it here. Thanks! George
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    Dell Mini 5

    My big hands and big pockets are excited.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    (1/3000) * 2200 = almost a dollar count me in
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    AMD Says PhysX Will Die

    "As we have emphasised with our support for OpenCL and DX11, closed and proprietary standards will die." Ummm.
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    Crysis Single Player Demo

    I don't have XP, I dual boot Ubuntu and Vista, and use Ubuntu for everything but the occasional gaming session. I know for enthusiasts 2gb is the min, and I know my rig is a bit out of date, but Ive been holding off on getting another gig of ddr for when I move up to a rig capable of ddr2...
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    Crysis Single Player Demo

    Anyone else have the unfortunate experience of playing on a machine with 1gb of ram with vista? For your sakes I hope not, because before turning down my settings to low I actually waited half an hour (literally) for swapping. Even after turning textures to low and everything else to medium...
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    Ferrari F430 PC

    Wow thats wild, I was just planning on doing almost the exact same thing last night. My project will be slightly different, but its great to see you tearing that Ferrari apart. George
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    Monitor mod (lots of pics)

    nice mod, nice OS to match
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    UT3 Resolution Vista

    Anyone else having troubles with resolution in Vista? When I try to put it above the default 640x480 it takes a while, shows a screen for half a second then reverts back. Im running a 8800gts on Vista 64 with 163.69. Thanks, George EDIT: Fixed, for some reason it was taking so long to load...
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    car stereo in computer?

    I run my Sonic impact off of my 12v line, with no filtering capacitor. When I was using a 7300gt there was virtually no noise. Now that I have an 8800gts, my Seasonic 430 gets pushed a bit more so there is some noise, however Im inclined to believe its from the onboard sound more than the...
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    Heres the reply I got from VIA. The mass production is expected to be in April. I replied asking if I they would be available to consumers any time between May and July, and am awaiting a response.
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    I really want to see this soon. I just want to start my portable DIY project. If anyone finds a release date or even a hint I would love to know.
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    The Decomatic HTPC

    Beautiful work slipperyskip. F*** the Man.
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    Optimized RAM

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    Sync Multiple Computers

    Ive been using winamp + Shoutcast for a while. It works if you are fine, except to change the music you would need to access the server with remote desktop or something.
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    Most violent or funniest thing done after not...

    Most extreme thing Ive done when I was mad was give my friend's chiwawa brain damage... He was holding him and being a bitch in Soul Calibur with that lizard fuck and I took a shot at him and he moved a little and I clocked the chiwawa in the head really hard. He always shook and walked a...
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    Valve Software's Source Engine Multi-Threaded Preview

    10% at best I say. Kudos to Valve for looking out for us hardware geeks.
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    EMU 1616M

    Any idea if they are able to decode/play DD and DTS?
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    List of DX10 Game Titles

    There are gameplay trailers and they look pretty solid, but the cinematic trailers are just that: cinematics.
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    Cablecards and PVR

    Whoa, when did this happen??? Last I heard OCUR was going to allow cablecard pvr for anyone who wanted it... Did something change in the last few months?
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    Minimum HTPC specs for HD (h.264, wmv) playback?

    I have 3000+ @ 3500 speeds and a 7300gt and dont experience any problems. You wont be able to run apple HD with single core though unless you rename hdmov or mpeg so it will use directshow so that your vid card can help with the decoding.
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    A CPU cannot match a PPU or GPU for physics!

    I apologize if my earlier post implied that EE's are less intelligent than CS folk. I dont think either is smarter at all. I was just saying that generally we hardware enthusiasts are relatively ignorant about the programming that makes all the hardware go. Just as people who focus much more...
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    A CPU cannot match a PPU or GPU for physics!

    I vote we hire someone who actually does the programming to straighten all this out. The argument here is by a bunch of hardware enthusiasts. Its basically pointless without the people who are actually making the games and know the real bottlnecks. Im afraid I have no faith in the claims...
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    41 Days left in EVGA 7900GT stepup... anything worthwhile to upgrade to?

    Im in a similar boat, I bought a 7300gt to tide me over hoping G80 would be out by october, but I still have about 60 days left, so keeping my fingers crossed.
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    225W & 300W Graphics Spec

    Im afraid I disagree. I think its simply both ATI and nVidia having to build a faster video card thats faster in both DX9 and DX10 compatable. Thus the need for a huge amount of transistors. Also having to do a serious revamp of all their previous technology could easily result in far less...
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    winamp, foobar, WMP. What do you use to listen to music

    suprised with how many people using foobar. might have to try it out, although I just figured out how to stream my own music online with winamp and shoutcast, is there a simple alternative with foobar?
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    G80 Specs!

    Noone knows, G80 hasnt been released yet.
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    Vista drivers

    Games being slow could also be due to WGF 2.0 being premature. Yes the drivers have a long way to go, however. When I tried installing the most recent nVidia drivers for Vista RC1 on a 7300gt a week or two ago it wouldnt even install.
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    Project Modu-Li

    True example of how modding a case isnt a one time deal, its an ongoing process. ;)
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    Weird High Idle Conundrum: e6400 & Big Typhoon

    51 degrees load != hot.
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    How Is This For A Budget HTPC Setup?

    I would recommend a 256mb 7300gt passivly cooled. You can find them for pretty cheap, they run very cool, and they should be around 6600gt performance level (better than the 6600 you have there).
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    Will an upgrade from my SBLive5.1 card to an X-Fi XtremeMusic be worth it?

    I doubt you will notice a difference with logitech speakers.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Fostex FE127E = Fostex driver ;) MLTL = not sealed ;)
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    Scaling Resolution

    I dont mind playing games at non-native at all, but some people around here do, so it depends on the person, and a bit on the panel as well.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    4.5", and yes they are fullranges