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    Audio device switcher for Windows 7

    Sorry for the bump. I've been trying to get the SirWest version of this to run, having no luck at all. Version 1.42 crashes as soon as I click on the icon, with this Windows exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Windows\system32\2hps.ico'. Version 2.0 RC2 crashes...
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    Home video security systems

    Having my apartment broken into a month ago and losing a PS3, xbox 360, and almost losing a $1600 TV (hooray for heavy and obtuse full-motion wall mounts) and now having someone attempt to break in another way yesterday, I'm interested in getting some sort of video surveillance set up. We can't...
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    Sync Podcasts/MP3 with Sansa Clip

    I'm quite fond of Media Monkey, but most media managers that support podcasts should be fine. I'm pretty sure Winamp does it too, but I don't use it for transfers to MP3 players.
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    Controllers for both PC and XBox 360

    How about wireless? I've seen mentions of a 360 wireless "crossfire" adapter for the PC but it only seems to exist in the UK.
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    Controllers for both PC and XBox 360

    I'm looking to snag an extra controller so my roommate and I can do co-op Halo 3, since we only have one 360 controller in the house... but I also want a new gamepad for my PC (hooray for retrogaming.) Is there a good controller I can grab that supports both the 360 and the PC?
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    Replacing the mic on the Razer HP-1 Barracuda headset for $21

    Good luck. Remember, if you have the gain on the mic cranked up, lower it when you install the new mic, or you'll blow someone's eardrums. Probably your own.
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    X-FI Fatal1ty

    The X-RAM only matters for games that say they support it... but supposedly any game that uses OpenAL will make full use of it anyway as it's built into the architecture. So, future games (especially those made with full Vista support) will benefit, and anything that claims to work better on...
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    Replacing the mic on the Razer HP-1 Barracuda headset for $21

    So, I bought this headset, and after several hours of extensive tweaking (still going) I've gotten it to the point where it sounds pretty damn good for 90% of the music and movie audio that I listen to. The microphone, however, is terrible. I found that I need to enable the 20dB boost just to...
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    Front Panel card readers, USB, sound, etc.

    I'm in the market for a good front-panel connector for card readers, USB ports, etc. I actually don't care about having sound and I have a dedicated fanbus for fans, but what I'm really interested in is finding one with a good built-in card reader. Here's one example of the type of thing I'm...
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    Klipsch: Broken Connector

    You should only need a new control unit... Or you might be able to find out what the correct wiring is, and just change it. BTW, if you could, I'd love to know what wiring information you were using and which model speakers you have. I've been looking for this kind of stuff for my v2.400...
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    Klipsch: Broken Connector

    I'm pretty sure that the connector itself is still a standard DIN connector, so you really just need to find one somewhere and start soldering. Personally I'm more interested in finding out what pinout it's using and getting a more direct connection to my sound card. The preamp blows and...
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    Best 2GB USB Flash Drive?

    TrueCrypt won't work without admin rights, period, since it has to be able to create an entire virtual disk and mount it. There's been some talk of making a separate program that can just open and view the disk without actually mounting it as a drive, but last I checked nothing had materialized...
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    Good speaker selector/switcher for headphones?

    That's what I was referring to... the problem is that the pass-through picks up interference along the way, and it is also subject to signal loss as well. Some will be better than others, but I've been a bit underwhelmed by the few I've tried out. What external DAC are you using? I have...
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    USB Headset and Speakers switch

    Yeah, all it does is switch which sound card is used by default. When a program starts using sound it latches onto the current default and keeps using it unless said card is fully disabled, at which point it just stops playing sound entirely. Unless your software of choice has the ability to...
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    Best 2GB USB Flash Drive?

    Personally I'm quite fond of the Sandisk Titanium w/U3. I use a number of them at work and always have one on my keychain. It's not the fastest one out there but it's better than most; 15MB/s read, 9MB/s write. Comes with a sandisk-only version of dmailer-sync (cruzersync) for U3, which can...
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    Good speaker selector/switcher for headphones?

    Yeah, the thing is, no matter what you do, unless the sound card you're using has multiple outputs to accommodate both the speakers and headphones, you're going to be dealing with some sort of compromise. A splitter, a breakout box, a second sound card, a passthrough on the speaker... they all...
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    Good speaker selector/switcher for headphones?

    I think that's the one, but I didn't bookmark it so I'm not 100% sure. You could be describing issues with the realtek crap though, and not necessarily the Velbac software. Personally I've never heard any good audio from a realtek chipset... but that's just me. I guess another option is to...
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    Good speaker selector/switcher for headphones?

    I think an external breakout box of that sort is really your best bet... that, or find a S/PDIF decoder for your Klipsch speakers. I own the original Promedia v.400 and they lack digital input but there WAS the DD-5.1, an aftermarket decoder that plugged directly into the amp's G9 connector...
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    Looking for decent earbuds

    Personally I liked the Sony Fontopia earbuds. Not the greatest, but they do a nice job of compensating for the lacking bass on many MP3 players. I use a Sansa e200 and the combination sounds pretty damn good... and surprisingly for a Sony product, they're very reasonably priced for the quality...
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    Best gaming headset

    Regarding the Tritton AX360s... I had a pair and used it for a little more than a week. I reviewed it here. Going into more detail... These headphones use a "rumble" that approximates a subwoofer. It works okay, for...
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    Replacing a headset mic? The HP-1 mic blows.

    I bought a Barracuda HP-1 headset recently. They sounded like absolute crap at first, but after extensive experimentation and tweaking with my Audigy (I ended up having to install the YouP-PAX modified drivers with Audigy4/X-Fi tools) I managed to get it set up to where the sound is actually...
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    USB Headset and Speakers switch

    The problem here is that most switches change which device you're connecting by physically disconnecting one and connecting the other. It's usually not implemented in such a way that two completely different technologies are switched on and off. Bear in mind, your USB headset isn't just a...
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    RAID 0 or faster processor for increased desktop performance

    I'd actually say that memory is your most important asset. RAID0 only improves upon sequential transfers, and most disk latency in your case is going to be seek times, which RAID actually hinders if anything (especially software RAID, which can really kill latency.) You might notice, at best...
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    Keybinding/Macro software for HID mice?

    Having been endlessly frustrated by the inflexibility of the drivers for some of my HID hardware is, mice in particular, I'm left to wonder. Isn't there anything out there that can be used to bind windows functions and macros to different forms of HID device input, or keyboard hotkeys? I've...
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    FSAA apparently not working on DirectX for WoW

    The only modern 3D application I have installed for testing is World of Warcraft. I have FSAA force-enabled in the drivers, and made sure to disable conflicting options in WoW (full-screen glow, namely.) Running in OpenGL, which is surprisingly slower on my system in many parts of the game...
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    In search of a mechanical ergonomic keyboard (non-squishy)

    Actually, as far as membrane keyboards go, I've been very happy with my ergonomic cordless Logitech keyboard. It's from 99 as well. I'm looking to use it for something else though, in part because it doesn't always get along perfectly well with my motherboard, and in part because using a...
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    In search of a mechanical ergonomic keyboard (non-squishy)

    I'm one of those rare funky individuals that likes both the older Buckling Spring keyboards (like the IBM Model M) and the split layout of ergonomic keyboards (especially if adjustable.) However, I've beeh having a hell of a time finding any buckling spring keyboards nowadays. In fact...
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    DVI-I analog for CRT?

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    Fuzzy Text

    I had a slightly related problem. I'm using two CRTs. Enabling ClearType actually made it worse. I can only assume that the effects of ClearType on CRTs are subjective. Either way, as antialiasing more or less works by making text fuzzy, I'd recommend disabling it if it bothers you. You...
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    DVI-I analog for CRT?

    I just got my hands on a pair of IBM C220p monitors. I also happened to have a nice GeForce 6800GT dual DVI video card on hand. The monitors each came with a DVI-I->VGA cable, and each have a DVI-I (analog) and a VGA port. I'm under the impression that analog DVI-I is to be a replacement of...
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    Good MP3 ripper?

    FLAC > Ogg, assuming HD space = massive. :D
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    Good movie viewers?

    I've been out and away from the PC world for about a year now, having relied on a Mac. I finally just built myself a half-decent new rig, and now... half the software I used to use is either outdated, commercialized, or otherwise made unworthy. I've done pretty well getting back up to speed...
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    Warez to Freeware Conversion... looks interesting, but I'm without NT/2K/XP at the moment and it only runs there. One command-line app to defrag extremely well, albeit slowly, and an interesting idle-priority GUI app to maintain defragmentation long-term.
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    Good motherboard for serial ATA RAID?

    I did some research that i was too brain-fried to do last night. It seems that this chipset doesn't handle RAID 5 at all, and is in fact a software hack RAID solution, but a slightly better one than most. There are, however, RAID 5 cards that use it to provide basic SATA connectivity and then...
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    Software suggestion thread!

    I'm going to list way too much crap here... so no linky. Google is your friend. ;) On the other hand, every last thing I'm listing is free. Free. FREE! Take the shareware fees and shove 'em. :D cocoAspell is a nice way to improve the spell-checking throughout the OS. "More...
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    Good motherboard for serial ATA RAID?

    I'm looking for a (rather substantial) upgrade to my decrepit, old-as-hell dual-Celeron system (built when the Pentium 3 600mhz was the best you could get from Intel, and the Athlon was nothing more than a codename.) I'm hoping to do it for $700 or less (granted, I have quite sufficient video...
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    Strange recurring error; occasional crashes

    A snippet from system.log: Jun 28 13:37:10 Ken-Conroys-Computer kernel: { 0 ff0001} miiReadWord - phyId not established yet. Jun 28 13:37:41 Ken-Conroys-Computer last message repeated 103 times Jun 28 13:39:42 Ken-Conroys-Computer last message repeated 403 times Jun 28 13:49:43...
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    Repairing a corrupted boot sector

    Just what the subject says... I have an 80G partition that is inaccessible, and the only repair utility that's been able to diagnose it so far was the DOS version of Norton Disk Doctor from Systemworks 2001. Everything else either fails, crashes, or tells me there's a bad sector. Some DOS...
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    Automated web-page update monitoring?

    I need a way to keep track of the shitload of small applications I like to keep up to date, and being able to get daily notification when certain things update that I don't check regularly would be nice too. Is there anything (preferrably free/OSS) that will take my stack o' URLs and watch them...