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    FS: Crucial Ballistix 2 GB ( 2 x 1 GB ) Memory - DIMM 240-pin - 800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )

    Thanks for the tip! Someone should lowball me so I can get these off my desk. $25?
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    FS: Crucial Ballistix 2 GB ( 2 x 1 GB ) Memory - DIMM 240-pin - 800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )

    Some good OC memories for someone, I had intended to put another machine together but ended up never pulling the trigger. I bought this on clearance. 2 - 1GB 240 - PIN UNBUFF DIMM 128Mx64 DDR2 Kit No: BL2KIT12864AA804 BL12864AA804.16FD3 $50 OBO. I'll post pictures if someone would...
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    Change Username?

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    Change Username?

    I've been a member for a while (like 5+ years?). About 4 years ago I moved over to using a handle that represents my actual name (WALoeIII for W. Andrew Loe III) and I use that as my login nearly everywhere else. Would it be possible to have my username changed? I could keep my old nick in my...
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    24in lcd's i have 3 choices help me decide

    I just purchased an FP241VW. If you can get past the odd stand (its metal so it has a great finish!) its a fantastic deal. $450 for a non-TN (its an MVA panel) with great response times AND free shipping!
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    Apple 24" LED-backlit IPS Cinema Display with DisplayPort ($899)?

    There is no way to drive these from a DVI connection is there?
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    24 glossy non TN!

    I am on the same hunt and cannot find anything satisfying.
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    Hazro coming to the USA?

    Can't come soon enough!
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    Apple 24" LED-backlit IPS Cinema Display with DisplayPort ($899)?

    Do anyone for sure know if its an IPS panel?
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    Non-Reference 8800GTs

    I have read a bit that a few companies (Gigabyte etc.) are releasing redesigned 8800GTs. I haven't found any information on when/if they will be released and what they are going to charge for them. Are they supposed to be faster? Am I jumping the gun, and we will find out soon enough?
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    Learning Python...

    For M-V-C web development checkout Django and TurboGears.
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    What motherboard for C2D upgrade?

    Any of the high-end P35s have dual LAN. The Asus is the best overclocker. They all overclock extremely well and its likely that you won't ever run out of memory speed, you can literally pick the one that you think looks the coolest - it really doesn't matter.
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    GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R vs. Asus P5K

    I'm having this same debate. I read the P5K deluxe is a good overclocker and the P5K isn't as good, but I don't really understand why, its the same board with less stuff to get in the way. Anyone care to explain? Right now I'm leaning towards the DS3R because I want the ICH9R southbridge so I...
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    New Build - Looking for Critiques

    I always like running this stuff by this board before I make my final purchase, it has saved me from myself many times. P5K, E6600, 2GB Ballistix (D9s), 8800GTS (640, playing on a 24" LCD). I know the Tuniq fits in the case, if anyone has other case suggestions I'd be interested. I don't want...
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    RAM suggestions for a P5K board

    I think its worth pointing out that Crucial is basically the retail arm of Micron. So if you want Micron 9s, Crucial is probably a good bet.
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    What is the point of DPI setting on my mouse?

    The mouse is going to be more "accurate" with the higher resolution, why would I use a lower resolution for something as precise as sniping? Why not just lower the sensitivity? If you want to turn faster when flying a plane it makes more sense to adjust your sensitivity NOT the DPI. I just don't...
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    What is the point of DPI setting on my mouse?

    Why would I ever use anything lower than its maximum? I'm using a Razer Copperhead and I have the option to lower its resolution. Is there any reason I would ever do this other than trying to duplicate the feel of a previous mouse? With any mouse you start to get negative acceleration when you...
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    E6400 + What RAM? (How fast)

    How does the P5B-E clock better? Its the same core chip and BIOS? I don't want to pay for features I'm not going to use. I haven't looked at P5N because I am not going to run SLI, I don't see the cost being worth it. I'm getting the 620 to give my self some room, I may be adding a bunch of...
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    E6400 + What RAM? (How fast)

    I guess I lost sight of the fact that by default the bus speed is 667, 800 should give me plenty of head room, if I have to push to 900 (425, which is a huge clock!) I can bump the vdimm a bit and be fine. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll spend the dough on the Corsair I trust.
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    E6400 + What RAM? (How fast)

    P5B + E6400 + ?? = Bliss. I've settled on the board and processor, and I'm pretty sold on Corsair XMS from my past experiences, but I'm not sure how fast to pick. A 2GB PC800 kit is $200, thats with 5-5-5-12 timings, it seems there is one step up that does 4-4-4-12 @ PC800 or 5-5-5-12 at like...
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    HELP PLZ.. 2 drives in same computer =slow transfer speeds

    If you are running them on the same cable, split them to run on different channels. If you have them on different channels and they're still slow, split them to run on different controllers. If you have them on different controllers, and its still slow, have them write to different drives.
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    Fast SODIMMs?

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    PB5 & 6400 - What RAM?

    I'm pretty settled on the PB5 and E6400 CD2 combo. The 965s are cheap and every bit as fast as 975 boards, seems like the extra cache isn't worth the dough either. Currently I have some Corsair PC6400 (800) in my cart, but I haven't found much on the RAM to go with my desired setup. Is there a...
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    Conroe Motherboard Help?

    Whats the low down on 975 v 965? Seems the 965s are just as good? Is it like it was for northwoods? 965 was just as good, better in some cases?
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    So, the Scythe Infinity is too tall...

    Oh noes, this is the setup I was going to get! Is there another heatsink on par with this thing?
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    Best 80mm Fans

    I've been out of the scene for 2 years, I'm starting to piece together my conroe rig. I'm going to go with the Coolermaster Preatorian case so I'll need 4 quiet 80mm fans. Still want decent flow as this thing will get overclocked. Suggestions? I know Papst made fans were the best, but I have no...
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    Rss for Forums.

    I was googling for RSS feeds for [H], and this thread came up. Do you think that having the first bit of the article in the feed really prevents people from reading your site? I understand that you are dependent on advertising for revenue, but your logic is backwards. I would read more [H]...
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    What is the hot chip right now?

    So do I really want a Pentium D? 3200 instead of 3500?
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    What is the hot chip right now?

    I know AMD is dominating the processor scene right now. I'm going to pickup a nice NF4 board, but haven't been following along recently to know which chip is ideal. I am coming from a P4 2.4 which was the chip to have for a while, great bang for buck. I have been running it at 3.2 ghz on air...
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    WTB: 939 Box

    I would like to buy a socket 939 box, I already have a monitor and all accessories. I'm looking for something like a 3500+ and 6800GT for video card. PM me if you've got something.
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    FS: Polk Audio C300.2 amp and MM104 10" Sub Combo!!

    Is it a dual coil sub?
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    Novice Mac FTP help

    Use Transmit - its by far the best mac client for FTP.
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    FS: My Main Rig...

    I'm checking to see if I have some money. Would you be interested in selling it without the RAM? I already have 2 x 512 Lvl 2 Black 3500s. Shouldn't matter too much I can sell the 256 sticks.
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    Basic HTPC room ?

    Run conduit around the base, and then in strategic locations to the ceiling (or floor if its the second floor you are workign on) so that you can connect this room to others. This way when fiber optic networking or some new uber thing comes out and you want to connect yourself all you have to do...
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    Differences Between WinTV PVR-250 and 350

    Just trying to get the most out of this. The 350's only major advantage is better TV out and no load on the CPU because of the mpeg2 decoder chip? I will only be playing TV back on a monitor so should I go with the 250MCE?
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    Newbie Looking for Guidance

    Can't figure out how to delete post.