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    Forget Expensive Soundcards

    You know, I've tried optical outputs on my motherboard vs a cheap external soundcard and the sound on the cheap external soundcard was MUCH better. This could mean that a) motherbord sound was broken b) I'm hearing things or c) there is a difference. Now I think it's c). Now does a 100 dollar...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    So here is my setup, PC is offscreen, but is plugged in via HIS 4670 card (HDMI) and sound is going though optical (motherboard). I noticed a drop in quality from the Soundblaster Audigy 2NX optical output (the latter died for some reason...) Acoustic Zen Adagios (Speakers) Quad 909 Power...
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    Best soundcard for optical out to DAC?

    Hey all, I just inherited my dad's Quad CD-P CD player, which has 3 optical inputs as well as 3 coaxial digital inputs. I'm thinking of using the CD-P as my pre-amp, instead of my Roksan Kandy MkIII. I also inherited a Quad 909 Power Amp, which in my tests have proven to be better than...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    I still have a long way before getting to the madness you've acheived :D but with time it will come :P My system could definitely use an upgrade in terms of source/amplification, but speakers IMO are always what makes the most difference in terms of sound... it wasn't like my amp and CD were...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Just a quick comment about CD players: you can EASILY hear a diffrence between diffrent brands and diffrent quality players. For a little while I was playing around with 3 diffrent cd players at diffrent price points: the Cambridge 540C (mine), the Quad CD-P (fathers) and the Moon Supernova...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Here are some pictures of my brand new speakers (also seen on AVSForum): Not in their "official" setup, as I was planning on running them in in my basement... there presently right next to me :D I figured, might as well enjoy them, even if they're not sounding "optimal" yet.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    My dad had to take back the Elacs, so he set me up with his Quads: Mmmm.... glossy :) I should be getting my new speakers (Acoustic Zen Adagios) sometime next week ( probably week after :mad: ) It's given me the chance to try a few speakers though, I prefer the Elacs (shown one or 2...
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    Looking for an mp3 player other then ipod

    Try the Samsung YP-P2 (also known simply as the "P2"). I use mine in conjunction with Napster music service, and it's great... but if you do format all the time, you loose the "rights", which can be a pain... you get to re-download again for free, but you have to re-download... I expect that...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    So I had to box up my old speakers (Dynaudio Audience 62s) as I will be trading up soon! However, I just couldn't take it anymore without speakers... so I stole some off my dad's home theater :D Pictures! ... pictures of NEW setup to arrive when I make my purchase (this time...
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    Help!!!! My daughter pushed in my speaker :-(

    Sometimes it's outright shocking the cost of these components... we had a tweeter fail on one of our Floorstanders, and the part only cost 40 dollars. The speakers MSRP for 1500-2000. I'm sure I don't want to know the cost of the speaker.
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    I want to start a stereo system.

    If I were you I'd focus on getting a quality amp and good set of speakers, and ditch the sub... of course it all depends on what you're looking for. The Roksan is a little more than what you're looking at; it retailed for around 1500 dollars when I bought it some time ago. That being...
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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    I was at the Montreal hifi expo (Festival Son & Image - FSI) and I was stuck by the number of people who put boring stictly acoustic music (no vocals). I did come across ONE artist that blew me away in terms of quality, and it has vocal (spanish/english though). Bebel Gilberto - Azul...
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    I want to start a stereo system.

    I'd go with a balanced system, make sure you go for high value products. For example, I have a Roksan Kandy MkIII amplifier, which at the time was considered to be one of the best mid-market stereo integrated amps... not only is it built like a tank, but the sound quality is amazing and it had...
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    I want to start a stereo system.

    Cambridge Audio make some of the best hi-fi budget amps available... pair that with your choice of some Tannoy Mercury F1s, Monitor Audio B2s, Wharfedale Diamonds... heck, you could probably even get better speakers... Lots of choice other than internet direct and stuff you find at...
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    I want to start a stereo system.

    Cambridge Audio make some of the best hi-fi budget amps available... pair that with your choice of some Tannoy Mercury F1s, Monitor Audio B2s, Wharfedale Diamonds... heck, you could probably even get better speakers... Lots of choice other than internet direct and stuff you find at...
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    Can we get a list of budget bookshelf speakers and amps?

    Speakers: Tannoy Mercury F1 Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Quad L-ites Monitor Audio BRONZE B2s Amps: Rotel RA-04 Cambridge Audio Azur 340A NAD C325BEE These are a few suggestion that are not of the ever so popular "internet direct" type of speakers.
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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    Checking back in to say thx for the suggestions guys, I've been listening to alot of your suggestions (Napster Rocks) and it's great. I actually really like the "VNV Nation" stuff, and it's funny to say but I haven't heard "Dirty Diana" from Michael Jackson since... I was like 10 years old...
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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    Yeah I agree, and have added the styles in my original post. I get pretty bored with "instruments-only" music, I need some vocals. But just because it's not the genre you normally listen to, doesn't mean you shouldn't try it... I have a penchant for r&b/reggae, but also enjoy the odd alternative...
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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    Probably should rename thread to something a little more descriptive... might get more fellow music lovers in here.
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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    Neat thread... it's funny, the music stated is really "audiophile-approved" music, I grabbed "Pinipig523" song off Napster to try it out and you can literally hear the strings being pulled. Side note: God I love Napster Anyhoo, I've got some picks. Daddy Yankee --> Coraza Divina (great...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Nice call on the Elacs ;) My parent's gave me the Cambridge Audio Azur 540C, which is quite good. I'm going to buy some new speakers in February, either Dynaudio Focus 220 or Spendor S8e... P.S. Those are my Dads 210 Anniversary Editions, with a JL Audio Phatom f113... we have the...
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    Total $ invested in audio.

    Roksan Kandy Integrated: 1250 Dynaudio Audience 62s: 1750 PS Audio Speaker wire: 350 Firestone Audio DAC: 150 Total: ~3500 Will be upgrading speakers shortly, and plan on getting a real CD player (finally). This thread is kind of silly, anybody who works in an audio shop can tell...
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    Looking for some bookshelves

    Monitor Audio B2s Quad Lites Dynaudio Audience 42s B&W new 600 series bookshelves Totem Acoustic Rainmakers are excellent too. ... I wouldn't buy direct from online without hearing them. Sure, many people sing their praises, but do yourself a favor (especially as a first time...
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    $2000 budget for PC Audio System. Looking for suggestions!

    If this is your first real hi-fi system, don't buy "internet direct". You owe it to yourself to go and listen to a few select brands and make up your own mind about the type of sound. Now, given the fact that you're setup doesn't allow for floorstanders, you'll need bookshelves... which also...
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    Possible to beat klipsch 2.1s with $500?

    Wharfedale (Diamond), Tannoy(Mercury) and Monitor Audio(Bronze) each make reasonably priced speakers that might fit the bill. maybe even some quad lites? Cheers, chris
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    Beginner audiophile setup, help?

    I'd love to recommend some options, but without a budget there is no sense in recommending anything. Now I know you talked about a console as a source, but will you be hooking up a dedicated DVD player, CD player, PC w/DAC? Ultimately if most of your sources are digital, I'd opt for a...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Bookshelves: I personally thought that they were the ribbon tweeter variety, but what's really interesting is that the two 180mm drivers take care of bass only; the midrange is done with the "1 × 50/105 mm ring radiator with flat...
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    Sick of Z-5500's?

    I'd go with Cambridge/Rotel Integrated amp with some Monitor Audio B2s.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    So I said earlier in this thread that we were upgrading the family room setup, and though I'd show off some Audio Porn ;-) Anthem Statement D2 Surround Processor Moon Aurora Amplifier JLAudio Fathom 113f Subwoofer Elac 210 Anniversary Edition Speakers Sonos Music System Quad CD-P player Denon...
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    Sonus Faber: As Computer Monitor?

    There are alot of bookshelves available in that price range, I'd suggest you try all of them... Focal have the Micro Utopias, which are a very fine looking speaker... (or the 1007, a little chepaer?) I'd just make sure that the amp and source are up to the task, I'd rather have less expensive...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    PERSONALLY, if you did indeed buy the Cremonas, I thought they were probably the most attractive speaker I've ever seen, but in terms of sound/$, might not be the very best. In any case, you bought a fine speaker, definately reference quality. The Cremonas are extremely musical, they might...
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    I've got like $2-3000 for a pair of bookshelves, suggestions?

    I just bought some HiFi in the 1-2k range, and have tried the following Focal JMLabs 816V --> If you liked Focal Car Audio, these should impress B&W 6 series --> Garbage IMO Dali Ikon 6 --> Very crisp and clear, in fact, too clear for me, silly as that is to say Dynaudio Audience 52, 62...
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    Cleanest audio I've ever heard

    My new stereo setup is very transparent, and thought I thought the recording was good, the soundstage for me was pretty narrow. However, I could actually hear the trumpet (sax?) guy hitting the various keys when he was changing notes, which was pretty cool.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Well, I've bought some speakers :D My Fubar II USB-DAC is also in the mail. The setup: Dynaudio Audience 62 Speakers, Upgrade from Focal 707S Bookshelves Roksan Kandy MkIII Integrated Amplifier Xbox 360 PSAudio Prelude Speaker Wire Black Rhodium Interconnect Maybe: Velodyne SPL-1200R...
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    Soundcard for hi-end home cinema

    One of the resident experts here "Pimprig" uses a soundcard/DAC solution. He has Cary + ML Summits. The disadvantage would be the possibility that the DAC isn't 5.1 / 7.1 ready; many I've seen are 2.0 only. Perreaux and Musical Fidelity both make DACs that plug in directly from USB: you...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Thanks for the input, you seem to be the "resident pro" here at HardForums. He's still looking at electronics, but the cost is getting daunting... because it won't be in a "pure" stereo setup he needs to find some great multichannel electronics... Classe was too expensive though :( He's...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    So my old man went and listened to Martin Logan Summits, B&W 802Ds and Quad ESL-2905s. His favorite: The Quads... He's a big blues and jazz listener, but also likes the Beatles and Pink Floyd. He presently owns some Quad 22Ls. As some of you may know, none of these speakers are cheap: the B&Ws...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    I just read a couple of pages back something about BW 800 series... my dad is actually going to audition some 802Ds tomorrow with some Quad ESL-2905s. I wanted to go with him but unfortunately I still have finals left... I'm also looking for speakers right now... although somewhat more...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Not intended :D An honnest mistake, for sure. I'm really looking forward to it, as it will most likely result in some new speakers for me soon after!