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    Best music integration for 7MC

    I'll take that one, just to vent somewhere on the net: I was a long time Meedio user until Yahoo torpedoed that ship, and I got tired of waiting for MeediOS. I have always been fanatical about keeping tags organized and up to date - because I used a few tagging tricks for Meedio, it was a...
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    Large Movie Collectors...

    That's nice and it looks quick and easy, but what if you want to search by studio, actor, director, or year? That's why I prefer the XML-based approach that most frontends use, because I can search or sort based on any criteria. I would think that the larger the collection gets, the more...
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    Google: Windows is torturing users

    Agreed. They still haven't addressed the main reason that thin client stuff fails: There's no real cost savings that make up for the tradeoffs. In some cases, it could be argued that thin client setups could be a lot more costly. $350-$500 notebooks aren't going to cut it when I can buy...
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    HTPC Build / Audio Questions

    Looks like you found the answer yourself, but yes, that Realtek chipset will do what you need - optical out from the board to the receiver and you're set. I've noticed that I specifically have to select it as the audio output device in some programs (like TMT 5), just going with "default" sound...
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    Please help me chose a bluray player (internal)

    Yes and No. WMC can be trained to use MPC, though it can run into some headaches depending on the OS (32 v 64 bit) and what codecs you have, and what files you have. I'm sure most of the issues encountered could eventually be solved, if you feel like spending a lot of time messing with it...
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    32-bit v. 64-bit for a Media PC

    I run 64-bit, WMC only, and have had various playback problems from time to time. I made peace with it and have no plans to change my setup, but if I had to do it all over again I probably would opt for 32 bit.
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    2011 - Best HTPC Software for WMC/MCE

    If there's something out there, I haven't seen it. WMC's native module is stupid, and all the alternatives I have seen are just folder browsers. Powerful music sorting is definitely something that got left behind in today's frontends.
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    2011 - Best HTPC Software for WMC/MCE

    PlayOn (with the Playon Media Server installed) or SecondrunTV to aggregate stream sources in WMC - I haven't decided which one I like better yet. Arcsoft's Total Media Theatre is a great solution for Blu-Ray, especially since it integrates well into WMC. Version 5 added better integration...
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    H.P. USB TV Tuner Sale - $49.99 shipped (record TV shows onto hard drive free!!!)

    .....before we get too far along on the HP joyride, they're rebadged Hauppauge HVR-950q's - HP probably doesn't know or care what it is. It's a pretty good price for it though. It doesn't have a hardware encoder and some people seem to have trouble with getting it to work in WMC, but if you...
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    Is this what to expect from LCD?

    I have that LG set. It isn't bad, but it does need a lot of tweaking out of the box. AVSForum and CNet both had calibration guides for the xxLH40 sets, I played around with a few of the ones people have posted and reached some middle ground. 1. 1080i and 720p both look great once the...
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    Company Stubburn on Upgrading

    Exactly - doing a job half right isn't worth the fallout when and if it doesn't work, especially when you know it won't work before you start. Fire the client. It's a hard choice to make, especially in these times, but taking a little money now and having a reputation get smeared (despite your...
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    Win7 64Bit Media Center and MKV support

    Same with me - I forgot to mention that I didn't use FFDShow either since I have TMT3 handle any upscaling and processing. I'll probably end up putting it on there if I ever get around to making subtitles work.
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    Win7 64Bit Media Center and MKV support

    You have to make a slight registry change for WMC to recognize .mkv:
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    Network pritner/scanner?

    In my experience, the HP units are easier/cheaper to repair if and when they break. All of the Brother units I have supported worked as advertised, and they certainly were cheaper, but when something went wrong with them, it was something that couldn't be replaced short of getting an entire new...
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    easiest way to enjoy bluray on htpc..

    That doesn't sound right - I haven't had that happen on any WMC/TMT setups I have done, though I'm not sure how you would fix that. If you're using Mediabrowser to launch TMT, there are different .exe's to choose from in the install folder, and one that is made for wmc. I couldn't tell you off...
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    Best Practice? our company and mobile phones

    This x1 billion, plus: 5. The phone number belongs to the company, because it goes out on a million emails, business cards, contacts, etc....if you leave the company, all of your business contacts will get redirected to someone else in the company, and you won't get a chance to get them to...
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    Outside Distribution Lists

    You can hide the contacts from exchange lists in the "Exchange Advanced" tab - then they won't show up in the GAL - all of my 3rd party contacts are done this way for the same reasons you need. It's still a PITA to add 80 contacts though :P
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    locking down FF??

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    External player for mediabrowser controllable with MCE/7 remote

    Thanks to DS Filter Tweaker and a few other tweaks found at hack7mc(.com), I haven't found a video type that I can't play in WMC, but I wouldn't say that's *the* final word on the matter. If all else fails, use mpc-hc, and configure it with the same commands that WMC uses.
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    1.5 TB Western Digital Green $58 after $30 MIR & BCB at Tiger

    BTW, the rebate/price applies for all of their outlets (Tiger, Compusa, Circuit City, etc), online or in store. I grabbed one at a CompUSA store locally. QFFT - I jumped on this to replace a 3-month old 1.5 TB Seagate that caught the click of death. Nice to have while Seagate RMAs a...
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    Prevent employees from bringing personal laptops and connecting to the network?

    If it's the same computers all the time, create false reservations in the DHCP table for the machines that don't belong - give them bad gateway/DNS info, and they won't be able to go anywhere. It's not the best or easiest solution, but it will work for a few occurrences. It's not something you...
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    Who uses Auto update?

    I think this comment from the original link is closer to the truth - it's not the update, it's the machine. In our case, this was a machine that already had a lot of virus detections, and was far and away the heaviest internet user on the last few cymphonix reports. Once I replaced the sys...
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    Who uses Auto update?

    I've had one machine fall victim to it, out of several hundred machines. It's quick and easy to fix if you have recovery console or a windows cd available, it just requires going to the machine. I was going to pull the approval out of wsus, but since it's showing 98% installed, I haven't bothered.
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    WSUS info

    WSUS will let you put your inventory into groups, and approvals can be granted or withheld based on those groups - if you're worried about something critical, put it into a different group, and approve updates for that group once your tests on the other groups go fine. WSUS doesn't handle...
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    Converting Windows 7 for server use (or Server 2008 clone)?

    If you RDP into a computer with the same credentials as an account that's already logged on, it will simply lock the local screen and open the remote session. If it's a 'server' that you're always going to be connecting by remote to, then don't even bother with a local monitor. Better yet, use...
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    Patriot Box Office Medial Player Giveaway @ [H]

    the thixth ith thilent, mith thmith
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    Cannot get folder sharing in Windows 7 to work

    No. You have set the computers not to require a password to log in , but they're still using an account - you had to specify a username when windows was installed. If you only have one username, it's set to be an administrator and will log in automatically by default. Go to Computer...
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    Free wheel mouse and file operations in Win 7 argh!

    ...because the first sentence of your original post said "Logitech mouse" :D Good to know that uberOptions doesn't work with later versions of setpoint though - I'll avoid the upgrade.
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    Free wheel mouse and file operations in Win 7 argh!

    I know the setpoint software doesn't do explorer-specific commands, but maybe something in uberOptions could disable that functionality or take the mouse out of free wheel when you're in explorer.
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    Anyone know of a Network Neighborhood Replacement...

    back to Jutsu's question - is the network set to Home, Public, Work? Workgroup or Domain?
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    Using Windows Server 2008 as a Desktop

    Hyper-V is fine if you want to run a few virtual Windows-based servers, not so much for desktop operating systems other than 7 and vista - if you just want to play with virtual machines, don't tie yourself to the hassle of using 2008 R2 just to do it - go with 7 and vmware or virtualbox MS...
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    New Machine Every 2-3 Months, and KEEP OS?

    ^^This I've had better than expected luck with doing a windows image backup (if W7HP has that, I've been using Enterprise), installing the image on similar hardware, and it will at least boot to the point I can update drivers. If you have an early image with programs installed you can try to...
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    media browser too slow

    I'm beginnng to wonder if this has something to do with it - Could mixing lots of different media types within a library be the culprit? I hope not, since that would defeat the functionality of MB. In my own case, I'm using a consistent folder structure and doing whatever it takes with...
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    media browser too slow

    I've been having (I think) a similar issue - it takes longer than I think it should to open Media Browser once 7MC is started. Once the module is opened, cover art and thumbnails lag a bit, but once all the backgrounds and posters load, browsing is quick. I'm going to try the steps to move the...
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    Microsoft Security Essentials vs. NOD32

    I've heard the same, and feel the same about the day to day operation. Speaking of false positives, funny thing happened last night: I downloaded and installed WinRAR x64, latest version from the rarlabs website. MSE popped up a box later, referring to the install file, that said something...
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    Seagate Barracuda LP ST31500541AS 1.5TB 5900 RPM 32MB - 89.99 FS

    I must be blind, because I thought the same thing - good catch. That's why I don't make buying decisions at 5am :D
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    Seagate Barracuda LP ST31500541AS 1.5TB 5900 RPM 32MB - 89.99 FS

    Anyone have any input on this drive VS the WD Caviar Green that they have for $85/FS?
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    XP Mode Issues

    Check the task manager to see if vpc.exe is still running. I have had a few machines do the same thing, where the process is still running when it shouldn't be. If you kill that process and start the published virtual app again, it will work. Oddly enough, it doesn't do it on every machine I...
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    Admins : how do you handle take home laptops and domain connectivity?

    Offline files could work too, though syncing them among multiple users could cause a lot of headaches
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    No Autorun in Windows 7?

    From the article: Sync n go is a U3 the drive configured to pretend to be optical media?