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    Quebec judge authorizes class-action lawsuit over 'addictive' Fortnite game

    The problemn is that as a society we no longer vie humans as being capable and hold ourselves accouantable for our own actions. We now always look for Big Brother to baby sit us,
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    Expired certificate causing Firefox to disable all extensions

    Downloaded Firefox update today and everything is back now.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I'm trying to get a game of CIV done before the expansion drops. Then will be playing that.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Won't Be an Epic Games Store Exclusive

    I would think That CD would patch the game on GOG if they patch it anywhere.
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    Yes, yes I am.
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    Old fart that wrote his own games to have projects for programming.
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    I thought it was alright. Had a Star Trek feel to it. I just wish it would go back to adventure. Solving the impossible situation type stuff. The personal story stuff doesn't really interest me in a Star Trek type of show. That Kelly was kind of neat with her bubbly personality. Kind of...
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    Can You Detect When Ray Tracing Is Turned On?

    Yes! Well maybe the opposite. I can tell when it isn't on. NEVER! At least on my machine.
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    Elmnator Overclocks Intel Core i9-9900K to 5.44GHz with Custom Copper Loop

    Now I'm wondering how steel tubing would work with copper. Not an electrician but a former mechanic with lots of experience in hydraulics. My case has kind of an industrial look to it and a steel tube water loop would finish that off nicely. I'm not seeing anything on the web yet. Parker...
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    California Lawmaker Wants to Move toward E-receipts

    California needs to pass a law banning legislators.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 417.58 Has Been Released

    I click down load then go to bed.
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    I have CM Stacker and HAF. Great for cooling with all the air flow and the Stacker doubles as a mini storage. (not really but it holds more than what I would care to put in it.) I see thermal reviews on Gamer's Nexus and my HAF is still just about the best. Stacker holds even more fans but is...
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    Bitcoin Shoots Up to Over $3400

    Dang! Should have bought my 2080 TI yesterday! (Seriously, not serious.)
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    California Considers Plan to Tax Text Messages

    If they drive out enough people maybe it will be safe to return home someday. I mean, in theory, at some point they should have to revise the laws to ATTRACT people and business.
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    California Considers Plan to Tax Text Messages

    California is on two tectonic plates. Noth American and Pacific. The Pacific plate is sliding northward. LA and some of the coast are on this plate. It won't actually "fall" of into the ocean but LA is moving in that direction. It supposedly will eventually wind up off the coast of Seattle...
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    California Considers Plan to Tax Text Messages

    I love it! Drive everybody home so I can return. Go Cali!
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    EU Will Start Using AI Lie Detectors at Border Crossing Points

    I have a feeling that they could save us both time and skip the AI. Just hand me off to the human agent.
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Is Getting Review Bombed on Steam Because It's on Sale

    I bought the game when it came out. No regrets. I loved it. In my mind, it is one of the few games worth it's asking price.
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    I'll have to see what it can do before even considering it. Easy for me because I'm already on a 1080 ti. I don't need it but if they come out and kick ass I'll want one.
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    Gamers Nexus Calls Out Tom’s Hardware for Their “Just Buy It” RTX 2080 Article

    Writer write an article about why not to buy RTX. Tom's Hardware hears from nVidia. Tom's editor writes an over the top tongue in cheek article encouraging people to just buy it. Maybe Tom's Hardware has more to lose than a gaming rig like that Indian guy.
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    Air Force to Fly F-15s, F-22s and F-35s Controlling Attack Drones From the Air

    We have barely reached space and we are already upgrading to fighter beys. Heck yeah!
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    Fallout 76 Won’t Launch on Steam

    Once you can bring yourself to down load one service, it really doesn't matter after that. I had to install Steam to play CIV V. I bout the disc but, once I installed it, it down loaded and installed steam with the game anyway. The world didn't end. Yet! Now I just don't care.
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    More evidence that a carrier pigeon would be faster than my internet.
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    Blue Origin Targets Moon Landing by 2023 as an Early Step Toward Lunar Settlement

    I want to be the first to say that the moon is flat. Wait! Do I see curvature? The moon is a Frisbee!
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    Rooms at Marriott Complete with Spying Devices

    Every body has something to hide. Even if it's not something illegal it can be something embarrassing. Or just something you would rather no on else knew. Not even really embarrassing but you would rather that no one knew.
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    GameStop In Talks with Buyout Firms

    I enter mine every time too. I actually know it now so I don't even have to pull the card out anymore.
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    GameStop In Talks with Buyout Firms

    Wasn't it Gamespot that bought Impulse from Stardock? I better check. There are a couple of games I like there. Like Sins of a Solar Empire.
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    You're Sick

    Then I'm good for Social Security right? When do I get my first check?
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    Now that E3 is Over...

    No new Railroad Tycoon. I'm selling my PC. I'm looking forward to Cyber Punk. Fallout is wait and see for me. New Metro will get a try too. Elder Scrolls if they don't screw it up. Dang I read too much negative crap about the direction of games.
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    Underpaid and Exhausted: The Human Cost of Your Kindle

    I didn't even think of that. China could, indeed, get involved in it's own never ending series of Vietnams. With 2 nuclear armed billion population countries on it's borders. A third with far superior weaponry. The again, with enough force, America would make a much better client state. There...
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    Elder Scrolls 6 is in Pre-Production

    They might sell Skyrim over and over but they gave me the special edition. I'm happy.
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    Underpaid and Exhausted: The Human Cost of Your Kindle

    Africa is a continent not a nation. Can you be more specific? It wouldn't surprise me as I've read that Vietnam is already stealing business from China. Africa, though, has many places that are definetely to unstable to provide a safe environment to host a stable manufacturing environment.
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    Don't Expect New GeForce GPU for a Long Time

    My monitor is 4k at 60 hz. They can take their time as I already have a 1080 TI. I know faster monitors are coming out but not at a price point I would be willing to pay. Not anytime soon anyway. It might not be good for those that need a new card but they can take 5 or 10 years for all I care.
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    Elon Musk Says a Ride on the Boring Company's Tunnels Beneath LA Will Cost $1

    Sadly, my part, the Pacific plate part is the part that might fall in to the ocean.