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  1. somecallmeTim

    National Clean Our Your Computer Day

    Oh noes! I did it a day early (not even knowing today was the day) Plus, I have too much to do after work today and won't be able to clean anything anyway.
  2. somecallmeTim

    ... quite possibly mad.

    ... quite possibly mad.
  3. somecallmeTim

    Activision Announces Call of Duty: WWII

    Wait... The original Call of Duty WAS a WWII game. Came out to compete with BF1942. So, Full circle it is just like NeoNemesis said... <sigh>
  4. somecallmeTim

    Enjoying life the best I can.

    Enjoying life the best I can.
  5. somecallmeTim

    Vote For The Steam Awards Winners

    Read through the nominees. Haven't played all the games, but know enough that I'm finding it hard to disagree with any of them. Will be interesting to see how thing roll out in the end. Given the number of games on Steam, pretty cool idea - let those that play the games have a say in what...
  6. somecallmeTim

    “Star In A Jar” Fusion Reactor Works And Promises Infinite Energy

    "Waste" product is Helium. Not a bad deal as Helium is getting scarce (or is very controlled).
  7. somecallmeTim

    Technology Gone Wrong Kickstarter of the Day

    I am not sure I could have said it better than this.
  8. somecallmeTim

    Grand Theft Auto VI To Be Revealed Sept. 7, Eva Mendez To Voice Protagonist?

    But... OTHER GAMES. And work. And life. And buying a house and doing some remodel work. And OTHER GAMES :D
  9. somecallmeTim

    Grand Theft Auto VI To Be Revealed Sept. 7, Eva Mendez To Voice Protagonist?

    I haven't even "finished" GTA V yet... <sigh>
  10. somecallmeTim

    Obduction - New game from Cyan Worlds, creator of Myst

    Former co-worker is one of the artists for this game. He did the concept art they used on the kickstarter, then taught himself 3D skills so after all the 2D stuff was done, he continued on with the game. The good reviews have blown them away -- they put 100% of the budget into making the game...
  11. somecallmeTim

    Apple's Siri Being Changed Because Of Barbra Streisand

    Ego Much? Like us regular people could just call Apple's CEO and inform them of something that needs corrected in SIRI. <sigh>
  12. somecallmeTim

    Netflix Blames Press, Not Hikes, For Lower Subscribers

    It wasn't a "price hike" it was a slight increase. When the term Price Hike is used in headlines, articles, and everywhere, people are going to freak out. I am paying $2 more a month than I was (my increase hit this month). Two. Dollars. That's it. Same people that bitch about Netflix HD...
  13. somecallmeTim

    Air Force Maglev Sled Breaks Record At 633mph

    Most excellent acceleration there....
  14. somecallmeTim

    App That Redraws Any Picture Using Only Straight Lines

    ... Thanks Steve... just burned up some time...
  15. somecallmeTim

    Comcast Customer Hit With $60k Penalty After Waiting 10 Months For Installation

    Pretty much. They don't like it when YOU record the phone call very much.
  16. somecallmeTim

    Comcast Customer Hit With $60k Penalty After Waiting 10 Months For Installation

    This is why I get everything in writing before signing anything. Someone telling me something over the phone can be disputed unless it's been recorded. Yeah.
  17. somecallmeTim

    Mysterious Video of the Day

    Thank Obama..... lolol
  18. somecallmeTim

    IBM Sues Groupon Over Business Model

    It does sound like they should be suing just about every website, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple..... dang, that's a pretty broad, and deep, patent claim.
  19. somecallmeTim

    IBM Sues Groupon Over Business Model

    Article is missing a lot a lot of details; like what the actual technology is, same with Priceline. Don't think it's group / mass deals. There's something else that BigBlue is upset about.
  20. somecallmeTim

    Steam Client Beta Details

    Part of the testing process prior to rolling it out. Beta users are small percentage of the millions that use Steam. Rolling out untested patches would be a bad thing... a very very bad thing. Having had to clean up from untested patch rollouts... yeah. it's a bad thing.
  21. somecallmeTim

    Google Fiber Coming To Huntsville In Public-Private Partnership

    That's what I'm thinking.... heh
  22. somecallmeTim

    Google Fiber Coming To Huntsville In Public-Private Partnership

    Five week to make a game..... five. weeks. The hits he wrote were 6 to 8 months in production / testing. The concept was there, but the execution was lacking - I bought the game, and even way back then, enjoyed until the parts where the bugs broke things. Figured out where to avoid certain, but...
  23. somecallmeTim

    Played Quake Lately? - [H]ardOCP

    You can use the version you have, and it even works with the 'reduex' hi-res stuff. Several Clan mates re-installed from disc and it works fine - 3.20 is the latest: Quake 2 Patch v3.20 Client side you can run what you like for visuals. The lithium mod is server side.
  24. somecallmeTim

    Played Quake Lately? - [H]ardOCP

    If anyone is looking for a 24/7 Quake 2 Lithium server sitting on a phat pipe (server is in Spokane WA, Pipe goes to Seattle) We also have a Mumble server, TF2, and GRAV running currently.
  25. somecallmeTim

    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    I played the hell out of the original XCOM back in the day. Never an easy game to 'win'. The franchise has been pretty good over the years, and this latest release has me quite intrigued -- sadly, very little time to commit to playing it for quite some time. :(
  26. somecallmeTim

    IRS Back Up and Running! Yea!

    Ummm... yesterday was the 4th..... Friday, today is the 5th. <sigh> Gotta love accurate reporting.
  27. somecallmeTim

    The Cord-Cutter’s Guide To Watching Super Bowl 50

    I got an email for Roku saying how to stream it. Not that I'll be watching it - I just love the 'panic' everyone is in over how to watch it when it's totally a non-issue.
  28. somecallmeTim

    Elon Musk Personally Cancelled Customer's $130K Car Order

    Oh, I translated the "wah wahhhh waaaaahhhhh wahhh". I should have mentioned that. ;)
  29. somecallmeTim

    Elon Musk Personally Cancelled Customer's $130K Car Order

    Cliff notes: I am a rich, spoiled, entitled person and I did not get my way and want the world to know my feelings have been hurt because of this. That's how I read his "rant" and is "attempted cover up".
  30. somecallmeTim

    VGA In Memoriam

    Most of the servers I work on have VGA - it's simple, cheap, and very little overhead on the system. I could see this going to DVI, but then look at all the KVMs that would need replaced.....
  31. somecallmeTim

    Flying Chainsaw Bear Game of the Day

    One of those "this looks like stupid fun... Let's Play!"
  32. somecallmeTim

    Wendy’s Probes Reports of Credit Card Breach

    They swipe it, and give you a receipt, all within your view. The issue is the system stores some of that data - how much varies and the less the better. You don't need much to be honest. The breaches tend to happen as the transactions are send back and forth -- that's where the juicy bits are...
  33. somecallmeTim

    Washington Law Would Let Counties Sell Broadband Service When Comcast Won’t

    The TelCo (currently CentruryLink) was grandfathered in since they own the copper. There is an actual city ordnance on the books that Comcast has sole broadband and wired TV service within the city limits. Nobody can come in and provide either service. It sucks. The dark fiber was laid by third...
  34. somecallmeTim

    Washington Law Would Let Counties Sell Broadband Service When Comcast Won’t

    And in areas where Comcast it, they tend to have a legal monopoly. Our choices in the 'kan are Comcast or CenturyTel. That's it. There is miles of dark fiber in town - Comcast blocks any attempt to turn it on as they actually do have a legal monopoly in the city limits. <sigh>.
  35. somecallmeTim

    PC Shipments Continued Their Downward Spiral In 2015

    Personally, I tend to upgrade "one part at a time" - Moved into some SSDs over the last year, new GPU, more storage in the server, added RAM, new monitors, and the like. Eventually, the mobo / CPU / RAM get repalced, but I keep everything else. I can not remember the last time I had a 100% all...
  36. somecallmeTim

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Taking a break from Fallout 4 and playing some GRAV with friends. We have a private server set up, so it's much nicer that way. Also working on a building up another server to replace two dying ones we have hosted at local datacenter. Will be a nice improvement.
  37. somecallmeTim

    Disney Made A Wall-Climbing Robot

    As an engineer -- this is pretty fucking cool. There's a lot going on here with this device -- a lot of cool stuff :)
  38. somecallmeTim

    TigerDirect Has New Owner, Won’t Accept Returns

    That kind of sucks. Then again, I haven't bought anything from TigerDirect since the '90s when they had the best prices on some software we needed. There's a lot of competition with consumer computer parts ... tough to stay ahead.
  39. somecallmeTim

    F The Internet

    I admit, I LOL'd at the sillyness of it.... Thank you internet for the LOL (ironic?)