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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Ruining the time old gaming culture. Eventually people are going to get to a point of why buying video games when the developer can just life time ban you. There shouldn't be intervention like that. It isn't their job and being mean never ruined any game, just look at Counter-Strike. We live...
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    The Long Wait for The Man In The High Castle Season 3 is Coming to an End

    Have to say I wasn't expecting it to go inter-dimensional. Until the trailer came up I thought it was going to be a gigantic extended film troll where at the end they all woke up and realized it was a dream.
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    Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Goods from Its Store

    In the totalitarian liberal utopia NO FUN will be allowed.
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    “Daily Stormer” Termination Haunts Cloudflare in Online Piracy Case

    People stood against censorship and overstepping even when the feds tried to pull the pedo card because people knew they were taking something grotesque and trying to warp it into something much bigger. To have fallen for something so stupid is beyond comprehension when you think about it. I...
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    This Is Project Neon, The Upgrade For Windows 10’s Design

    Call me a sucker, but I always loved the Aero facelift. It sucked with Vista because machines were underpowered and it was often quirky after release, but it was fine tuned and the hardware caught up when 7 came out. Besides the Start Button/Menu, the only thing that ever bothered me since 7...
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    Comcast 1TB Internet Cap Is Becoming A Reality

    Don't forget back when Comcast did the original bandwidth cap (250GB) ~2009-2010 that lasted only a couple years, they were claiming the average usage was 5GB. The averages spiked to 34GB by 2012 and are now around ~56GB in 2014 and it's climbing quickly. Now that internet speeds are at a...
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    Buy A GeForce Get Gears of War 4 Free

    Well that sealed the deal for me. Just made use of those $240 EVGA bucks after hesitating for months. Was almost worried it would be the first game I'd miss since I didn't go console this time around and I doubted prices would come down on the PC. Awesome deal.
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    The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer

    It's been pretty clear for awhile that the government will just do what it wants, but it's been equally clear nobody will actually stop it until they're broke and hungry on the streets so it's only a matter of holding it off until it gets to that point.
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    Do You Pronounce it GIF or JIF?

    It'll always be "gif" til the day I die. Jif just sounds incredibly lame.
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    Microsoft Banning Crappy Passwords

    Maybe Microsoft can also remove the stupid 16 character password limit that most banks still use. That isn't helping one bit since most people don't use random password generators.
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    NAEP Tests: Girls Outscore Boys In IT Literacy

    Doesn't even include our education system being heavily skewed towards girls for the past 20 years. It would be common sense that they should be above boys all around even if you didn't take into account boys development stages being later in life. It's a well established fact at this point...
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    Why did video cards stop having extra ram?

    They still do, it just isn't that big of a deal anymore. You're not seeing huge enough gains to justify spending another $100, even in the cases where it's only $50 more expensive. It's simply a bragging right for the most part since beyond 1080p is still extremely niche.
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    780ti with an AMD processor happened?!

    Shits so hood it's good.
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    Google's Creepy Plan To Kill The Password

    Man, I really don't understand why silicon valley is flipping out over trying to reinvent password management. Just the other year I finally moved to one (PassPack) and I'm kicking myself for not moving to one a decade ago. It's not nearly as burdensome as it used to be way back in the day and...
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    Banishing 'Get Windows 10' Nagware Isn't As Easy As You Think

    Windows 10 isn't even all that bad, but the simply fact they're pulling out all stops to get people to upgrade, including these shady nagware tricks, makes them look sinister. More than anything it's just frustrating. I've already almost upgraded accidentally a couple times now.and my father...
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    what will the next nvidia card going to be called, anyone know?

    I hope it's not a 4th digit. I gave up on paying attention to the GPU industry in the mid-2000's when they did that. It was so freaking confusing and AMD is proof again that it's just a bad naming scheme. Too many unnecessary digits for so few of products and even worse when you have just as...
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    samsung to fab 14nm for amd

    I'm going to guess they'll use TSMC's more tried and proven 16nmFF+ initially on the more high-end cards and test 14nmLPP on the lower tier products until it matures. That extra bit of die-space from 14nmLPP could give AMD an advantage on the refresh.
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    Yet another Asus rma horror story

    Gives people incite to the RMA process regardless. After having to RMA my first PC component in 15 years it pays off to know which venders make the burden less troublesome for the customer. Usually I don't bother with the RMA on low cost products, but when you're talking hundreds of dollars it...
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    Yet another Asus rma horror story

    These Asus horror stories are what keeps me buying EVGA lol. The hassle they make you jump through is ridiculous. With EVGA it's always just a 5-10 minute ordeal from start to finish. However, I must admit EVGA's replacements are not usually up to snuff. I'm on my 3rd GTX 780 in 2 years...
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    Windows 10 - Is there a way to use the old Windows Update?

    They still haven't built that in yet? That's one of the last things really holding me back. Like the OP mentioned, the WU process is incredibly lackluster, more so than the older versions. It's beyond silly you have to remember to search out a third-party tool to do something completely...
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    GTX 960 Ti - Real this time?

    It would be stupid for Nvidia to push a higher tier 960 out the gates at this point. The 900 Series has officially launched over a year ago and everyone knows Pascal is already around the corner. I wouldn't be surprised if we see something in March or April, which regardless will force major...
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    Estimated release date for next Gen GPUs?

    For Nvidia it's likely to be in the first half of 2016. I'd say somewhere around April/May sounds about right. AMD I'd say closer to Fall/Winter 2016.
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    Fallout 4 optimized & CF fixed drivers

    It doesn't help that AMD massively dropped the ball since the HD 7000 Series basically giving up the GPU race with 2 year releases and mediocre offerings that barely kept up with existing cards on the market long before their cards hit. Market share says everything. Consumers aren't happy with...
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    Vizio TVs Spy On You More Than Most

    Can you NOT buy a TV that isn't a Smart TV anymore? It's all I see everywhere. Mandatory spying technologies in your electronics to make you feel safer from governments that you know, always respect those rights.
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    Now you do need 8 GB VRAM, folks

    Yeah I'm familiar with it being actually much less, but I was giving a worst case scenario and even that doesn't make any sense. Let alone when the actual amount is much less on the consoles, which by the way aren't pushing anything truly to the limits other than wasting VRAM likely on...
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    Gamergate Movie In Development, May Star Scarlett Johansson

    Corruption in video game journalism. That's where it got the #GamerGate meme from. Personally I'm sick and tired of anyone using the stupid "Gate" catch phrase. Biased gaming reviews aren't something new, we've mostly suspected it for the past decade. All this did was verify it not only...
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    Gamergate Movie In Development, May Star Scarlett Johansson

    My mind is still blown that some how Feminist's managed to take GamerGate, which was about something serious, and turn it into some bullshit sexism in video games. I don't know how they managed to do it. If people would have only ignored that stupid Sarkeesian girl years ago when tech sites...
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    Now you do need 8 GB VRAM, folks

    The only thing the next-gen consoles are going to do for PC users is make 8GB of VRAM the norm, which honestly thanks to HBM was going to happen regardless. All you're seeing from these consoles is developers wasting VRAM because they have the means to just be wasteful. Can't even do 1080p...
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    nvidia secret event, does nvidia release a new GPU every three months?

    I'm sold that this secret meeting never happened and this thread was along with the story was a complete fabricated hoax at this point.
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    High cpu temp on stock cooling 4790k

    Never understood what the point was of blasting the same exact question out on a half-dozen forums does. In most cases I've seen it happen they literally give you the exact same response. Forums are still kinda big in the tech community. There's no need for doing that anymore.
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    GloFo announces products on 14nm FinFET AMD chips

    I don't think initial 16nmFF/FF+ and 14nmLPP designs will differ much. New nodes are always immature in the first couple years. I wouldn't expect node differences, which are misleading and minor, to make a difference until at least the refreshes. You got that whole Apple Samsung vs TSMC thing...
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    What type of 980 TI should I go with?

    It's pretty much hit or miss from what I've heard. I wouldn't let it hold you back though. I recently got into CPU AIO cooling and you're constantly bombarded with horror stories: obnoxious fans (in my case they actually were lol), water leaks (make up <1%), and pump failures or loud...
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    Leaked Comcast Doc Admits: Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Congestion

    This is basically what people have been saying since the very word "Data Cap" has been thrown around since 2008-2009 and was implemented by every provider at some point or limit since. Not like we really need confirmation that we smelled ISP's bullshit out, but I guess here ya go. If you...
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    More Women Own Consoles Than Men

    What that graph really says is: Old white men with no money (Social Security) or education that life in the forest are the quickest adapters to the PCMR. Statistics. It's everyone's bitch.
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    AIO GPU solutions

    Interesting, thanks for the reply. I guess that explains why you don't see a too big of an increase in performance going from 120/140 > 240/280 radiators and why you can get some really big drops even using an AIO on a delidded CPU as seen a couple threads down. Was always wondering why it...
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    I've betrayed my country

    I wasn't trying to compare the two performance, sound, heat, or noise wise. Meant to imply it was a unnecessary, or "bad", side grade option if you could've avoided it. Unless of course: A) OP is happy with the decision, which it sounds like he is. or B) Managed to get back all the money to...
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    I've betrayed my country

    Funny, I haven't bought an AMD card since they bought out ATI and the only reason I ever bought Nvidia cards was for the sake of 3DFX. Yes, the loyalty runs that deep. Both sides are floundering in very different ways. Hopefully with AMD releasing their GPU division things will get better...
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    AIO GPU solutions

    I've always wondered if anyone tried a 240mm AIO on a GPU to see if it offered any significant gains over the 120mm versions. Logic says it would, but I don't think any are currently supported. Still blows my mind how a 120mm radiator can cool a 250W+ TDP card absurdly well, whereas they...
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    Facebook Goes Slooow With '2G Tuesdays'

    My mind can't even compute the stupidity of these hipster silicon valley companies sometimes.
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    Has anyone in here attempted to play a 4k x265 video file?

    The quality of the codec is FAR from up to snuff. It took x264 years before it became a solid competitor to more funded and established H.264 variants. It took a few more years later for x264 to become the best among all H.264 variant codecs on the market. Development has only really just...