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    Family Opens Fake, Wooden PS4 Christmas Morning

    About a decade ago when I worked returns at a big retail store, it was common for people to return boxes with a phone book inside instead of the device. When employees stole things, they "fell off the truck." I don't remember an employee ever leaving behind a box or anything like that.
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    Researchers Create Strong And Lightweight New Metal

    Alright I read the article and it sounds pretty awesome. What's the catch? It sounds damn near perfect?
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    Real 272HP Hoverboard That Costs $20,000

    Agreed. That video was completely ridiculous. Achieving your dreams on a giant brick with fans crammed into it? Really? :rolleyes:
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    Santa's Sleigh Pulled By Robots

    Wow. :rolleyes:
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    Man Sues Bethesda Over 'Fallout 4' Addiction

    I'm somewhat "uncoordinated" and I have some personal experience in this "spilling coffee on oneself." Never once have I received a 3rd degree burn. At worst my skin is red for a little while. I like my coffee hot, not scalding.
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    Wireless Self-Rocking Baby Crib

    Lol... Typical [H]'er couldn't resist commenting before watching the video. :D
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer

    Isn't it normal in stories for the bad guy to call himself "God" or "a god" only to be shown his place by mere "mortals?" I think it's actually a pretty good lesson in there: No matter how powerful you think you are, you are not God.
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    Cord-Cutting Is Accelerating

    "You will consume entertainment the way I say you will consume it!!!" -Comcast, famous last words.
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    Apple Now Selling $800 Lightning-Based Headphones

    "I don't understand something. It must be stupid!" :p I'm actually pretty sad someone here in the [H] comments didn't pick up on this earlier. The article is just sensationalizing the fact that the headphones, made by a totally different manufacturer than Apple, are not using a 3.5mm jack...
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    20% Of Americans Use Internet 'Almost Constantly'

    Statistics you say? Burn that shit with fire lol. Nah, I actually did that crap for a living for a while. I'm super picky about *broad* samples. There's really no indicator here of where the samples came from. Was it just one town? Was it people all over the nation? I see they mentioned...
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    Drones That Use Nets To Catch Other Drones

    I like it. Those new laser weapons the US Military is using would work great for taking down drones as well.
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    20% Of Americans Use Internet 'Almost Constantly'

    Only 2,001 people surveyed? Who the heck pays for these surveys anyway? I want to get my hands on this funding for ridiculous useless things. :)
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    Sex Ads 'Irresponsibly Placed' In Smartphone App For Kids

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    When Can Quantum Annealing Win?

    I highly recommend watching YouTube vids on the DWAVE. It's some nerdtastic stuff. The hardware is mind-blowing.
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    Is the Future of Music a Chip in Your Brain?

    Yeah that's one way of saying it. :p
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    How Much Would It Cost To Run The Millennium Falcon?

    The way they "calculated" this is just... Stupid.
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    Amazon Buys Its Own Fleet Of Branded Semi-Trucks

    I read this and had a vivid mental image of Mad Max riding up in a modified semi with a bunch of brutes. All that delicious Amazon loot. :D
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    Despite Windows 10, Windows Phone Is Doomed

    There simply isn't room for a third OS. Developers don't have a desire to develop for 3 different platforms. I know I don't. =|
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    Overwatch Closed Beta Going On Break December 10

    How's that view from underneath your rock? :rolleyes:
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    Working Cell Phone With Video Calling In Minecraft

    The most impressive part for me was the little Verizon techs building the tower. Pretty sad. Lol.
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    Cox Not Allowed To Call Copyright Troll A Copyright Troll in Court

    Oh man, I would love if they used "Orcs" haha. :p
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    EPIC Star Wars Battlefront Duel

    That was even better than the video in the OP. Lol!
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    Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is...This Emoji

    Heh, I'd argue that Urban Dictionary has always been the better site. It tells you what things really mean. :p
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    Does Fallout 4 Know How to Say Your Name?

    I didn't even notice there was a baby crying. Lol...
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    NASA Seeks Explorers For Future Space Missions

    Looking for a Matt Damon, huh?
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    Stolen Tesla Tracked Through Mobile App

    I've worked in a data center that had pretty awesome iris scanners. I'm not certain if the tech would fit in a car, but I bet it would.
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    Another Steam Concurrent User Record

    I think he means that the numbers are impressive for not landing on a sale weekend, but not sure.
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    Google Sued By Express Delivery Driver

    But isn't this what our American court system is based upon?: People blaming others for the choices that they themselves made.
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    Nintendo Unveils Its First Smartphone Game "Miitomo"

    The original Wii did really well. It's the Wii U that tanked. I'm not sure how Wii Fit activities are not exercising? It's certainly better than twiddling your thumbs on an Xbox controller. You seem awfully angry that people like to exercise in different ways. :rolleyes:
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    Nexus 6P Performs Poorly In Durability Test?

    I am more concerned about the screen cracking after a scratch test than I'm concerned with the bending. With enough effort, you could bend any phone. The screen cracking that easily shows a major weakness in the product.
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    MIT Develops Wireless X-Ray Vision

    The Navy has a *lot* of airplanes.
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    Government iPhone Unlock Request Is Like Forcing Lethal Injection?

    Putting a backdoor in encryption defeats the entire purpose of encrypting. Breaking the law isn't the only reason to encrypt something, believe it or not. :rolleyes:
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    Government iPhone Unlock Request Is Like Forcing Lethal Injection?

    CUG you bastard. My ribs hurt I laughed so hard.
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    Inventor Files “First Run” Movie Patent to Beat Piracy

    That's hardly even a idea. They're calling the guy an "inventor" for this? Da fuck...
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    Lawsuit Accuses Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Of Burning Through $5M+ In Data

    Maybe you should check your home Wi-Fi bra. This is [H] afterall; there's only like a few hundred thousand people to help.
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    Worst Mergers And Acquisitions In Tech History

    I totally missed the story about Autonomy cooking their books. No wonder HP is doing so poorly. Wow.
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    sleep button on Log g710

    Use the command sharknice gave to you. There's one thing you have to do before it will work. You need to turn hibernation off completely from the command prompt: powercfg -hibernate off Once you've done that, his command should do what you're looking for.