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    Beware The Perils Of 'Oculus Face'

    Yeah.... ok, um, my pillow does similar things to my face every night. Is that a design flaw? what a crock
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    Any way to cheaply upgrade/refresh my pc? maybe it is worth upgrading ram? (2500k rig)

    It's been a long time since I've overclocked non XMP memory, but if I remember correctly as long as timings are set on auto you should just be able to specify a clock and be decent. The auto timings may not be optimal, but that matters less than it used to as far as I know.
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    Any way to cheaply upgrade/refresh my pc? maybe it is worth upgrading ram? (2500k rig)

    Your CPU should be good for a while longer I think. Most things I've read imply that you're unlikely to bottleneck most common GPU configurations with Sandybridge and newer. I'm sure you'd want better for 980ti sli but my buddy runs a GTX 970 on a 2500K clocked lower than yours, and we get about...
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    My first ever smartphone, please advise

    Bought my girlfriend a Moto G and it's great. Samsungs are fast and all, but they have a complete GUI overhaul and lots of unremovable apps. I'm a nexus user so the Moto G with almost vanilla android was a must if I wanted to show her how to use it. Plus, Moto G runs a newer version of android...
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    Skylake or 980 TI ?

    This guy I agree with. While I was pretty impressed with the 6700, if your Sandy Bridge isn't going to bottleneck a pascal gpu, I'd wait for the new NVidia stacked dram cards. A 980TI would be sweet for sure, but how bout a GTX1080 or 1070 yeah?... YEAH. :cool:
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    New some [H]ard advice on new build please

    IMHO Processor = Overclock it (Corsair H60 or H90 Motherboard = Keep it RAM / Memory = Overclock it Solid State Drive = Samsung 850Pro or Keep your 830 VideoCard = GTX970 or another...
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    Looking for GPU Editors for HardOCP

    Sure wish I had some writing experience to put on my resume. I'm moving to Decatur (45 mins) north of Chattanooga next week and would love very few things more than to be even a small part of what you guys do. If you happen to be willing to groom an enthusiast who's willing perhaps even to...
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    Too hot video card

    This topic is relevant to dust but negative pressure will draw dust in actually. Think of it as lower pressure like a vacuum as opposed to positive pressure blowing out through the cracks. Too much exhaust will draw air/dust in through gaps where you have no filters and too much intake can just...
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    Logitech G303 or Deathadder Chroma

    How did yours break? Normal wear/tear or catastrophic destruction? I've got a bucket full of broken logitech stuff (mx1000, DiNovo Edge, MxRevolution, and a G930 Headset with some issues and a busted weakass earcup mount, etc.) that cost me a LOT of money over the years. Loved logitech's brand...
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    Nvidia Shield vs. Tab 10.5S vs Tab 8S

    Sorry this isn't gonna help too much just throwing in some input. As a nexus 5 user also, I really love having the quick updates to newer android versions. It's also an incredibly snappy device. I had also really considered a nexus 9 but backed off due to those less than stellar reviews. I ended...
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    Gsync vs: 144hz

    Well, am I correct though that some G-Sync Monitors (4k ones) are capped at 60hz?
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    Gsync vs: 144hz

    You guys should head over to the Blurbusters site to see their work on these topics. I ended up going lightburst 120hz based on their data. Sooooo glad I did. I believe that most G-Sync monitors come with ULBM (ultra low motion blur) mode, which is...
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    New build with no DVD drive. How do I install windows?

    USB DVD Download tool from microsoft is good enough, but I'd suggest using Rufus. It's faster and you can specify the format for a UEFI install.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    exactly what i was wondering
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    Single SSD to Raid 0 performance

    I can't say really about real world performance but while working with a buddy on his build he started with an 840 Pro 128 and picked up a second when he had some extra cash. On the single got somewhere around 530 transfer with some bench program (don't remember which) and after setting it up in...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Still rocking my P180 and my Neo550HE. I always use Antec cases for friends builds, so stylish. Mmmm P280
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    Just thought I'd give you a thumbs up for standing up for non violent parenting. Too bad people...

    Just thought I'd give you a thumbs up for standing up for non violent parenting. Too bad people insist on physically harming what they supposedly cherish.
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    Is Our Internet Future In Danger?

    Our new president elect Obama wants to put a stop to this. He's well aware of what AT&T has been doing on the north east coast with tierd pricing and caps. Though I've read that Biden has backed the RIAA's suits in the past which doesn't speak well for his support, but hopefully he will have...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!