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    LG 48CX

    Looking at getting a 48CX for gaming. This thread has a lot of good info. Anyone finding the screen to be too large? Mine will be close to 24” back from where I’m sitting.
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    Opinion on Dell XPS Desktops

    I prefer their laptops over their desktops.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Nothing. Haven't gamed in years. Just stopped by to see if people still built boxes and played online games. May have to get back into it if I don't have to build a new box.
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    Windows 8.1 update

    This has to be the most fucked up update that M$ has ever put out. It ate every non-native program I had on my laptop, including my microsoft office suite, wtfoverbbq?
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    Who plans on going to Windows 8 and who's sticking with Windows 7?

    Nobody has given me a reason to upgrade to Win 8.
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    If Windows 8 fails...

    I just want to see Win XP die. I'm sick of that OS.
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    CoD: Modern Wafare 3 is Going FTW!

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    CoD: Modern Wafare 3 is Going FTW!

    I've been playing this series since day one, both pubbing and competatively. No left or right lean? No thanks. I think it is time to give up on CoD.
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    CoD: BlackOps

    Because I can, and want too.
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    CoD: BlackOps

    I wonder if they can make up for the pile o' garbage that was CoD:MW2 for PC's:
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    Completely bored with gaming, I have stopped.

    I was a competition gamer, and I got burned out on the shit. Played the CoD series exclusively. Too bad they fucked up the series after CoD4. Looking forward to CoD7, and the new MoH. Hopefully these new games will get me back in the mood after a 3 year absence.
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    Medal-of-Honor Beats Call of Duty By Leaving a Message

    I hope its good. The CoD series for the PC has went to shit.
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    So what are you guys playing right now?

    Nothing. Hasn't been a decent FPS since CoD4. :(
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    The Modern Warfare 2 Killer - A Poll

    MW2 is a useless piece of shit for a game. Way to kill the best series ever.
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    Should we even think about the possibility of dedicated servers for MW2?

    You ain't fucking kidding about that. I've been a pub nub and a competition player of the CoD series since it first came out, and I'm done with the series after this debacle. I waited all year for this game, and then no dedi server, no console, and no lean. That is such bullshit. PC gamers...
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    Nvidia 191.07 drivers causing outright hardware failure?

    Hmmm, upgraded to the 191 driver with no issues. Played some CoD4 for about 30 minutes, and everything putted along fine. Running a EVGA 260 card on Vista 64. Temps are the same. Nothing out of the ordinary. EDIT - Just to error on the side of caution, I'm going uninstall and reinstall my...
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 4

    er, ok. I'm here. Did I win? Something, anything? Hello? Bueller, Bueller?
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    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    Well, they did, and I hope it fails. I need my lean.
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    X3 720 @ 4.2ghz on air

    What about one of these guys?
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    First time Wow Player - meh.

    I was bored of this game after 5 minutes. Reminded me why I only play FPS games.
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    8800gt that gives me a NVLDDMKM.dll error....

    There is a long ass thread about this in the nVidia section. I'm too lazy to post a link, sorry.
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    Ubuntu Makes You Drop Out Of School

    Her going to the local news station and crying over her own stupidity is what pissed me off about this. I'd of fixed her shit for quick hummer.
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    AMD OverDrive 2.1.5 is AWESOME!!

    Overclock from the BIOS, end of story.
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    What is your game of the year? Poll

    08 sucked ass for FPS games, period.
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    Dickies, 75% off Clearance Sale: Online Hurry!

    I wear Dickies for work and around the house. Their shit rules. Thanks for the info.
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    Announced: CoD Modern Warfare 2

    I loved CoD4. Being able to shoot thru cover, interacting with certain objects, rankings, etc. I'm hoping with CoD6 they stick to modern warfare. Going back to WWII was lame. Its played out.
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    Announced: CoD Modern Warfare 2

    Competition peeps put alot of time an energy into playing PC games, setting up configs, admining servers, installing patches, reporting issues to the developers, working with anti-cheat groups, etc. Way more than your average pubber. So yeah, there was a need to mention the leagues.
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    Online Gaming: Other Adults Developing Disdain For It?

    I don't let people rage me over an electronic medium. A person brings that stress upon themselves by giving attention to an internet fucktard. Its not even a matter of ignoring it, its a matter of reaching over and turning off your computer. Problem fixed.
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    Announced: CoD Modern Warfare 2

    +1. I've been playing CoD since its inception. Played both as a pub nub, and on competition teams that have competed in TWL, CEVO, CAL, etc. CoD5 is terrible. I refuse to play it or purchase it. IW needs to make the next CoD game, or the series is going to die.
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    nvldkmm.sys issue

    I'm running Vista 64. I had the issue with two 8800GTS 512's in SLI. I got rid of them and went to a single 260GTX. Problem solved. From all the info I've seen, it stems from a hardware issue.
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    I've got an Opty 180 in a box that I really didn't need to upgrade from. I should have just stayed with that box. It does great for me in CoD4 which is all I play, but I got bit by the upgrade bug early this year so now its my back up box.
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    FS: Two 7800GT OC PCI-E Videocards $75.00

    Evening bump. Nobody needs a couple of PCI-E cards?
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    FS: Two 7800GT OC PCI-E Videocards $75.00

    Two 7800GT OC PCI-E videocards for sale. SLI capable. $75.00 for everything shown in the picture. heat - slackerjack
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    wrong forum, sorry.

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    Question for 260GTX owners... How far can you OC?

    Aircooled EVGA - 650/1150/1400 Haven't really messed with it much. I just set it to that, and left it.
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    GTX 260 & 9800 GTX not putting monitors into sleep when vista sleeps

    Had the same deal happen to me w/my 260
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    175.16 - NVLDDMKM.dll error still happening... anyone else?

    I got rid of my 8800 GTS 512 in SLI and went to a single 260 GTX. The issue stopped.
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    Low scores with 260...

    Its an AMD 6400+ Blackbox. I think its my CPU and motherboard. I've had nothing but issues with both, and have RMA'd both once each already. I see an Intel processor and new motherboard in my very near future.