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    Help on thinking recursively?

    I had profs who described recursion in a variety of ways. My two favourite were from profs who described recursion in a variety of ways. My two favourite.. (and so forth). Anyway, my two favourite were clones and magic. Lets consider a function which sums the items in a list of numbers...
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    HTML5 Markup Editor

    +1 for Sublime
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    EvE online?

    Love it. I've been in and out of it over the years unfortunately, but I've got a setup that is able to just pay for my accounts at the moment, so I'm able to continue on skill training. Like he said. Questions?
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I'm not doing quite that well (only pushing ~860), but yeah, I sure aint complain' here (:
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Yeah looks like that'll be the case Lorien. But still -fingers crossed- for all four? :P
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    So... tsd... holy shit?
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I could be wrong, but I'd think the old address would still connect to the pool as well.
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    How can I fold on my PS3?

    I don't have a PS3, but according to stanford:
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Just saw that too. Yay :P
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I was able to play with it a little bit last night. Upping clock speeds saw the definite increase in hashes. Just need to get something stable there.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Alright thanks jojo. I'll have to give this a go when I'm back home tomorrow (different city right now and remote connections aren't going through). It is a personal-use desktop, though I've found -I 8 with cgminer has allowed general desktop use. Other than that, I'm out of the house for a good...
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I'm still playing with it, but cgminer has been atleast the most consistent thus far. Running either of the kernels with phoenix resulted in varying between 300-350Mh/s. I haven't gone through the entire thread, but are you speaking of the change to "'#define Ma(x, y, z) amd_bytealign( (z^x)...
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I've just started at this with my two xfx 6970s currently clocked at 900MHz. They're doing ~370Mh/s each with cgminer. In slots 1 and 3 with the case open at fans at 100% they're running at 74 and 71C. Hope that helps.
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    Anonymous Takes Aim at Google+

    Is that even a question?
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    Hard Gaming Steam List
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    Facebook Saves Woman's Life

    You just won the thread.
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    Facebook Saves Woman's Life

    I'm confused. Okay, so the laptop is "a few feet away". That seems odd, but maybe they're just exaggerating this crawling bit, lets keep reading. Alright, hold on now. Broken femur or not, how does it take you 10 hours to crawl "a few feet"? :confused:
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    [H]|Gaming IRC Channel?

    slacker beat you online good sirmonkey
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    [H]|Gaming IRC Channel?

    I'll be in there as oneos
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    Global Agenda

    I do have GA, but haven't been in there for a long while. Lvl 30 sumthing or somesuch.
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    Anatomy of a Computer Virus

    Both good videos. Really liked the TED one, thanks for linking.
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    IvanDrago and Reverand are officers for the Joker (East) Enforcer clan (HARDOCP). So they can also invite.
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    Hey there, I've been super busy this past weekend (all day training sessions). Name: oneos I'll try to make sure I'm online between 7-9pm EST, atleast. Other members can also be made officers in order to help facilitate joining. And yeah, clan interface sucks.
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    Protect IP Copyright Bill Faces Growing Criticism

    Dear politicians of America (and any other nation, really), Stay away from my internets. Thanks, Owen
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    What what the [H] clan name be?
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    You get the better guns through standing increase with your contacts. Sure, killing civilians would lead to a decrease in prestige and thus a decrease and standing reward, but not all that significantly.
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    APB Reloaded [H]ard members

    Name: oneos Server: Joker (NA East) Faction: Enforcer
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    APB: Reloaded Open Beta

    Played it for a good chunk of last night, pretty fun game. It never installed properly, but i just force quit the installer at the end and have been running it as such (after manually downloading some files). oneos (Enforcer) on Joker
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    Win7 taskbar bug

    Good catch, can't say I've ever come across it thus far.
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    Need help picking out a video capture device.

    You should also be aware that this tends to add an amount of latency in the video, as for how much I'm not sure.
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    Video Games Saved This Man's Life

    Haha I laughed. Watch it everytime though :P Also, anyone else from Milton?
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    Friends website...

    Perhaps this is a very large table, and the website is failing to select all of it (you are selecting every row) due to set php memory limitations?
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    Beer Keg Case Mod

    That and warm beer.
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread 30 left
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    Router vs. sharing for networking

    It would work for you easily, just need to enable "Share This Connection" option in the one NIC's properties and you're pretty well good to go (perhaps bridge them as well, don't recall). The issue you have with doing that is your W7 computer is now connected directly to the internet, with...
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    FREE Music For You!

    The FLAC zip extracred without issue with 7-zip 9.15
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    High-Tech Remote Controlled 1969 GTO

    That's driving the car.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Just a computer of some spare stuff. A 3-pin fan on the rear and another stick of RAM was added in since taking the picture. 'Tis in a Sonata II. Got lazy at the top.
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    Easiest methods of URL cloaking/Masking/Hiding/whatever-the-new-term-for-it-is!

    Yeah, gotta say - Hate sites like that. Though, to respond to the question. If you're running apache you're looking at mod_rewrite, I believe.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    I like the colour...