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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    wow, kit looks like it would be a nice complete option to get started with water builds.
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    The Top 5 Best Overclocking CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    I worked with a friend to get his Celeron 300A to 600 MHz, man it cooked on a 133MHz FSB board. I never had a 300a but I had a pentium pro 200 cooking at 1GHz.... I still have a Q6600, I never mess with overclocking it
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    Apple's New Facial Recognition iPhone Unlocking Tool Failed in Its First Public Demo

    The touble I have with facial unlock is what is going to prevent a police officer, or other person from Grabbing your phone and flashing it at your face to unlock it?
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    Apple Is Fighting Movie Studios to Keep 4K Films Priced at $20 on iTunes

    I would like to see apple forge forward in the market, look what it did for digital music. with $19.99 4k movies, retular HD movies will fall to at least $15.99 with older content falling to 9.99 or less which is affordable. (like the $5 DVD movie bins)
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    AMD Threadripper Socket TR4 Up Close and Personal

    How many hours have I spent using a Mechanical pencil or an exact-o knife fixing CPU pins.... socket7/370 a mechanical pencil is the best method. although an exacto or razer is easiest to get them into rows. I would be game....
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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    When I started, with the company I worked for had many of the SOYO SY-6KBE boards installed when I started, nothing but headaches, some worked rock solid no issues (even years after the fans stopped) The owner thought it wise to buy the next cheap solution up, the FIC 503 boards, come to find...
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    This Is Amazon’s New Echo with a Built-In Touchscreen

    My question, What's it going to show when your kid asks it "Play Twinkle twinkle" ....
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    Walmart Associate Delivery Pays Employees to Deliver Packages After Shift Work Ends

    What no drone delivery service? 10 miles, to cover 90% of customers an industrial Drone should be able to provide delivery within several blocks from each store. Drone to the next level, print out a QR code landing pad for delivery at your residence or leave a tablet out on the porch...
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    Farmers get Cornholed by DRM Software

    when it comes to $300,000 tractor or $900,000 harvisters they are all very similar, John Deer is just one of the better ones. (just like a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley or Rolls Royce they all have features that are different and make them better)
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    Farmers get Cornholed by DRM Software

    I was thinking the same thing, The same black market scanners and diagnostic tools are available overseas for way less than their local made counterparts, but I have made use of them for doing my own maintenance and auto repairs. (places like odb2tool or Rosstech make a their business on these...
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    Intel Crosses an Unacceptable Ethical Line

    Intel has been doing this for years!!! (since 1999 that I know of) Intel has been using farce info and trying to show potential ROI and cost savings of upgrades. It is not unknown that people spend 20-40 hours a year waiting on computers over 3 years old. Doing the same with technologies...
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    Amazon Outage Breaks Large Parts of the Internet

    My GarminConnect App will not sync. a few other cloud based storage systems are not responding. too soon for an "Alexa Break the internet" joke?
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    Amazon To Start Selling Actual FireTV TVs

    Not likely something I would buy directly, (locked into a media processor is not a real good idea) the ~$40 firesticks are pretty decent, (even the $100 fireTV boxes, are decent) but its the 3rd party addons that are spiking sales.
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    Amazon Patenting Flying Warehouses Full Of Drones

    Why does the Patent drawing remind me of a Wile-E-Coyote super genius drawing of an Acme Rocket diagram attempting to get a roadrunner.
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    Drunkn Bar Fight VR Game Giveaway

    I am game to try it.
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    Next VR Craze: Drunkn Bar Fight

    So wheres the retail/service industry version of this? (be a Beastbye, fast food, or other retail store employee, go rampage on the store and customers, or be the customer go off on the mechanic, clueless customer service agent) OK so maybe I need therapy, but who hasn't felt like busting a TV...
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    Las Vegas Installs Cool Solar-Kinetic Street Lights

    I could see a few tweaks for these to make them a much better option, mesh network lighting the closest lights to an active location (where you were, where you are and where you are going) better proximity detectors other than the foot trigger will be needed,
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    Using A Drone To Replace A Light Bulb

    I believe air currents change around the open ceiling tiles. (watch the drone shift left and accelerate up, I would guess a properly mounted light could be easier, but its a lot like docking a spacecraft)
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    Supreme Court To Hear Apple-Samsung Feud Over iPhone Designs

    "Our phones exploded first, we hold the patent on exploding phones"
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    NVIDIA and Samsung Agree to Settle All Outstanding IP Litigation - See more at: http://nvidianews.nv

    What are they working on together? there is something going on.
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    AMD Reports 2016 First Quarter Results

    looks like AMD found some extra cash- AMD Licenses X86 to China JV | EE Times
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    Give Your Loved One a Shocker

    seriously? people actually crowdfunded a personal shock collar?
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    Warning: Windows 10 May Auto-Install On Your PC

    I am not buying the auto install, but I have noticed their nag screens changed, now they have a "pick a time to install" option Those who are claiming autoistall, may have accidently selected the install later that during the day and left their computer on.
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    Wal-Mart Seeks To Test Drones

    when Walmart uses them to stock shelves, or run registers, then we know Skynet is getting too powerful.
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    Facebook Is Down

    What no like button?
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    Titan #1 On Top500 Supercomputer List

    can we get it to fold for the Horde?
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    Oh, a person can dream can't they?
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    States Ask Help Collecting Internet Sales Taxes

    I always considered state tax on goods purchased from another state, to fall under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, as a state is levying a tax on goods from another state.
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    Facebook Stock Drops On News Of User Decline

    Time line sucks, getting it through Zuckerburgs head may be the problem!
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    Best Buy Trying To Copy Apple's Look

    So basically what walmart and target have done with their electronics departments?
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    Tech Glitch Causes Huge Fireworks FAIL

    Who wants to bet there is a Windows Crash involved?
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    Jelly Bean Adds "Blink" Feature To Face Unlock

    only way to prove liveliness is random blink & wink commands,
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    Online Retailer Charges A 6.8% Internet Explorer 7 Tax

    Well- it is a pretty good idea, if a customer is using a security flawed browser, and it costs you more to process their transactions... a Tax or fee could be added to force them to upgrade
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    Best Password Protection EVER!

    i bought a computer off craigslist where the previous owner had all his passwords stored in the programs. (quicken, itunes, email... etc)
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    Best Password Protection EVER!

    Although dad use the serial number off the bottom of the keyboard. for a long time.... that worked until he got a new keyboard.
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    Best Password Protection EVER!

    I was about to say the book labeled "keep in a safe place" ranks right up there with the passwords written on posty notes around the monitor.
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    GIGABYTE is First With Validated 7.032GHz on Ivy Bridge

    I am thinking Topspeed is nothing, give me a speed for 100% load with 24x7 up time for 168 hours! a top fuel dragster's motor puts out 4000 hp and can go from standing still to 300 MPH in 3 seconds, but you have to rebuild the motor after about 500 revolutions. my street car can do 0-60 in 5...
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    Balloon Popping With Lasers!

    There has got to be a joke about "99 red balloons going bye" in there somewhere...
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    Kid Pees On $36,000 Worth of MacBooks

    I threatened the teacher of my keyboarding class, that I was going to throw all the computers out the window. (second floor class room) but that was because I did not want to take a boring computer class I wanted to play games or program.
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    Wireless Providers To Disable Stolen Phones

    All those iPhones bought on ebay will just stop working one day!