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    3700x to 5800x?

    I received my 5800x as a gift so the value factor doesn't apply to me but just playing around with the chip and seeing single core boost just over 5ghz and multi core scores that trounce my 3700 makes the 5000 series jump worth it to me even if I had to buy it myself. In real world games and...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    I installed a Inland 2TB in my new HP Pavillion laptop with the HM370 chipset. I was worried that the chipset might be gimped compared to a Desktop chipset but I cannot complain about the numbers I get.
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    I did, I couldn't resist any longer. Dropped my temps by 25C using just a little Corsair H55.
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    I got mine today. Nice upgrade from a RX580 ! Runs on the warm (HOT) side. Trying to hold out on putting my G12 bracket and AIO on it.
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    HP EX920 NVME 1 TB - $160 - Newegg

    I got in on this when it was $151. I installed it on my ASRock x370 Taichi w/Ryzen 1700 last night In AS SSD Seq. I got 2692 R - 1665 W. 4K-64 was 1128 R - 1021 W. ATTO 4.00 maxed out at 2.85GB R - 1.62GB W Crystal Disk 6.0 SeqQ32 was 3049.5 R - 1629.8 R. 4KiB8T8 was 1295.3 R - 1133.6 W so...
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    A Look at 3dfx's Cancelled Rampage GPU

    My Original 3Dfx Voodoo card might be the biggest single upgrade I have ever made. (Greatest X-mas present ever ! $400 in 90s money !) I believe I was running a S3 virge 64+ along with the Voodoo and a NEC power VR all at once due to proprietary games. Used a little program to switch between...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    I believe mine was a S3 trio 64+. I added a NEC Power VR and a Diamond 3DFX Voodoo card and used a little program to switch between them. That 3DFX card was my favorite card ever. It was like going from a 386 to a Pentium. I still have it in my computer part graveyard.
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    How to remove thermal paste off cpu?

    +1 to coffee filters. Cheap and lint free. The two piece cleaning solution from Artic Silver works very well and last a long time.
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    Worthy upgrade?

    If it is not going to hurt you too much financially I so go for it. It went from a 920 on a EVGA to a 2500k on a Asus 68 pro. I am so glad I did. It uses less electricity, runs cooler, is a little faster in most apps, plus the newness factor is a plus. Though if your going to be eating Top...
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    Sandy Bridge adopters -- post your new build.

    New System (on Air) i5 2500k Asus P8Z68-V Pro MB Asus 560 ti 1GB Corsair Vengeance 1600C9 1.5v 8GB (Black) OCZ Vertex 2 120 (from old System) Corsair HX 850 PS (from old System) MM UFO case White (from old System) Old System (on Water) I7 920 Evga "vanilla" X58 MB Palit 460 1GB...
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    GameStop Employee Sets Fire To Mall

    I drove right by this on my way home from work around 1pm and didn't notice. Traffic was really slow on the 65 connector but I just never looked over. Wasn't till I got home that I saw this on TV. The only store I go to there is Sears (tools), but feel bad for the employees.
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    MSI GTX 460 HAWK is instock at

    You get a nice little boost. I can pass most game benches and Vantage/3D06 at 1000-1015 on my Palit. I have played Dirt2 for hours at 985. It allowed me to turn everything to max/ultra in dirt2 and still get very high minimum framerates. If I had the power section that the hawk has I could...
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    Post Your Best GTX460 Overclocks & Benchmarks

    I am sure it would. I am not proclaiming it a stable overclock, only showing the potential of these chips. I did play Dirt2 for over an hour last night @985 so I might test that clock on OCCT and see how stable it really was. Dirt2 ran over 70fps @1080p with all the eye candy on max.
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    Post Your Best GTX460 Overclocks & Benchmarks

    I am using a mcw80, it bolts right on with the g92 pattern the Palit has. My voltage at 1K is 1.175. At 950 I use 1.125 or so. I am still fiddling to find the right combo's. Right now I have it set at 925, I figure that is in the safe zone of voltage and graphical errors. I had a three hour...
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    Post Your Best GTX460 Overclocks & Benchmarks

    I am running a Palit Sonic on water. I can pass most benches @ 1000 core. I get some "glitches" sometimes so I would not call it stable. I have it running at 950 right now and it is running great. Been playing Dirt2 super smooth. Temp stays under 40c.
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    PC Power & Cooling wouldn't know silent if it hit them in the face...

    Back in the day PCP&C were pretty much the only game in town when it came to a quality power supply. The OEM antec's that came in their heavy ass tower cases were a distant second. I still have my "turbo cool" 300 that I bought when 300 watts was huge. The funny thing is I think I replaced the...
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    ASUS Rampage II Extreme @ [H]

    I jumped on one of those deals. It has charged to my card and is "in transit to regional hub". I hope it turns out well. That made me find a 920 "DO" online ,so now I should get both this week. I wasn't planning on upgrading my UD3P-8400 combo yet but oh-well. Josh
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    This board does 500fsb easy. stable all day long. I've also booted into 533 but I still need to learn more about all the setting before I can get it perfectly stable. I've been out of the OC loop for awhile and need to read up on voltages. BTW I wrote this message while running orthos and...
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    Quick update before bed. Went into bios, said what the hell, lets try 6*500fsb. Restarted and Viola ,windows starts just fine . Tried a few minutes of FUR and Orthos with no troubles. Tomorrow I will try to up cpu speed and test more throughly. Josh running Gskill pc8000 1:1
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    I assume there is a way to do it. It felt pretty "on there". Some needle nose plyers would probably do the trick. I would give the stock solution a chance before you change it. 40mm fans can be quite annoying if they are high speed. Update: All is going suprisingly well. I keep waiting for...
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    The Northbridge feels cool. There is a thin blue sheet metal cover that is over the actual sink so It might be misleading. I had furmark on for about two minutes and had a finger on the cover and it barely felt warm. Although i have about 12 fans blowing air around so it take alot for my stuff...
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    I just put the gigabyte disc in and installed the chipset drivers. Most of the other drivers were grayed out do to them already being installed from the previous install. I had to reinstall my graphics driver but that gave me the chance to upgrade to cat 8.9's. The computer is still finding...
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    I gave in and installed the ud3p. I am trying to cheat and use my previous vista intall, since I am upgrading from a ds3l and almost everything is the same. So far so good. Josh
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    Yeah , just got mine in the mail today. Now I have to decide if I want to start switching MB's today or wait for the weekend. ,Josh
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    4870 vs GTX 280 Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark

    Just for reference. 4850 oc'ed 690 - 1158 1680*1050 all settings on High and 8x msaa S1=116.05 S2=93.35 S3=131.65 S4=81.02 Josh
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    Drop 12-15 c off the 4850 temps easy..

    guy's , Im running a vf900 on mine. I am getting similar temp drops and oc #'s 690 -1150 as some of you. Just to confirm these cards can oc a little if cooled properly. Josh
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    Am I the only one not digging the 4850?

    guy's , I put a vf900 on mine and dropped the temps from ~80 to 47 . I was also able to oc to 690-1150. Josh