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    My love for WoW has been rekindled

    Give it about a month or so. WoW actually gets worse as you progress.
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    Battlefront 2

    some people on my floor are obsessed with it. i'd play it, but i don't see what's so good about it. looks kind of unpolished and too easy to play. just another standard console shooter.
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    what games made you buy a console?

    nes - super mario brothers snes - super mario world sega - sonic 2 playstation - jurassic park game n64 - mario 64 gamecube - metroid prime
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    Abit NF7-S front USB ports & USB 2.0

    I had to recently downgrade from XP to 2000 and in the process, my front USB ports stopped working. I reinstalled the chipset drivers for the Abit mobo, but I never had an option to install the USB 2.0 drivers. I guess my question is how do I get these front USB ports working? Or, more...
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    Is TeamFortress2 dead or what ?

    Team Fortress 2 has been in production for about 7 years now. Don't expect it any time soon.
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    Bored with games today, am I too old for this hobby ?

    I feel the same way as you do, and played pretty much the same games you did. I know, it sucks, but you have to try and find some enjoyment out of it. Or you can quit. Half Life 2 just completely floored me. The environments, the physics, the immersion; truly a spectacular and refreshing...
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Level 37 Undead Rogue, Archimonde
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    Not OC'd, but in the 60's IDLE

    i left it on for like, 10 minutes, and it got a little warm. I think the temperature sensor is borked, it has to be or my heatsink would be too hot to touch.
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    Not OC'd, but in the 60's IDLE

    I just built this new computer with a KT600-A mobo and a sempron @ 1.83 mhz w/ 333 mhz FSB with a heatsink I pulled off another socket A proc. I used some arctic silver 5. I look and see that it is running at 60 C IDLE. This is absolutely insane. I touch the heatsink, and the thing isn't even...
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    Keyboard Problem / Scandisk

    When I start my friends computer, scan disk begins to run because he doesn't know how to use a computer properly. Anyway, when scan disk gets to about 80%, it gets an error telling me that something was corrupted and to run scan disk in Windows. When I go to press enter to get passed the...
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    fedex just came, pc parts arrived (pics)

    Yeah. I just finished building 2 PC's for some people and I made around $100 bucks for both of em. Not a bad deal for two days worth of work.
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    Monitor won't display

    I've tried turning it on w/o a stick of ram in it, and I shoulda gotten beeps. Instead I got a really short beep. I looked it up and it basically says I fucked up my motherboard somehow. Oh well, good thing newegg has a good RMA policy
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    What holds video back???

    We still haven't used the 8x AGP slot to its full potential...
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    Monitor won't display

    Yeah, I did that. Still no signal. Hopefully replacing it will do the trick. If not, I'll be fucking pissed.
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    Monitor won't display

    I think i may have shorted the mobo so im replacing it.
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    Monitor won't display

    Yeah, so i've been building this new computer, what a fucking wreck this shit is. I have a barton 2500+ and a Biostar M7NCG 400 Mobo and a 512 stick of kingstom pc 2700 ram. Well, after solving a grounding issue, now I can't get my monitor to display any picture at all. The board has an...
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    Torn over FFXI... Is it worth it?

    There are a few good MMORPG's comming out. One of the better ones is called darkfall. They are about to accept beta applications in a few weeks. It is entirely skill based and it's like old UO. You can be attacked at anytime by other players. This game isn't for the carebears..
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    Can anyone confirm this UT2K4 demo bug?

    Less packet loss.
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    HELP! re: Wires...

    well, if you can't find where you put the switches, just guess and check. All you really need is the power switch. plug it in, push the power button, move down a row. Rinse and repeat until you power on your comp.
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    What game takes up most of your day?

    Baldur's Gate Desert Combat ... people still play TFC? I quit after 1.5, lol.
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    Serious system help! I think I isolated the problem..

    That is definatly a ram problem. When you start getting address errors with syntax like 0x000000 or something, those are memory addresses, (0x000000 is NULL).
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    llamas are like people that TK and talk shit and the admin gets all pissy and llama's them. i've never heard of llamma until like last year, but basically it's like muting the player.
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    Just watched the 500mb HL2 video from fileplanet

    Welcome to last year ;). Yeah, it's a truly amazing and flexible engine, I can't wait to get my hands on the actual API :).
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    release date for Doom III?

    Or a deus ex 2.
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    SATA HD + Neverwinter Nights = Very choppy gameplay?

    Slow seek times probably.
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    release date for Doom III?

    You have no idea what forever means. Try waiting for Shadowbane back in 1999. Now that took forever.
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    Counter Strike Wavs?

    Can't you open the .gcf files with winrar?
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    Technical help- BGII- SOA

    Usually when your group gets smoked, you reload and try another tactic.
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    Metroid Prime percentages and music

    I had a tougher time with Thardus. I beat the Omega Pirate my first attempt; it was quite easy. Just use your plasma gun to take care of his armor and when he is regenerating, take him out with super missles.
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    Counter Strike Wavs?

    They should be in the CS directory somewhere.
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    Prince Of Persia SOT, How do i get the dagger

    No. I thought the same thing, but all you have to do is press A at the right time.
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    Im going to die for this

    Low Ping Bastard. God damnit I hated LPB's with cable modems when I played TFC back in '99.
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    Two years ago Fennin Ro. I was a 58 half elf rogue. Was in one of the top 3 guilds on the server. That was great.
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    So I redownloaded CS 1.6 Today

    Lol, i went back to CS after quitting at beta 7, and I gotta say, it fuckin sucks.
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    Im going to die for this

    Quake 3 came out right when Half-life and Ultima Online were getting on their feet. I played half life DM, TFC, Counter-Strike, and Ultima Online for about 4 years and never touched a game of Quake. I probably never will.
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    Doom 3 Delayed Yet Again - @ Ebgames

    Yeah, because you know how much ID just HATES to make money. They'll just keep delaying it until 2007 and the graphics will then be obsolete and the game will suck. :rolleyes:
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    Who is still using their Ti4x00 series nVidia card? When do you plan to upgrade?

    I highly doubt the first gen PCI-E slot cards will be twice as fast as we have now.
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    Who is still using their Ti4x00 series nVidia card? When do you plan to upgrade?

    Ditto. How much you think a 9800 PRO will cost when the new next-gen cards come out?