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  1. dark_reign

    Rage 2

    Game was never worth full price. Somewhat repetitive and mostly a time waster. Hard to believe they were still selling the game at full price recently. But can't complain if it's free.
  2. dark_reign

    Dying Light 2

    Looking forward to it. The first game kicked ass.
  3. dark_reign

    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    Anyone using legal movie streaming sites like TUBI and VUDU? Downside is tolerating a few ads. Most ads are pretty short. Content is hit or miss.
  4. dark_reign

    Watch Dogs: Legion

    Well it's Ubisoft. Could be really good or just mediocre. It's got to better than Mafia 3.
  5. dark_reign

    Watch Dogs: Legion

    20 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming title.
  6. dark_reign

    Far Cry 6

    Far Cry has always been a guilty pleasure and I love open world shooters. I racked up 80 hours in Far Cry 5 and 62 hours in New Dawn. Hopefully Far Cry 6 doesn't suck. I'm all in for a 100+ hours game.
  7. dark_reign

    Horizon: Zero Dawn coming to PC

    Added to my wishlist on Steam. Looks like you can get 50 hours of game time if you do everything.
  8. dark_reign

    Rage 2

    It's fun for a few hours, but gets repetitive since you end up going back to places you already explored. Didn't have many issues, bugs, etc. I did finish the base game, but skipped the DLC. More or less a cash grab.
  9. dark_reign

    Creative introduces the Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Pure Edition in a white finish with added RGB effects

    Using a cheaper Creative AE-5 sound card. Sounds miles better than any onboard junk. Onboard audio has come a long way, but still not good enough for my ears.
  10. dark_reign

    [Humble Bundle] Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

    Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition $4.99. Sale ends May 20.
  11. dark_reign

    EA Digital Sale on Origin/Amazon - Fallen Order ($30), ME: Andromedia ($4), BF V ($12), BF 1 ($3), Titanfall 2 ($3), More...

    It's worth $4, but it's the worst game of the series so far. Worth your time? I'd give it a pass since the story and gameplay was subpar.
  12. dark_reign

    [Epic Store] Just Cause 4 & Wheels of Aurelia (Free Till [DEAD])

    I found it disappointing compared to the older games. Was a bit glitchy when I played it. Game reviews mostly trashed it.
  13. dark_reign

    [GOG] Symmetry (FREE)
  14. dark_reign

    Metro: Exodus

    I got the good ending but it was kinda meh. Seemed odd there was no dialog. Good game overall, but it felt like it was on rails in a lot of places.
  15. dark_reign

    Amnesia: Rebirth

    Yep. I played it for about an hour and never looked back. Boring. I think I got it for free so no loss.
  16. dark_reign

    Gigabyte Offices Raided

    Never had any issues with ASUS. Their BIOS interface is easy to use. Gigabyte is still clunky to navigate (or was).
  17. dark_reign

    Gigabyte Offices Raided

    The only motherboard brand I had a major issue with was ABIT. Some of their boards had corrupt BIOSes or were DOA. That was in the mid to late 90s. I don't miss those days trying to fix the problem and hours wasted. But you sometimes came away with a solution.
  18. dark_reign

    Metro: Exodus

    Been waiting for a year. May bite at $20 or $30.
  19. dark_reign

    Metro: Exodus

    It's still a recent AAA game so it's still too new for it to release on GOG. They'll milk it for another five years (or more) on Steam.
  20. dark_reign

    Games that should be revived...

    Most of the games mentioned would get a pass from game publishers nowadays. Would love to see another F.E.A.R. or Max Payne, but those game franchises are probably dead.
  21. dark_reign

    Are heatsinks necessary for NVME SSDs?

    My Crucial MX500 M.2 runs around 40-45C without a heatsink. No issues since it does get some cooling from one of the front case fans.
  22. dark_reign

    Epic Games Store

    How are they competing if they're selling timed exclusives?
  23. dark_reign

    Epic Games Store

    Doesn't surprise me. EGS made out like bandits thanks to exclusives.
  24. dark_reign

    comptia opposes right to repair bill

    My A+ cert is collecting dust. It's good to have it but most places prefer experience rather than a worthless piece of paper.
  25. dark_reign

    Gamers hate the Epic Game Store but spent $680 million there anyway.

    Hate comes from the exclusivity deals. A 6 months wait is somewhat tolerable, but waiting a full year for those games to release on Steam sucks.
  26. dark_reign

    Fallout 76's next location is a fortified parking garage under a ruined city

    Greed killed the future of this game. What a shitshow.
  27. dark_reign

    How Bethesda Quickly Fell From Grace In One Year

    LOL. I'd replay RTCW 100 times before I'd replay New Colossus. Level design was a shit show.
  28. dark_reign

    How Bethesda Quickly Fell From Grace In One Year

    Players getting hacked didn't help. The outdated Creation engine isn't helping them move forward. It's laughable.
  29. dark_reign

    Tower of Time

    Tower of Time giveaway. Ends January 1st.
  30. dark_reign

    Origin Sale

    Nope. Worst game in the series. SJW and game design ruined it.
  31. dark_reign

    Any news on a new farcry?

    While it's very old now, Far Cry 1 had some really wicked AI. Not the best in the series, but still playable. Far Cry 3 is still my favorite. Primal, Far Cry 5 and New Dawn were pretty meh. Blood Dragon was a blast and I wanted a sequel.
  32. dark_reign

    Postal 2

    Looks like it's free forever via this reddit post:
  33. dark_reign

    Postal 2

    Postal 2 giveaway.
  34. dark_reign

    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut

    There's usually a delay when they offer free games. My copy showed up within an hour. I guess more demand caused a longer wait.
  35. dark_reign

    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut

    Free on GOG for a limited time.
  36. dark_reign

    GOG Winter Sale 2019

    Wasteland 2 giveaway up for grabs.
  37. dark_reign

    The Outlast Trials

    Outlast is going multiplayer. They also added a solo player experience.
  38. dark_reign

    It is Quake 3’s 20th Anniversary today

    Played it almost daily between 2004 and 2007. Joined a clan (XTO) and was an above average player. One on one was always a blast if said server was mostly dead. Getting too old for fast shooters now.
  39. dark_reign

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare... 12 Years Later

    A look back at this excellent game. It's a long video, but worth it.
  40. dark_reign

    ArsTechnica: Google Stadia launch review: Gaming’s “future” looks rough in the present

    Once they get they latency issues sorted it will end up being the industry standard. With Steam getting onboard, streaming games will eventually be the norm. If you have data caps then it sucks for you.