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    How to identify source of system beep error when gaming?

    So beyond my initial stupidity was that periodic pulsing/humming noise. One comment I found online was that it was potentially turbulence. I've disconnected the three bottom fans and it seems to have alleviated the issue. My question then is, realistically what effect will this have on cooling...
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    How to identify source of system beep error when gaming?

    Oh my god it actually was my UPS and not my computer, I'm such an idiot for not noticing. Thank you very much.
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    How to identify source of system beep error when gaming?

    Yeah it's definitely the computer and not UPS. I crossposted the question elsewhere and power was also suggested. This PSU only came with 2 PCIe 8pin connectors so I had to use the daisy chain for one of them. I've ordered a spare cable to see if it does the trick.
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    How to identify source of system beep error when gaming?

    Hi, I've recently built a system with the following specs: AMD 5700x w/ Noctua D15S Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming 32gb G.Skill Ripjaws 3200 Gigabyte RTX4080 Corsair RM850x 1TB Samsung 970 evo plus m.2 2TB WD350 m.2 Fractal Torrent Everything seems a-ok in Windows, but almost immediately as I...
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    How much would you pay over MSRP for a 3080/3090?

    I said $50, but that's just what I would accept as normal markup from a small independent shop if I was lucky enough to find one with stock. From an ebay scalper? Not a penny more.
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    Picked this up on Black Friday. Seems ok but I'm struggling to find picture settings that feel right. I can't seem to get whites to feel really white like my PB278Q without feeling like it's hurting my eyes.
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    You know.... I thought I wanted a 3080. But. If AMD comes through with stock...

    I don't know what AMD AIB prices will be like but I feel like Canadian pricing is making this a harder decision than it needs to be. At least at the moment it seems like the 3080 is closer to $250 more expensive than the 6800XT.
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    New build assessment?

    Ryzen 5 5600X Asus TUF Gaming B550-Plus G.Skill Ripjaws 32gb 3200 AMD 6800 XT (reviews/availability pending, could be 3080) Fractal Design Define 7 Corsair RM850x WD SN750 1TB Noctua NH-U14S Thoughts on this? Does it seem reasonably balanced? Gaming performance is all I'm worried about so it's...
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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    I see that framerates across the lineup seem pretty similar, but how much benefit would the 5900x have over the 5600x if I decided to start Twitch streaming those games?
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    Fiio D3 to Schiit stack worth the upgrade?

    I've got a pair of JBL 305p mkIIs currently connected to a Fiio D3 and into the computer with spdif. Is there any audible benefit to upgrading the Fiio to something like a Schiit Magni/Modi stack? The volume knob and accessible headphone jack are nice but not worth the expense to me if there's...
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    Viewsonic ELITE XG320U 4k@144hz IPS HDR-600 Announced

    Pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. Hopefully it'll perform well and the absence of certain premium features will have it come in at a reasonable price.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    How valuable will PCIe4 be for a 3080? Am I completely insane to consider a B550 over an X570 just because I hate the inevitable annoyance of a chipset fan?
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    Pre-orders for these started today, How fast can a 1ms VA panel realistically go before it starts to smear? That's the common VA problem at speed, right?
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    Considering a V2400W

    Just gonna throw my own quick question in here rather than create a new thread: How does this monitor compare to a Dell 2405? All the specs and reviews just make me googly eyed, does anyone who has seen both side by side prefer the V2400 hugely over the Dell? The only thing I use it for is...
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    gtx280 SLI vs 4870X2 Quadfire; Ati wins Fatality!

    Roughly comparable pricepoint?
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    New build; thoughts?

    Interesting. The modular aspect of it certainly appeals to me despite its drawbacks. Would you guys still recommend it given that the 620HX is slightly more expensive than the Silencer 750?
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    New build; thoughts?

    The concern I have with the HX620 is that it's got three 12v rails @ 18a a piece, and the GTX280 coming out has a very steep requirement which favours a single rail. The TX's on the other hand have the single rail, but in that link you posted the ramp up in noise comes much lower, from 300-400w...
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    New build; thoughts?

    I picked the 750 for two reasons: a)It gives me the headroom for Crossfire down the road now that ATI seems to be back on the ball. I know I said I don't need SLI and rarely upgrade, but might as well not rule it out on the PSU front ;) b)This one I may be way off base, so someone can...
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    New build; thoughts?

    I submit my planned build to the [H]orde for analysis and critique! I do not build frequently, nor do I usually perform upgrades, so please consider future-proofing to an extent with some choices. The machine is primarily for games, I don't get into any kind of video editing type activities...
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    Is it worth upgrading from a Dell 2405?

    I've been using this 2405 since they first launched, and I'm just about ready to purchase a new system (waiting on GTX280). I'm just curious, is it really worth upgrading to a more modern 24"? Would the benefits be particularly noticeable? I'm out of the loop on LCDs lately, but it doesn't...
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    Gibberish on the screen during boot

    I've got random gibberish on my screen when I turn my computer on. Everything pre-Windows is still working fine though (BIOS, Safe Mode prompt etc.) in the sense that I can use it, still looks ridiculous. I can get Windows to load in Safe Mode (although I can barely see what's happening on my...
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    *seriously* n00b question

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    Media Player Classic problem

    Fixed. This thread can be deleted.
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    Computer freezes at post

    It's not the optical drive or CMOS. I can try a new power supply tomorrow. Just curious though as I have little prior experience: I've had the PSU unplugged while I make changes, and when I plug it back in it makes a hissing type sound I've never noticed before (never had it unplugged this long...
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    Computer freezes at post

    This is not a new build, but rather a system that's been working with no problems since Sept. 2004. The specs are listed below. Yesterday my computer began randomly locking up, and today it will not get past the POST screen before locking up completely. I've swapped in/out and tested every...
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    Why would I get this Java array error?

    Simple array, int[ ] anArray = new int[ 5 ]; anArray[ 0 ] = 1; Just the creation of the array is fine, but the 2nd line is giving me: C:\Program Files\Xinox Software\JCreatorV3LE\MyProjects\Projectile\src\ ']' expected anArray[0] = 1...
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    Applet: dissapearing text/ellipse?

    First time applet writer, doing a little exercise for class. The url is What should be visible in the upper panel is 5 numbers I have up for testing, and a simple elipse fired with simple projectile motion. The issue on my end, with Firefox...
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    Copying a curved text layer in Illustrator?

    This is the full error: The font OdessaLetPlain could not be embedded in the PDF document because of licensing restrictions. Stroked text will not be visible. Probably just because I only have the Adobe AcroReader and not the full version of Acrobat?
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    Copying a curved text layer in Illustrator?

    Great, thanks :) Followup question: I get a Liscencing error when I save images with particular fonts (Odessa, Ruach). I'm helping edit a logo for my neighbours newly incorporated business, are these fonts bad news for them to use? Or can the error just be ignored?
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    Copying a curved text layer in Illustrator?

    I'm new to Illustrator :o Say I have curved text in one Illustrator file, curved around an ellipse. How can I copy the text with the exact same guide and drop it into another image?
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    HDTV resolution question

    Just out of curiosity, why would an LCD-TV come with a native resolution of 1366x768, if the 720p standard is 1280x720? Thanks!
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    1920x1200 gaming hardware

    The system in my sig is running all my games at 1920x1200 with no problems, and it's nothing special by todays standards. Oh, though I guess that's without AA/AF for some of them :(
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    *seriously* n00b question

    I'm not saying I'd get that exact one, just trying to nail down what to look for when I go out. Preferably I'd like to get something here in town rather than online.
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    *seriously* n00b question

    Thanks for the replies :) So you think something like this wouldn't be up to the job?
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    *seriously* n00b question

    I'm almost ashamed to ask it haha. If I get a coaxial splitter and split the cable currently going to my cable modem, can I run one end to the modem, and the other end into a TV-tuner? If so, will it effect speed of the internet?
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    What's the lifetime of a router?

    Yeah that's what happened to my most recent one, massive packet loss. I'm going to attempt to move it up onto the ledge behind the computer, which may be a bit cooler. I'm also going to invest in a UPC.
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    What's the lifetime of a router?

    I thought about grabbing a Linksys, but the wireless nic in my other computer is a dlink, and I've had trouble getting the two brands to work together in the past. Is it possible that constant data traffic could be the cause? These routers are definitely getting more than average use with...
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    What's the lifetime of a router?

    They've always been plugged into the same surge protector as the rest of the system. It was 2 DLink's and a Netgear.
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    What's the lifetime of a router?

    Seems to me like they should be lasting longer than they are :\ I have them sitting next to my cable modem, on top of my desk, behind my monitor. There's a good 2 feet between the back of the monitor and the wall, so there's lots of circulation. The back of the computer faces them, but it's...
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    Any diagnostic tools for cable modem or router?

    My internet connection has been really sketch lately, but I'm having trouble nailing down the exact source. Is there any kind of software out there that can be used to perform a diagnostic on these devices?