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    Microsoft Introduces Hyperlapse Video

    wow this is pretty bad ass.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Custom WASD keyboard with cherry mx blacks and an mx65 :D
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    Razer Develops Own Mechanical Switch (Guru3d)

    wow... to hear that they are just using a chinese knock off after watching that video that so clearly states that they "rallied their engineers" to create a new switch specifically for them. interesting.
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    i used a deathadder for years and years (still favorite mouse but mine fell victim to the same problem that was prevalent with the 3500 series.) now i'm using an m65. i like it a lot, but i still kinda miss my deathadder. i don't miss having the problems... and really actually enjoy the fact...
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    Warm: ASUS 1080p 60hz VS-247HP 23.6" - $122 AR

    i'd be all over this if it had display port :(
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    Charter Offers To Buy Time Warner For $61.3B

    how would this merger affect the quality of current time warner customers? i have charter and i have no complaints at all, it's pretty damn good actually. I've heard nothing but bad things about time warner.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified Speaker System $99.99 - Best Buy

    i just moved to a new house and my new desk setup (two monitors) is getting a little cluttered with the pc having to be on the desk, and two BS41's as well as my Aune T1. Think i'm going to head down to best buy tomorrow to pick up a pair of these. anyone have any tips or best preferred...
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    Nexus 4 phone price drop - 8/16gb for $200/250 no contract

    i already own a rooted note 2 with cm10.2 on it, and am looking forward to buying a nexus 5. but I STILL want to buy one of these just for the damn value.
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    i don't know about you, but you know what i may hate more than androids stock messaging system? receiving random texts from people clearly not directed towards you back and forth between multiple people. especially over a long period of time.
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    Google's Project Loon Requests California Volunteers

    I live in ceres california (about 5-10 miles north of turlock) and just saw this. too late :(
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    Moto X - "The first smartphone that you can design yourself."

    fucking garbage. no cheap off-contract pricing to contend in the nexus 4/5 market. no-go for me.
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    Tone down huge low frequencies in recordings?

    Yeah I know how to use an EQ but that didn't really do much good, was hoping there might be a lesser known option that i had :/
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    Tone down huge low frequencies in recordings?

    I just returned from EDC Vegas and took a bunch of video from my phone. But (quite obviously) everything there has huge bumping bass and low frequencies. My phone didn't seem to capture the other frequencies very well (or covered the higher ones up), is there a way to take the raw footage and...
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    PS4 Launch Edition Sold Out at Amazon

    not sure what the deal with people talking about buggy launch consoles and waiting till kinks are ironed out. I got a launch ps3 (60gb) with full backwards compatibility and that bad boy is still going strong today. I guess all i can say is that i hope my launch ps4 follows suit :(
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    oh god happened again..these followed me home

    damn man, where do you live? awesome come-ups galore o_o
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    power transgormer blown, gear okay?

    This is a re post to my thread on head-fi just thought I'd get as many opinions as possible. So today I was doing some listening on my PC, my setup is usb -> aune t1 -> hd650. Out of nowhere i hear a pretty loud *boom* and a second or two later all the power cuts to the house. I take the...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-A900X (or AD900) Headphones $128 @Buydig w/

    damn definitely not what i needed to see, but i bit. I own a pair of hd650's but I want a decent pair of closed back headphones to compliment my collection.
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    udac(gen1) upgrade

    how does that Aune T1 compare to a e7/e9 combo (dac and amp wise, i use it to drive a pair of 650's as well as output to a ht-rc260 driving a pair of pioneer bs41's and a cheap monoprice sub)? I've been looking into replacing mine for a while.
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    3DMark for Android released

    hmm 283mb app, i guess it has to be with all of the video it uses for the stress test but kinda threw me off at first.
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    Moved 5.1 surround into living room. Help me w/bookshelfs for bedroom?

    i own a pair of pioneer bs41's and they are literally awesome speakers (i think i got them on sale for 99 dollars)
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    thanks for the reply. how is the 600 ohm amp in this card comparable to the 600 ohm amp in the e9?
  22. S running giant Dungeons and Dragons sale

    so GOG doesn't do steam keys? i like that it's drm free but i don't like having to manage multiple websites/clients for different games... i'll probably forget i even bought these within a few weeks since i never visit GOG :/
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    so, my current setup is a fiio e7/e9 paired with hd650's. i also have RCA out going to an onkyo ht-rc260 powering a pair of pioneer bs41's. How would the quality of my setup sound if i replaced my e7/e9 with this and powered the hd650's with this, and used digital out of the card to the receiver...
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    Borderlands 2 & Season Pass - $24.99 - Amazon

    why does amazon not just give a steam code, i hate having to use this garbage proprietary downloading software. edit: nevermind, the email amazon sends you contains a steam code. hope people see this before having to download.
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    Fractal R4 With Window 59.99 + SH @

    haha how cooincidental i just bought a 7950 and an ssd (the crucial m4 though) and looking at this. but im thinking im going to get an m65 due to the drift issue.
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    sounds good. what i'll probably do then by the sound of it is just buy that 7950 for now (and possibly an ssd) and then when haswell comes out do the full build. sound like an adequate plan given the circumstances? also what are your guys' opinions on how much performance i'll actually gain...
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    Yeah no I don't run an SSD in my current build either. I assume my GPU is my largest bottleneck by today's standards. With Danny's build, He spent about 1600'ish, would bumping the CPU up to a current gen i7 be a large enough upgrade over my current to justify it?
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    Yeah, for context the basics of my current build is an i7 920, 6gb of memory and a 5850. Seems like most of the decision around where I should go with my new build is centered around the CPU.
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    Danny, I currently have an i7 920, would that i5 beat it performance wise? also, how does that ram compare to more performance oriented memory?
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    like previously mentioned i am willing to do it (if the build necessitates it) but i just also meant that if i were to put together a build that wasn't centered around OC'ing then I also wouldn't mind. all I kind of meant though was that since I have a higher than normal budget, I'd rather not...
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    Today Is The Last Day For $40 Windows 8

    quick (and probably stupid) question, if it hasnt been asked already in this thread: I see that this is an upgrade, and I DO own a copy of windows 7 pro. But if I were to buy this and burn it to a physical media, would I be able to install straight from a disc from a fresh format? Or would I...
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    Alright! Taxes are all filed, money should be here within 2'ish weeks (if last year was any indication) so that will be when I buy. Any and all advice greatly welcomed :D
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    Corsair HS1 died, need new headset this headset has been getting pretty good reviews and seems excellent for its price.
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    New build soon, general advice welcome :D

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Majority of what I'll be doing is gaming (certain MMO's, Borderlands 2 CS:GO etc. etc. etc.) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Around 2,000 u.s. dollars. I can go higher if there's a certain...
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    [Steamworks] Darksiders II $12.49 75% Off 24hrs Only!!!

    Do they give steam codes for the amazon downloads? I probably wont get around to playing this anytime soon and having steam there to be able to download and play it anytime I want is pretty crucial.
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    holy cow $99 dac and $99 headphone amp goodness

    I'm in the same boat, I'm running an e7/e9 for my hd650's and then run coaxial out to my HT-RC260 powering 2 Pioneer BS41's. Not sure if it would be an upgrade at all.
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    Wii Us in stock right now at Target Online

    I'm hoping somewhere in the lifespan of the Wii U that Nintendo realizes for their next console that most true gamers really want a normal controller, and just some kickass fun games that will sell the console and not some weird *new hype* controller gimmicks.
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    3TB Seagate USB 3.0 $100 at Amazon.

    wow that sucks, 100 bucks would have been awesome, back up to 132.00 from a different retailer.