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    LEETGION | Hellion Gaming Mouse Lucky Draw

    Love to try it out!
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    [Smokin] 8GB (2 x 4GB) G.Skill DDR3 2133 for $100 shipped no MIR

    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Model F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL The next cheapest 8GB kit that's nearly this fast is upwards of $175..!
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    1.5TB Western Digital WD15EARS Caviar Green 64MB 7200RPM for 50 cents more!
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    [Hot] Free Year of Amazon Prime with a .edu address Easy as pie! Just tell them your major *cough cough* and give them a .edu address to confirm, and you get prime free for a whole year! Students only, of course ......:D:D
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    Logitech Wave Keyboard Wired - Dented Box $14 Shipped

    Got mine today. Love this keyboard! Cord is a bit sort though
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    Logitech Wave Keyboard Wired - Dented Box $14 Shipped

    Damnit, I found this deal before the free shipping. :(
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    dadozer(at) Uploaded 191.50 GB Downloaded 158.59 GB Ratio 1.208
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    I'd love one :) dadozer at
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    Logitech MX1100 36.99 @ (dented box, new),en enter the promo code logi_mx1100_12910 Shipping was free but they charged me sales tax (in Florida)
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 6

    Love this website
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    Linksys DualBand Wireless-N Gaming Adapter $38 shipped at woot (9/20)

    You can also use it for something like a popcorn hour or a tivo.
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    Linksys DualBand Wireless-N Gaming Adapter $38 shipped at woot (9/20)

    It turns an ethernet port into a wireless connection... handy if your entertainment center is too far from your router for wires
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    Linksys DualBand Wireless-N Gaming Adapter $38 shipped at woot (9/20)

    sold out MSRP of $100 and $71 at both amazon and the egg, and I was planning to buy one of these in the next couple weeks anyway. Woo!
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    DD Live on X-Fi taking a constant 20% CPU utilization?

    I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with this card and I just noticed this.... Whenever I enable DD Live (or DTS Connect), CTAudSvc takes up 20-25% processor time whether sound is playing or not. Can someone else with a similar set-up see if this is going on with you? Is this normal?
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    $100 sound card - Xonar DX or PCI-e X-Fi?

    Which would be the better card to get at this price? I'm running Logitech z-680s and Seinheisser HD595s on Vista 64. Besides the creative hate train, is there any other reason to not get the X-Fi? I have one now and quite enjoy their Crystallizer thing. Alternatively, is there a convincing...
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    Budget CPU

    I'm running an E2140 at 3.2 GHz. Really any Core 2 Duo chip will overclock great and be a good buy.
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev.2 @ [H]

    Is this thing in stock right now anywhere?
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    Accelero S1 availability?

    Is this thing in stock at any reputable store? I can't find one :(
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Hey guys, sorry for a bit of thread necromancy... I just bought this monitor used ($290!) but it doesnt come with a power cord. does this just use the standard AC input (link)? Thanks.
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    Understanding Gigabyte model names

    Are you sure the "T" doesn't mean DDR3-only? for example the ga-p35-ds3p
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    E2140 overclock temperature?

    Yeah those temps are more than fine.
  22. D Video Card Blow Out Sale!

    CeBIT starts 3/4 ....
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    EVGA AKIMBO dual slot 8800gt

    Can you post some pics if the rest of the cooler? thanks :)
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    Best bang for buck quiet 120mm fans

    I would suggest just buying a fan controller and dialing down the speed. would be more cost effective too.
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    EVGA 8800GTX 339.99 (MIR)

    great place to step up from :cool:
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    Better board for O/C an E8400, Abit IP35-e or GA-P35-DS3L

    The NB definitely needs some airflow if you're OCing.
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    Cooler Master 690 clear side panel now available for sale at newegg

    I paid less than that for the whole case :O
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    Any news on the new line of Intel 45nm Quads (Q9450/Q9550)?

    P45 will have PCI-e 2.0 and (probably) more than the 20 total lanes of the P35, right?
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    New REAL 9800GX2 Pics

    I'm still not convinced this card is a good idea. Either that fan is loud as hell or the temps are going to be insane!
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    Fans buzzing on CM 690 side panel

    Sanding the inside of the grill (the stamp hole edges are rough which vibrates the air to make that noise) + some rubber spacers fixed the problem completely for me.
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    Fans buzzing on CM 690 side panel

    Sand down the inside of the fan grill and that will help too
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    What is the SMALLEST case I can get to house this?

    Lian Li PC-A05 would probably be your best bet
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    Good airflow-Low noise

    Your best bet would probably be a silverstone TJ07, but that's not exactly the cost-effective option... Other cases to look at: CM stacker 832 CM cosmos and that one in your OP is pretty good too, if not a little gaudy.
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    Benchmarking the Benchmarks @ [H]

    Good article. Curious - why do you guys use only 2GB of ram with a 64-bit OS? seems like a weird pairing to me.
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    Possible/Safe to run multiple fans from the same header?

    the only thing I'd worry about is this
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    9800 GX2 Pictures and Specs

    Is this still coming out feb.14?
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    Gigabyte 8800gt with Zalman VF830

    no ramsinks :confused: