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    No, just looking for cash atm. Thanks!
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    I have a 5800X on the way, so I'm selling my 5600x. I will have the 5600X available to ship this weekend. I have the original box but NOT the OEM heatsink. Looking for $305 shipped CONUS SOLD!
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    FS: Pentium G3258, mATX AM3 board

    Remaining parts below: 1. AMD Ryzen 5 2600X + Gigabyte Aorus x470 Ultra Gaming $225 shipped (add $5 if you want an OEM AMD cooler. I don't have the original cooler for the 2600x but I'll include the unused OEM cooler for my 5600x) 2. Intel Pentium G3258 $20 shipped (Includes original box, CPU...
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    Everything sold! Upgraded my computer and now have some extra parts to do away with. Everything works perfect, non-smoking home. 1. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (I have the original box, OEM cooler, sticker, etc if you want them. Doesn't have the original TIM on the OEM cooler anymore) $120 SOLD More info...
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    WTB: matx/m itx combo

    I got a Ryzen 5 2600, MSI B450i (mitx) board if you're interested. I'm in socal so would need to ship.
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    SOLD GeForce Fortnite Bundle: $20 (SOLD)

    SOLD. I have a digital code for the GeForce Fortnite Bundle. Heat required. Here's my heat: Here's what's in this bundle based on the listing on newegg: GeForce Fortnite Bundle. Value $45: 2000 V-Bucks. Value $20 Fortnite Counterattack Set: "Reflex" Outfit...
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    FS: Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz LGA 1150 CPU $40

    Sorry for the late reply. I do still have this.
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    FS: Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz LGA 1150 CPU $40

    Selling a used G3258, 3.2GHz, 3MB Cache, LGA1150 cpu for $40 shipped. Has original heatsink but without the original thermal paste. Take off $5 if you don't want the heatsink :) eBay: 199-0-0 Heat: 16-0-0 ( Google Payments or PayPal gift. I will ship the...
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    FS: (New) 9x Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVME, i5-4690K, 8GB DDR3 kits

    I'm interested in the i5 4570 you have listed for $75. Haven't been on this forum for a while, but my heat is at:
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    FS: Star Wars Battlefront 2 & Battlefield 1 keys

    i'll bite on starwars battlefront 2
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    WTB: Intel LGA1150 i3/i5 CPU

    I'm looking to pick up a used LGA 1150 CPU. Fine with any i3/i5, make me a reasonable offer. I'm not looking for any i7 cpu's as I don't want to spend that much money! Been a while since I bought/sold from this forum, but here's my heat: Reviews/Feedback for aberchonbie |
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    FS: Used i5 760 (LGA 1156)

    My motherboard died on me this past weekend, so I upgraded to a Haswell based system. Now I have an i5 760 for sale. Looking for $90 shipped. Paypal only. I haven't sold anything on here for a while, but here's my heat:
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    FS: mATX Gaming Rig $470 Shipped

    ttt, I can do paypal as well FYI
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    FS: mATX Gaming Rig $470 Shipped

    Asking Total: $445 + 25 shipping. Amazon payments preferred. You do need to supply your own HD's and RAM as I will be taking these unless you want to hold onto two sticks of RAM. I don't want to part out. Listed how I've priced out components below: Lian Li PC-A04B Case $45 XFX 650W PSU...
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    WTB 6870 or TX650 V2

    I've got a 6870 with an upgraded cooler I'd let go for $110. My heat:
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    WTB ati 5870 or 6870

    I've got a 6870 I want to sell as well. Just got back onto this forum after a LONG hiatus. It's a reference Powercolor 6870 that has given me 0 problems. Reference cooler was replaced with an Accelero Xtreme Plus because it was loud. I won't be able to find the reference cooler, but I've...
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    FS: Older Amazon Kindle

    I have an Amazon Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation) in VERY good condition. Only selling because I'm not reading as much as I thought I would. This comes with the original leather Kindle case! The Kindle has been reset and all data has been erased. I will include a USB cable to connect it to...
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    WTB: Two Core Contact Freezer 120

    I have one but it is not in best condition. Not sure if I even have all the brackets. Leave me a PM and I will check what parts I can find. If I find the parts you need, pay shipping, and I will get this to you.
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    FS: PrimoFlex Pro LRT White Tubing - 1/2" X 3/4" x 100' - Sold By Foot

    Primoflex LRT is really good stuff. I stand by this tubing for wc builds. Buy it!
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    Mini PCI-E wireless NIC antennas

    Oh, I'm sorry.. I didn't realize you were referring to the mini pci cards. Those will not fit in regular pci express slots. Makes sense you were talking abt mini pci wireless cards
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    Mini PCI-E wireless NIC antennas

    You are allowed to stick physical pci-e x1 or x4 expansion cards into the pci-e x16 slot. They will work perfectly fine. If you aren't using the x16 slot for a graphics card, you can use that slot for your pci-e wireless card. What you can't do is fit either a x16 or x4 card into the x1 slot.
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    LIAN LI PC-V350 !!!

    Yes, I do. I check every two/three days. I think this area of the forum has been a little quieter these days since I think most people waiting to build SFF's are waiting for ivy bridge
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    Dead Silent fan for my Samuel 17 - which one?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned gentle typhoons yet. I know the water cooling community uses them more often than not for their relatively good static pressure and low noise. (I'd go for a lower rpm model such as the 800rpm or 1150rpm model. These fans are not pwm btw. If you had a fan...
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    WTT : Seagate 1.5Tb SATA 7200.11 Hard Drive - Looking for video card

    I have a visiontek 4870 1gb that's unused right now. Accidentally broke the original fan so now it's installed with an arctic twin turbo.
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    WTB R4i (RTS) for Nintendo DSi

    I've had good experiences with previously as well (when I ordered "supercard"s from them when i had a DS lite)
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    Pics already you tease! :D
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    WTT: 1TB External WD MyBook for Internal 1TB(or 1.5)

    +1 rive22. It's simply a 1TB internal HD cased the WD enclosure. It should be a regular SATA HD.
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    Old fart needs help with a gaming SFF on HDTV

    RAM: Get a decent set of cl-8 or 9 1600 just in case you want the option of overclocking. 2x4GB sets should cost around $50-60 these days COOLER: (someone else with a sg07 will have to chime in) GPU: I'd just go with a 6950. Best bang for buck at 1920x1080 resolution that fits 600W psu...
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    First Time Mini-ITX build

    1. Ideally, you need a keyboard and mouse. (What are you going to do otherwise? Test that your computer is booting fine?) 2. Have you plugged in all power cables? - 24-pin motherboard power - 4/8-pin motherboard cpu power 3. Have you checked the power switch on the power supply located on the...
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    Selling Steam: Total War Shogun 2 $20

    As title says, selling a Total War: Shogun 2 Steam key for $20 paypal. Heat:
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    WTB Shogun 2 for Steam

    I will let you have mine if you paypal me $20 for it.
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    I think it will be possible in the area that I've circled. Note that I had to remove BOTH hard drive cages. I am using one dvd burner and 1 3.5" 500GB HD as well as a 120GB SSD that was velcro'd onto the 500gb hd.
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    I doubt it will fit in the front because of the small part that sticks out from the external facing 5.25 slots.
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    FS: XFX 5770

    Still have your card for sale? Still have a transferable warranty on it?
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    Question regarding 6870 Backplate

    What happened with this backplate? Did it work out?
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    Still Intel HSF for me but did a quick measurement. Looks like max height is 158mm or 157 so that it doesn't touch the side panel when you close up the case. (The bottom of the metal ruler is touching the motherboard, and the ruler's edge starts at 0.) In regards to the noisy LianLi fan that...
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    I don't know if anyone has tried to fit other types of cooling but options for aftermarket cpu cooling is pretty limited in this case. Clearance at top is not good for any watercooling units ie. H50, etc. Even if the tubes were to reach the front, the external 5.25 bays and hard drive bays...