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    More Pictures of NVIDIA's Cinder Block-sized RTX 4090 Ti

    it's not changing it per say.. they're likely just using the enterprise PCB. that being said if AIB's are forced to use that PCB there's probably not going to be a whole lot of them in existence since the current high end coolers are already designed to dissipate 600w, i can't see them waste...
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    WD HDD locked drive, trying to get back into pc repair, 1st client lol

    if all you're use to doing is hitting accept and ok without reading anything like 99.9% of people are then they don't know what they don't know. but yeah if i remember correctly you can access the bitlocker key through the microsoft account that was tied to that system.
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    VRM temperatures of X570 chipset (Gigabyte X570S UD & X570S GAMING X) with 5950X (no OC)...?

    1. it's fine. if you're worried about it use USB headset/speakers or get a USB DAC. 2. won't cause any issues unless you're transfer large files for long periods of time. 3. it's probably the same board they're just listing it differently depending on the site.
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    VRM temperatures of X570 chipset (Gigabyte X570S UD & X570S GAMING X) with 5950X (no OC)...?

    anywhere between 35-55C.. nothing worth worrying about..
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    Reddit Communities Go Private in Protest Over Policy Adjustments

    have seen zero impact of that.. i still have to put reddit as a search term to even get it to suggest reddit links even though reddit is about 90% of my search quarries since it's the only usable source for 3D printing information.
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    Reddit Communities Go Private in Protest Over Policy Adjustments

    too bad for you most of them use reddit as part of their training data pool.. either way reddit is an insanely useful site for data set training due to the fact that they have access to almost 18 years worth of scrapable data.
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    SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe Gen 4 $66.49

    shit 10 minutes of that is just trying to get my damn gpu out because you can't reach the stupid clip. then another 10 minutes of me dropping and having to search for that tiny ass screw, lol. but i wouldn't want to deal with some of these boards with the overly complicated nvme covers/heatsinks...
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    Is it true that WD does not honor warranties on 2.5" internal drives?

    for the most part they're not bad if you do keyword searches in the reviews.. typically i just look for a lot of "this product died after X months" and look for a trend in the reviews from early reviews and then from the newest reviews.. if it's just a couple people then i just ignore it. been...
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    SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe Gen 4 $66.49

    meh i buy them as well.. spend 30 seconds installing and throwing it on the bottom of my case or spend 20 minutes pulling my gpu then fiddling with heatsinks and tiny arse screws just to install an nvme drive.. my times worth the cost, lol.
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    Is it true that WD does not honor warranties on 2.5" internal drives?

    it depends on the drive.. some higher end OEM/component drives have warranites but most of the low end like WD blue, etc don't.. retail internal drives can be anywhere from 2-5 years while external can be 1-5 years. basically the warranty on the product the drives installed in would be as long...
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    Windows 10 and 11 Are Ignoring Update Settings and Installing GPU Drivers

    dunno, i haven't changed anything in the update section of w10 other than what time i want it to restart at.. w11 i wouldn't be surprised since they're shifting more and more for mom and pop users that know nothing about driver updates. wonder if it's something tied to OEM keys maybe?
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    Reddit Communities Go Private in Protest Over Policy Adjustments

    i wish.. no matter how much i intentionally try to force googles shitty algorithm to give me reddit results first i have to manually add it to the search to give me reddit results. same thing with searching reviews.. always gives me arstech, tom's hardware and the verge then a bunch of useless...
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    Asus BIOS, AMD Overclocking: Accept Decline? Do I have to choose?

    it's just your standard warranty clause/warning bs.. the thing with overclocking those chips is that you lose single threaded boost unless you can overclock it to 4.2Ghz or higher all core. you're going to want the higher single threaded clocks with older games if you can't do that.. if you can...
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    Anyone savin up and or excited for the 4090 Ti?

    10% uplift for 1000 bucks more, hard pass.
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    EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra Core Clock Issue

    maybe bios but if i'm not mistaken that's usually a sign the cards dunzo since it's not coming out of 2D clock mode(assuming it was working in w11 before this happened).
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    Forza Motorsport(8) thread

    it's just a modified forza horizon system.. so instead of unlocking perks with CP's you buy mods.. it's a needless grind because that's all the rage right now. pretty much put the nail the coffin as far as me giving a crap about FM8.
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    How AMD Zen Almost Didn't Make It | Stories of Ryzen, ft. Unreleased CPUs

    don't worry you're not the only one.. sold mine right around the same price thinking the bubble was going to pop going by AMD's history.. made a nice chunk of change but wish i had held it longer, oh well.
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    How AMD Zen Almost Didn't Make It | Stories of Ryzen, ft. Unreleased CPUs

    just finished watching.. interesting hearing about all the different things they experiment on that never actually makes it as a product. but the crazy part was hearing about why they quit doing the laser etching on the raven ridge chips, never would of even crossed my mind as that causing the...
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    PC games are starting to require SSDs

    oh god i'd rather forget about those days..
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    It's been ages - RX 6800 XT v RX 6950 XT v Geforce 4070 opinion

    yeah if you have the 6800XT and aren't gaming at 4k i'd say stick with it until at least july/august and see what happens with the 7800XT, there's potential it could ruffle some feathers or be a complete dud but unless RT is your priority or you want 4080/4090 performance i just can't see a...
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    Ryzen 5600X3D potential?

    it's a limitation of the stacked cache having a maximum voltage of 1.35v since it's tied into the into the voltage supplied to the core where as the cache within the CCD isn't. at 1.4v the stacked cache fries it's self long before temperature is a concern. remember the stacking of the cache is a...
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    Ryzen 5600X3D potential?

    voltage.. given the spread on die quality they can't guarantee a higher boost clock at the limited voltage so they lowered the clocks. same reason PBO is disabled as well.
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    PCI Express 7.0 Spec Hits Draft 0.3, 512GBps Connectivity on Track For 2025 Release

    won't hit the server market until at least 2029 assuming they hit the 2025 draft finalization they want and likely will never make it to the consumer market outside of specialized board unless desktops drastically change in layout standardization. edit, i'd also be surprised if we ever see pcie...
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    intel's flood the market mindshare strategy with incremental performance gains to confuse consumers.
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    AM5 Motherboard Suddenly Unable to Boot (Kind Of)

    does the bios see any of the drives at all? or is it just not booting after bios?
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    AMD RMA - Is someone at AMD running a scam of some kind?

    wouldn't surprise me if they're getting screwed over by scammers with this 7800x3d issue so they're being told to crack down on it. this happened before when they were doing the gimped cpu deal for people to upgrade bios(can't remember which generation it was). then they were finding those cpu's...
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    TSMC Employees Experiencing Problems in Arizona

    ID's only the exception because everyone's too broke to have anything worth stealing, lol. but no it's not the exception, the media there just hides it so that they can seem like they're better than washington and california. but this is arizona in a nutshell. you wanted cheap taxes, guess what...
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    Fraud Alert: Newegg sold me a laptop w/ 48GB SSD, but it states 256GB SSD on the receipt

    i'm going to bet what he did is attempted to clone a drive to a larger drive, didn't bother to read that it creates an exact size partition no matter how large the drive is that it's being cloned too. can't admit he fk'd up and has to find the easiest target to blame because obviously the user...
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    GeForce RTX 5000 GPUs Rumored For A 2024 Release And Huge Performance Uplift

    but.. i like playing my games at 720p with a 500 dollar gpu just so my frame rate counter says it's running above 100fps even though only 1/2 of that is actually rendered by the gpu. /s ;) agree Dion. if i'm doing things like screenshots or whatever then yeah i'll max everything out because...
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    GeForce RTX 5000 GPUs Rumored For A 2024 Release And Huge Performance Uplift

    100% we're getting a 4090TI card likely end Q3/Q4 this year, no way they're passing up on milking the fanboys for more money.. i highly doubt they're releasing 50 series any earlier than Q3 2024. it'll likely be a workstation/AI specific GPU series in the 2k-5k dollar prosumer market similar to...
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    I can't recommend AMD over Nvidia

    sums everything quite well and yes i remember the pain and suffering of SLI 8800GT's.. thank god multi-gpu is dead that shit was abysmally bad and i regret ever trying to use it.
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    basically just said not to use it until the diy fix kit was made available and also gave the screw details to go buy your own non conductive screws yourself if you had a local hobby shop. as far as the 7800X3D/ASUS issue, he did.. not use XPO and/or manually lower the SOC voltage below 1.3v...
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    typically what he'll do is give companies a chance to respond. so if they're actually being responsive to him and are willing the setup a meeting like he asked then he's probably holding off on publishing the video unless they keep pushing it back. he did the same thing with the H1 issue where...
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    Computex 2023: NVIDIA Keynote Address by CEO Jensen Huang

    but... the more you buy... the more you save! god i hope he came up with that trash slogan on his own without it being approved by anyone with 2 braincells to rub together. if it came from and/or was ok'd by some one in the marketing team they better find a rock to hide under on an uninhabited...
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    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

    fun game but needs more game modes/maps/etc.. pretty much hop on and play one or two rounds after i get off work before doing my morning yt binge fest of everything i missed from the day before.
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    Computex 2023: NVIDIA Keynote Address by CEO Jensen Huang

    then he should stick to that and leave the presenting to the professionals.. watching a billionaire attempt to be a comedic and "hip" with the crowd is mind numbingly painful.
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    most of the gen 2 currently up aren't even active yet.. takes 2-3 months for them to get to their service orbit plus testing. think the V2 mini's that went up in block 5 are just now going live.
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    Motherboard Asus TUF B550M-PLUS (no wifi) doesn't seem to support Crucial DDR4 3200

    easy check would be to slightly bump the memory voltage up by .02-.03v see if it gets more stable.. bumping the soc voltage might help just don't go crazy on it.. some boards and cpu memory controllers can be a little picky on running memory on all 4 slots. i'd also do some searching to see if...
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    Upgrading from RX480 4GB to 6650XT on PCIE3.0 // Update - Artifacts with TAA on

    they'll keep adding more.. they limit the number to make it look like they're selling faster to get people to jump on them.. then they'll go OOS and magically 6 hours later there's 10 more.
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    SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 6700 10GB - $279 [Newegg]

    nvidia had better texture compression at the time.. amd cards have generally used about 5% more vram over the nvidia cards and still does. as time went what ever nvidia was using for texture compression stopped working with dx12. AMD took a stab at using system memory to act as page swap for...