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    Lian Li Lancool II Mesh TG micro scratches

    Hi guys, I have the above case but the tempered glass appears to get scratched very easily with micro scratches or almost like this fungus/ acid rain build up. Any ideas on if I can buff it clean using a cutting compound?
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    Diehard Nexus/Pixel user goes 12 Pro Max

    Good to have you back Zorachus! How is battery life with the 5a?
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    I live in Sri Lanka where our currency has depreciated like crazy against the USD, so I ended buying another Pixel 5 since I don't think I would be able to afford the 6... *sad*
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    Pixel 5 warranty claim

    Thanks guys. I live in Sri Lanka and we're basically going through a third wave of covid so I unloaded it here to someone for around usd250 with the messed up display. Gonna wait it out for the 5A or the 6.
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    Pixel 5 warranty claim

    Hi guys, I got a Pixel 5 from someone a few months back. Part of the display has stopped working. I am fairly certain it must still be under warranty however I have no purchase details. Is there any way to get this information from Google and find out about the RMA process?
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    Pixel 2 XL top speaker hiss

    Hi guys, Have any of you noticed the top speaker of the Pixel 2XL is a bit more crackly than the bottom? Doesn't sound as full or rich. Wondering if it's common or is it just my unit...
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    Picked up an iP XS yesterday...

    Zorachus I've been a long time Android user who switched to iOS after about 8 years of hardcore Android power user usage (Roms, kernels, nova setups, substratum the works etc) I've owned a few Nexus and Pixels, and the S7/ S7 Edge phones in the past. I actually like iOS. I noticed the newer...
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    Google Pixel 3

    I don't think you can put back the 3 software buttons. Google wants you to move on. I initially owned the Pixel XL, and then the Pixel 2 and 2XL but the 2XL was too big so I kept the Pixel 2. Then I sold that and got a used iPhone X. The new Pixel 3 has me tempted to move back to Android...
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Did you guys see MKBHD's video about why he doesn't use the Pixel anymore? I watched it but I don't really notice the lag and framerate drops. Anyone using a Oneplus 6 to confirm?
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    I'm curious guys... Do you have your displays set to Boosted or Saturated profile?
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    They'll just send u the OTA. I'm running it, it's smooth. I also hate the change to the dialer where they removed the swiping btw.
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    Pixel XL 128GB... What to upgrade to?

    I actually like it. The XL was a little large especially when you consider the chin had nothing going for it. Now I have a Spigen Slim Armour on the 2 and it fits nicely. Although a bigger bezel-less screen would be most welcome. Here's hoping for the Pixel 3.
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    Pixel XL 128GB... What to upgrade to?

    OK, plot twist... I ended up buying a used Pixel 2. Story goes that I managed to find one at about $393, 64gb white without box and charger. Sold my 128gb Pixel XL for $375 to a friend. Pretty awesome! Thanks so much for the help everyone! I'm really enjoying the smaller size and the SOC/...
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    Pixel XL 128GB... What to upgrade to?

    I bought it used... And i live in Sri Lanka, so no official Google support over here unfortunately.
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    Pixel XL 128GB... What to upgrade to?

    Thanks a lot guys! This made me feel a lot better... The new pixel 3 leaks are straight fire too!
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    Pixel XL 128GB... What to upgrade to?

    Hi guys, I've had a Pixel XL for about 6 months now and I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading to a newer gen smartphone, but I'm sort of torn on whether the upgrade cost would be worth it. One thing is that my Pixel XL vibration motor has given out and doesn't work anymore. That is an...
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    Program to limit WiFi speed at certain times

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on how to limit my wifi broadband speeds at certain times of the day. Is there a program which I can install which would set wifi bandwidth to throttle during a set time period like 2pm to 7pm in the afternoon? Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Dude check out a theme called Pitch Black Origins. So many colour options.
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    I live in Sri Lanka so our pricing structures vary considerably. And I usually buy phones used. I'd have upgraded if I could flip my 128gb XL and move to the 2 for maybe $50 to 100 extra.
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    What do you need from a custom rom?
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Since portrait mode got enabled on the OG Pixel with Camera NX mod, my need for the Pixel 2 diminished considerably.
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    Is there a way to hide status bar always on Android ?

    Try dark icons on the status bar and see if it helps. It doesn't truly hide the status bar but it kinda helps to not see it :p Edit: It's a nova prime feature I think.
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    Razer Phone

    I'm not saying Marques isn't sponsored... But the fact that he knocked the camera so hard shows that he wasn't trying to sugarcoat in the review.
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    Need a sub $200 phone that my wife can't kill

    Try the Rhinoshield crashguard or otterbox if you can find it for that phone.
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    Razer Phone

    As a complete photography noob, I'd bet that most people don't give a crap about all the advanced photo wizardry. What people want is a camera that they can point in the right direction, tap to focus and then takes the best shot possible. This is why Google's camera has done so well and the port...
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    Force GPU rendering?

    The Pixel XL UI is smooth as it is. I'm mainly interested in battery life improvements. That said, I doubt any enthusiast would say no to additional smoothness at no additional cost.
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    Force GPU rendering?

    Hi guys, I've been custom roms on most of my devices for about the last 6 or so years. Back in the day we used to enable an option called Force GPU rendering. It used to enable smoother animations and GUI. Now I'm using the Pixel XL and everything is smooth. I'm wondering if there is any...
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    So I've used a couple of phones over the last few years (5X, mi5, S7, S7 Edge) and just got the Pixel XL yesterday for about $50 more than my S7 Edge. I gotta say that the clean and fluid build of android is awesome. I think the Pixel really does offer the best Android user experience (And I've...
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    Finally picked up a Nexus 6P

    Zorachus, I have a 5X and have tried the N DP3 and PureNexus roms. I'm currently running PA and it's the best out of any roms and kernel combo I've tried. Smoothness is amazing. I strongly suggest you try it. I like the 6P, but couldn't get on board due to the size.
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    Nexus 5x

    Just got the 5X. Nice phone, but rooting and a custom rom and kernel make it even better. I recommend Chroma and Elemental X. SOT of about 4.5 hours on LTE - haven't tested on wifi.
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    What 2016 phones are you looking forward too ?

    I'm using the OnePlus X and gotta say, I love the phone. I'm waiting for the X2.
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    Best fast charging hardware/solution for mobile/tablet devices

    Like what was said above, both charger and cable matter. I would recommend investing in the Anker Quick Charge 3.0 even though there are not many QC3.0 devices available as this is something you won't upgrade regularly and you might as well future proof. And then get some Anker PowerLine...
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    Android Lolipop question

    I think you're swiping from the right instead of swiping straight up on the lockscreen?
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    I see you posting on Sultan's thread on XDA, it really is an awesome ROM atm. The other day i got just under 6 hrs screen on time with mixed WiFi/ LTE usage. Seriously though... If it wasn't for some of the cosmetic damages on it, I'd love this phone even more and wouldn't consider upgrading...
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    One Plus 2 anyone?

    The G4 has literally no rom support atm I believe.
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    Tried to like the new S6 and M9, but I can't...

    I would recommend the Oneplus One wholeheartedly.
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    New Gmail App UI?

    I think it's nice on my Nexus 5. I think the issue with the Druid Turbo has more to do with the AMOLED saturation than the App colour itself.
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    How is OLED clearly superior? IPS screens generally have better colour accuracy and reproduction.
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    Android Smartphone Users: Which User Experience is Best?

    With my Note 2, I like Touchwiz cos of some of the features... Multiwindow, the easy toggles on the notification bar, power saving mode, an excellent video player app etc. Things i don't like are the UI design, while i don't hate it... It could be better. Stock android design is nice, but...
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    Installing from outside the market

    I live in a country where android market does not support paid apps. Would it be possible to get someone who lives in a supported country to buy the apps and is there any way i can get them and install them?