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    7950gx2+HDTV@1920x1080= frozen computer, have to hard reboot

    Your LCD isnt going to be able to support that 1920x1080 resoloution, you have to find the native res. of you tv then set it to that
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    Deciding between motherboards

    i have the asus 590sli board, nice board, good OC. Only prob i have is the placement of the northbridge, it is right under the back of the the 2nd pcie slot, so it looks like i cant do much with performance cooling, not sure of the placement of the NB on the msi.
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    Cooling new Asus 590SLI

    Already did all of this
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    Cooling new Asus 590SLI

    Alright, so i have the new Asus 590SLI mobo and my room is in an attic and it can hit extreme temps (even with AC on) and i am having a prob with the northbridge overheating. The problem is that it has that heat pipe circuit cooling and i dont want to take it all out, what is the best...
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    What case to get for 250-270$

    i personally just ordered a Lian Li V-1000 A Plus 2, it looks nice and has Lian Li quality for $200.
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    AM2 or 939?

    I just picked up my AM2 hardware tonite, cant wait to set it up and play some games!
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    crossfire on 590 chipset?

    yea too late, it doesnt matter tho, ill just buy an sli setup then i woulda bought a crossfire board but i couldnt find an am2 version
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    crossfire on 590 chipset?

    Quick Q, been out of the loop Will crossfire with 1900 cards work on the new asus 590 sli board?
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    more than one overclock?

    i have two different profiles in ATI tool, one for gaming the other for chilling.
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    Cheap ATI cards

    Not sure if you guys know this but ATI has an "employee purchase program" that employees of Circuit City, best buy and pretty much anyone that sells ati cards can take advantage of. The prices are pretty nice, for instance you can buy an x1800xt for $360 with a $50 mail in rebate, so if you...
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    In need of a new video card

    i would say wait for the 7900gt, i am hearing some good things for $300
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    High Quality Keyboard Hunt

    ive been using a split keyboard for almost 8 years now, i would never go back to a reg keyboard...NEVER!
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    8th Grader's First Build

    Wow :rolleyes: btw hes in 8th grade, hes at least 13.
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    Circuit city advanatage is a scam

    they lied to you, scratches are considered physical damage ive went thro this issue before with a customer, it is not covered by the CSP (service plan) coverage. You might be able to purchase the insurance version of the plan that covers physical damage, it depends what market your store is in.
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    need opinions on thia case

    i have a wavemaster and i love it, coolermasters tele support is nice and you can order replacement parts from them for very cheap if you needed too.
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    Circuit city advanatage is a scam

    This is incorrect i work at CC part time and i sell more service plans than you could ever think and i dont see a dime! I would agree though that most of the PC installs are a ripoff and most service plans are a waste also.
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    Sand paper for lapping 0.0

    paint supply store like Till or Sherman Williams, talk to someone knowlegable and build a relationship and every time you go back ask for the same dude to build rapport, most likely he'll be more willing to spend time with you to talk and explain differences or keep you updated on new products...
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    Case window etching

    look in your phone book for local sign shops, most of them have the equipment for sand etching or even laser etching. I know that most of them use laser etching to make wood signs and laser or sand for glass pieces for border patterns on dining room table glass, etc.
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    Need the BEST case money can buy!

    im liking the Silverstone TJ-07, nothing but excellent reviews
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    TOP Intel engineers leave INTEL.

    cmon its intel, they have the $$ and power to replace those guys
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    low 3dmark05 score

    What kind of score should i be seeing with my setup below? Right now im getting 5500 with stock gpu clocks, that seems low
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    Buying one last AGP card...

    I just picked up an x850xt, love it, loud blower fan on ATi's version, changed it out for a zalman 700Cu
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    8 pipelines?

    Im using 5.4 catalyst... and i dont think i turned vsync or aa or af on.. Do u think that those other 8 pipes are closed?
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    8 pipelines?

    I scored a 3539 in 3Dmark05, does that seem low? my stats are below
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    8 pipelines?

    Awesome rivatuner says 16x1, thanks
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    8 pipelines?

    I just got an x850 xt, i was playing around in ati tool and noticed that the prog said i had only 8 piplines rather than 16. Flaw in prog? Or flaw in card? it should be noted that i changed out the stock blower for a Zalman 770 (or whatever) cooler, maybe i got a little extra artic cooler on...
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    X800 PRO or 6800NU with NV Silencer 5

    my vote is for the x800, even tho I would still fork the extra couple $$ for a 6800GT
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    nVidia SLI Multi-GPU Technology

    well you dont have to buy 2 Graphics cards at once, you can always buy one, and when you feel like an upgrade, buy the other. It a great upgrade solution for the gamer
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    What's better [getting video card]

    if the 5700 is an ultra I would def go with that, otherwise the 5700NU and the 4200Ti are on par, i would prob go with the reg 5700 IMO
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    'sticky' right button on mx510

    take it apart and clean it? that is what id do
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    A Gaming Computer Build?

    hmmm. I would say an athlon 3800, a gig of non performance memory (unless overclocking), 6800U (then get some aftermarket cooling, and overclock the hell out of it), and a 74gig 10k drive to hold system data and games.
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    Building a new system, need opinions!

    btw, unless your using dual channel (which you wont in athlon 64) I would stick with one 1gig stick rather than two 512s
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    Building a new system, need opinions!

    i would recommend shelling out a tad more for a socket 939 system, keep your upgrade path clear in the future.
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    rate my system

    7... average video card, premodded cheesy case , generic speakers, and a non-mx series logitech setup. no sound "card", integrated?. And the day you see the "peak" wattage of 620 on that power supply is the day you put it in the freezer to keep the temp low enough, i would just stick with the...
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    Newegg betray's us?

    well, i work at circuit city. For a brick and mortar to gouge prices is pointless, we would have to price match anyways, newegg and other online retailers can do what they want, bc they know they will sell them at any "reasonable" price. But i do agree, newegg's prices are horrible these days...
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    Rate My Wiring :D

    awesome job :)
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    PCI-E Videocard in AGP Slot Possible?

    "emulate" is such a scary word in tech language
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    512MB Nvidia Quadro video card

    true, the wildcat has been out for a while
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    Over 30 age group please. About video cards.

    i kinda agree, nothing has excited in the computer world lately. this changed with SLI, this is something that im looking forward too, now i actually have to work 20+ hours a week at my second job so i can save up for it :rolleyes: