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  1. Richneerd

    FS: AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 9 7900X & (just added) 7950X

    how big is the box?
  2. Richneerd

    WTB: Full-ATX AM4 Motherboard

    I think it's better if you look on amazon I bought the MSI B450
  3. Richneerd


    RTX 3060 - 3657-KR
  4. Richneerd


    Selling my EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING Status: In Warranty Days Left: 518 Bay Area/Local preferred: $420 or offers Just picked up a RTX 4090 Looking to give it a new home, I mostly played Overwatch and a lot of Forza Horizon 4/5 Don't be afraid to reach out, it's better than letting...
  5. Richneerd

    WTB 3060 or 3070

    Still looking for cards?
  6. Richneerd

    FOUND: 3080 Ti or 3090 - mined is fine!

    Whats your zip? Thanks!
  7. Richneerd

    FS: Nvidia RTX 3090 Founders Edition - $700 shipped

    I have TWO 3070, Are you local? Thanks!
  8. Richneerd

    EVGA 1000 P2 PSU @ EVGA $169.99, usually $329

    In for one! applied associates code! EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 1000W, Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Includes FREE Power On Self Tester Power Supply 220-P2-1000-XR Item #: 220-P2-1000-XR $169.99 -$17.00 1 $152.99 EVGA PowerLink, Support ALL NVIDIA...
  9. Richneerd

    FS: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (No Cooler) Traded!

    $200? lets gooo!!!
  10. Richneerd

    dutnguye is saying he was hacked, and today he had a quick sale -he posted over at AT and ssaid he heatware was hacked as well. This is a FYI

    I also did transactions in the past with dutnguye. We are both local bay area residents. 👍
  11. Richneerd

    FS: Gray Matter Mining GPU rack mount cases and Veddha GPU crypto mining frames - ALL SOLD

    Oh snap! Got any of these left? I would like 2. Thanks!
  12. Richneerd

    FS: 5800X, EVGA PSU

  13. Richneerd

    Beware of EVGA GPU's selling for "good prices"

    I remember that year, my parents bought me one on eBay, scalped but it was the best Christmas ever! It was $399 or so.
  14. Richneerd

    [DEAD] Warm $1078 Dell G15 Ryzen™ Edition Gaming Laptop

    They are building my replacement Replacing it with a Special Edition Model
  15. Richneerd

    [DEAD] Warm $1078 Dell G15 Ryzen™ Edition Gaming Laptop

    Yup! they are doing an exchange to the Intel one since they don't have anymore Ryzen edition ones. I'm okay with that, I looked at the benchmarks on YouTube, Intel slightly has advantage. I updated the BIOS with latest drivers, MUX is awesome but I turned that off, I'm running directly off the...
  16. Richneerd

    [DEAD] Warm $1078 Dell G15 Ryzen™ Edition Gaming Laptop

    I got one, sucks i got dead pixels, doing exchange/return. takes forevever
  17. Richneerd

    FS: RTX 3090 Founder's Edition (watercooled), Used Water Cooling Gear, 120 and 240mm radiators, AM4 Water Block

    Let me know when you put the Nvidia RTX 3090 Founder's Edition back to stock. Thanks!
  18. Richneerd

    FT: MSI 3070 Suprim X for a White 3070

    Yeah, I got a white 3070 zotac
  19. Richneerd

    FS: Mining Setup (CPU, MOBO, RAM) Sold

    I'll take it
  20. Richneerd

    FS: Old Hardware Combo & 1000W EVGA PSU & iPad Mini 5

    Comes with all cables? Thanks!
  21. Richneerd


    I got a few 30xx RTX and AMD RX RDNA 2 cards, let me know which one you're interested. I have all of them.
  22. Richneerd

    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    The only Tech store left in the Bay Area is Central Computers, I go there weekly. Walking out with a 3060TI, 3070, or 3090.
  23. Richneerd

    WTB: Misc computer parts, some older stuff needed

    10x 1TB HDD if you are interested LMK Thanks!
  24. Richneerd

    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    I'm currently using 24xx BIOS atm. 3700X with a RTX 3080.
  25. Richneerd

    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Most likely they bricked something as we are the beta testers. Use your voice and send feedback. That way they can improve their BIOS releases.
  26. Richneerd

    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Version 2702 2020/11/24 19.97 MBytes ROG CROSSHAIR VIII IMPACT BIOS 2702 constant reboots and freezes, unstable atm. I sent in my motherboard for them to play. Lets hope they release a BIOS ASAP when they figure it out!
  27. Richneerd

    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Yup I got one too! High five!
  28. Richneerd

    ASUS releases bios updates for x570 boards to AGESA V2 PI Patch B

    Version 2702 2020/11/24 19.97 MBytes ROG CROSSHAIR VIII IMPACT BIOS 2702 My system is rebooting constantly, stuck in a boot loop. Crying at the moment.
  29. Richneerd

    PNY RTX 3070 / 3090 In-Stock @ CDW (Warning, overpriced)

    Yeah, here in the bay, people can't sell their 3090's anymore. They would have to price it under asking price.
  30. Richneerd

    FS: MSI 1080 Sea Hawk X Hybrid $185 - SOLD

    What’s wrong with the pump? Can it be replaced? Can you convert it to air cooler? Any mods we can do with it?
  31. Richneerd

    FS: 1TB MP600, SV590 v1, ASUS X570i, Keyboards

    Interested in the G513, This is new right? Thanks!
  32. Richneerd

    Apple Event Reveals iPhone 12

    Wrong, the demographic for League of Legends is mostly millennials. 22-38+ Yeah it sucks getting old. I'm in that age group. Before covid, went to all of the world finals. Biggest party events ever, better than Blizzards Still climbing in plat. (y)
  33. Richneerd

    FS: Gigabyte 1080TI with EKWB For Sell. (Sold)

    Nice, I’ll buy if you still got it.
  34. Richneerd

    WTB: Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H or similar

    What cards do you have? Thanks!
  35. Richneerd

    SOLD: Aorus X5V7 15" laptop

    Yikes! have you started the RMA process to fix the issue? Thanks!
  36. Richneerd

    WTB: Windows laptop in the $225 range

    X1 Carbons if you are interested Thanks!