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    Weird issue with mobo and Radeon 5770

    Hey guys, I just finished building a brand new system with: -Antec CP-850 power supply -Asus P7P55D Motherboard -Intel Core i5-750 -Cooler Master Hyper 212 -Sapphire Radeon 5770 Vapor-X I plugged everything in but my computer won't start. There is only a click and the fans won't power...
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    Antec p183 Optional Fan Placement

    Hey I bought one extra fan for my p183 but I also have a cooler master Hyper 212 cooler which allows for an extra fan on the CPU cooler. Should I put the extra fan in the front of the case or on the heatsink? Which provides better cooling?
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    Phenom II X4 or Core i5 for Cubase/audio engineering

    I do a lot of audio engineering, and I'm wondering which new CPU has the best value for Cubase or Pro Tools. Any opinions?
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    Windows 7 Reformatting question

    Sorry, I can see why there is confusion, let me clarify. I want to keep all my music, videos, documents, and large ISO files, etc. These files take up 500+ gigs, and I don't have an external HD that big to back EVERYTHING up. However, on the same partition I have programs installed that I want...
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    Windows 7 Reformatting question

    This may be a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway. I'm installing Windows 7, and I want to start completely "fresh". I have a 20 gig Vista partition now, and 2 other partitions with 500+ gigs of files, including programs and games, etc. If I wipe the Vista partition, install Windows 7, and...
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    alternatives to a 2408wfp...

    It's really annoying, but there really isn't anything that comparable around $400. 99% of panels now are TN panels. If you're the least bit discerning, you'll notice a difference. On a TN, the colour and contrast changes if you lean back in your chair or move a bit. Look on craigslist for Dell...
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    Disabling LEDs on LED Case Fans

    There are a bunch of cases I'm interested in, such as the Cooler Master RC-690, but I hate LEDs (to me its like the tech equivalent of 'bling'). Is there a way of disabling the LED on the fan, or can you replace the fan with a non-LED one?
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    Cases with washable dust filters

    Hey guys, I'm really looking to combat dust in my next build. Ideally, every air intake would have a filter so I would just have to wash the filters every once in a while and not worry about dust at all. Please try to suggest cases under $200 please, but any mention is good. Thanks.
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    Thermaltake Level 10 Unboxed at Maximum PC

    Argh, I hate it when a company brings out something so glorious and then announces a ludicrous price tag: $700. Can't they use cheaper materials, keep the same design and price it lower?
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    Higher wattage = higher power usage?

    Well I'm not going to neuter my system in order to make it use less energy. Going green means more efficiency and less waste, not less performance.
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    Higher wattage = higher power usage?

    Thanks guys, I guess I won't skimp on the wattage. I'll get a 650 to 750 watt PSU for my Core i7 and Radeon 5870 build.
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    Higher wattage = higher power usage?

    I'm trying to 'go green' with my next PC build, and I've calculated that I'll be using less than 500 watts in my build. However, I'd rather buy a higher wattage power supply to be safe. My question: Does buying a higher wattage power supply mean that you are using more power, or can it just...
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    32nm when?

    Can someone simplify this for me? I'm going to be buying a new mobo, CPU, and RAM soon and I want to jump on things at the most effective time. 32nm is no doubt the future, but will this require a new motherboard? I don't want the motherboard to be obsolete in less than a year's time. I was...
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    Case optimized for cleanliness

    Mid-tower, and are cases with dust filters common?
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    Case optimized for cleanliness

    Which PC Case is the cleanest in terms of dust. Perhaps a case that pushes dust towards a dust filter of some sort. Would prefer if the case didn't look like an LED alien-thing too.
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    Is triple channel RAM the future?

    DDR3 is cheap, but I'm talking about needing triple channel over dual channel (3x2 gig rather that 2x2 gig)
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    Futureproofing: 1156 or 1366?

    I'm looking to buy a new mobo, but Intel has 2 new boards. Right now, 1366 is overkill, but will this be the new standard? If I buy 1156, will I have to upgrade my mobo in a year's time? I've noticed that the LGA1366 is designed for triple channel RAM. I've noticed people saying this is...
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    Is triple channel RAM the future?

    I've noticed that the LGA1366 is designed for triple channel RAM. I've noticed people saying this is overkill NOW, but looking into the future, is this going to be the new standard, or will the 1156 boards stay for a while with Dual Channel RAM?
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    How good is a Dell 2007FP?

    I had one for a while. It's really great for standard (not widescreen) screen. There's a panel lottery, but I think both are good. It's not like other 20 inch monitors where if you lean back or look a little from the side, the color distorts. The backlight was amazingly uniform too, maybe I was...
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    Different qualities of 2408wfp?

    I have the same pink hue problem. I posted it here: A question for you: did you have to give the order number to get the replacement?
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    Overheating issue

    I got a 500W Ultra power supply, and it's worked fine for a while. I have a 30 dollar heatsink attached to it (I think it's Masscool). I have an Ultra mid-tower case with a round hole in the side because I took off the "Ultra" logo, so I think that's fine. Do you think it's the power supply or...
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    Weird pink tint along bottom and left side of screen

    I have a rev A01 2408WFP and I've noticed a pink tint on white and grey backgrounds near the bottom and more prominent on the left side of the screen and along the right side as well. It's very obvious and distracting and I'm thinking it might be a defect. I'm using the connection through DVI...
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    Overheating issue

    Hey guys, I've run into a problem where whenever I play games, about 10 to 20 minutes in the monitor goes into power save and the computer crashes (but doesn't turn off). I've been able to correct this problem by underclocking both my graphics card and cpu and by blasting the graphics card fan...
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    Here's a way to fix oversaturation on monitors with nVidia cards

    @SH1: In earlier drivers, "off" was "0", now it's "50%" meaning that you can actually lower the monitors native vibrance to make native oversaturation look better.
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    Here's a way to fix oversaturation on monitors with nVidia cards

    I have a 2408wfp and it came with pretty oversaturated colours that I couldn't fix on the monitors OSD. I have an nVidia card and if you install the latest drivers, you can go into the control panel and adjust the "digital vibrance". On the 2408wfp, I turned it down to 43% and now I get more...
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    Dell 2408WFP A01 Input lag and "noticeability"

    So I pulled the trigger on the Dell 2408wfp and I don't notice input lag at all. Seriously people, you should only be worried about 40ms input lag if you are playing hair trigger online FPS games. However, I have one huge gripe about the monitor, and that is that there's a pink hue at the...
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    Dell 2408WFP A01 Input lag and "noticeability"

    Hey, I recently found a deal on a 2408WFP A01 for $450 CDN. I was going to buy a Benq TN but I'm reconsidering. However, I've been reading about input lag but I'm not sure how it will affect me. I've read it has 33 - 40ms input lag. A few things: -I am not a "hardcore" gamer that needs...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    So Dell makes an awesome monitor and then stops selling it? WTF I can't find this thing anywhere!
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    I had a problem where some yellow tape slipped into the display of the monitor of my 2007FP. I took the whole thing apart and removed the yellow tape myself, right from the panel. The problem was fixed but a piece of lint flew onto the panel while I was fixing it and you could see it in the...
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    Dell 2407wfp worthy?

    From what I've heard, yeah. Apparently it looks better than the 2405FPW and doesn't have as bad input lag like the 2408WFP. I've also heard rev. 04 is the best version.
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    Relatively futureproof motherboard for a decent price?

    AMD has gone from socket 939 to AM2 to AM2+ to AM3 while Intel was at socket 775 for the longest time. I'm always worried that AMD will outdate their motherboards soon. Intel seems more reliable for futureproofing. Does anyone have an indication that AMD will be sticking with AM3 for a while?
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    Relatively futureproof motherboard for a decent price?

    I need to buy a new motherboard soon, and I want to make sure it's as futureproof as possible. My mobo now is a socket 939 with DDR1 RAM, and these components became "un-upgradeable" in less than a year due to ddr2 ram and good processors requiring the AM2 socket. I want to avoid this situation...
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    TN Panels with uniformly bright screen? PVA with little input lag?

    Hi, I've looked all over this board and I generally get the consensus that TN panels are terrible for color reproduction and angles, and that the few PVA panels out there have terrible input lag. I'm looking for a 22-24 inch monitor that has three things: -A screen that is uniformly...