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    DOT Highlights Groundbreaking Technology That Could Prevent Drunk Driving

    I hope it's more than breathalyzers.. "We've developed a groundbreaking technology to prevent drunk driving... put breathalyzers in everyones car and treat them like criminals!"
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    Cloning XP to 10 Computers

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    Cloning XP to 10 Computers

    Yep, same network; did you read the URL I posted?
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    Cloning XP to 10 Computers

    I've imaged a *lot* of machines, never using newsid or sysprep (avoiding sysprep isn't a good idea), but haven't had any networking issues. Now now changing the computer name, yeah, obviously that's a problem... but not the same as the SID.
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    Cloning XP to 10 Computers

    The SID doesnt need to be changed and has no bearing on the legality of cloning a machine: Having said that, really the right way to do this is to use sysprep.
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    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    Meh, I thought ME was at best a $5 game. There's basically zero shooting and the entire game is you running around. Not the *worst* thing, but if you don't get the "flow" of the level, it's very easy to not know where you're supposed to go. My friend enjoyed it, I forced myself to finish it...
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    [Steamworks] Darksiders II $12.49 75% Off 24hrs Only!!!

    Not sure if this is for everyone, but I got $5 credit toward an eligible game in 01/13. Probably nothing I'll want to spend money on, but still nifty in the event there is.
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    [Steamworks] Darksiders II $12.49 75% Off 24hrs Only!!!

    I agree, a controller is definitely worth picking up. Just be sure you get one that's compatible with your OS
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    Humble Bundle 7

    reading from this post, I would assume anything you don't have, you'll get. Since you only get one key for the game+dlc, you won't be able to part out the stuff you already have. Being that this game goes on sale on steam fairly often and the dlc usually drops to ~$1.25ea, if you have to buy...
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    [Steamworks] Darksiders II $12.49 75% Off 24hrs Only!!!

    this. Just got in on this since I doubt I'm gonna see DS2 + DLC (not that I care about the DLC) for $7 on steam over Christmas and I can give away DS1 (which I already have).
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Quiet fans keeping the card cooler than stock = :D
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    Google Discontinues More Services, Including Sync

    This. Personally, I don't see this as the end of the world. Now you just have to use open standard protocols to sync to Google as opposed to Google's Activesync. Considering I believe you have to license Activesync tech from Microsoft (in this case, Google has been paying for it), this...
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    Far Cry 2 $2.49 + Amazon $5 Editors Choice January credit

    I remember installing FC2. I read some reviews that some people didn't like it and thought "Well, you tend to only hear the bad stuff on things, especially when things are average overall" and decided to try it. I think I made it an hour (a portion of which was the tutorial) and never played...
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    HOT, Warm, unknown. 2x4GB GSkill DDR3 2133

    Does this also apply with SBe ? Although I do plan on overclocking (not fanatically, but if it's "free", why not?) and have a feeling 1600/c9 will be fine for me, I want to be sure I'm not missing out on something.
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    HOT? : 3930K for 399.99 Microcenter

    ::sigh:: and I just bought one from NE @ 500
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    HOT - Sennheiser HD 201 for $5 + FS on the egg

    Hmm... looking on the encore page, it says $19 - $15 code = $5. After adding it to the cart, it says the code is no longer valid. Looking at the item item page now, the item code isn't there... but it still is on the encore page. Same thing happened with another item as well. I think someone...
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    Prototype Pack (Prototype + Prototype 2 + Prototype 2 Radnet DLC) $9.99

    Saw this on GaS: Been waiting for the first to go on sale in the $5 range on Steam for some time; now with the first, second and DLC for $10, I had...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    I can't say how your 560 will handle it, but yeah, I thought it was worth $5
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    ::sigh:: ...what if it was $5.19 though? :D
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    steam site is working fine for me =\
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    steam sales are srs bsns
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    No one knows.
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bag news, but F3AR *is* < $10. In fact, it shows as $5 for me. of course, you could buy the entire FEAR collection if you want for $10
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22! That may help with issues you run into; worth trying at least. I was going to bite on it, but I already have a backlog to work through.
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    I agree, DS1 just seemed too lack enough of a story to drive you going door to door. You realize there *is* a story going on, but overall it was a lot of "find the key to open this door"; whereas in the second I felt like I knew *why* I had to open the door. Either way, I think we're arguing...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    I changed the vsync once at the start of the game as was fine all the way through; no issues. DS1 was a good game, but DS2 was noticeably better in both gameplay and story, but being that the story picks up where the last left off (almost exactly), you really should play them in order to...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Darksider didn't have a *great* story, but if you like the "run around and beat on stuff with various weapons" type of game, I thought it was decent; especially for $5. I thought Devil May Cry 4 was a *MUCH* better game, both in story and just general playability. Stalker has a good idea, but...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Ahh, probably can't do that either. That's much too easy.
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Possibly not; his work might be blocking the website, whereas his phone uses a cellular connection (not his works connection).
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Ahh. I wanted to see if it was due to a setting you hadn't set in Steam yet (ie. fix it in Steam and the app won't prompt you for it). Worst case, paypal me the $ and I'll gift it to ya. I just installed the Steam app on my phone and it works alright; haven't purchased anything through it yet...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Don't think I ever ran into that issue on my Android phone; Do you already have the Steam app on your computer? If you're thinking of playing for the "co-op", pass. It's barely passable for co-op. Personally, I'm a big fan of id software, but this game was a bit of a letdown IMO; it really...
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    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    I know it's an easy, convenient place to offload the extras from a 4-pack of games, but we should probably keep the bst out of here. I remember last year the powers-that-be weren't happy with us doing that and I *think* shut down the thread. Just sayin'
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    SNES PC Build Project

    I actually liked this video just how you had it.
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    Where my WoW-heads?!

    somehow I doubt that, unless there's some gaping hole with RealID that Blizzard hasn't closed up.
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    Newegg Memorial Day Sale

    Yeah, they don't stack. This Corsair memory at 94.99 is better priced with the MD coupon code anyway. $94.99 - $20 = $74.99 $94.99 - 15% = $94.99 - $14.24 = $80.75
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    Hitachi 2TB 5k3000 SATA3 HDD - $59.99 AC/AR/FS

    For those wondering, the promo code on newegg stacks with each drive, but the MIR form says it's only good for 2 drives. Still a good deal at $70, though I'm not sure if I'm up for swapping out my Samsung drives
  37. G Deals 5/18

    hmm.. was thinking about that as well. For a total of $10 saved, I'll wait
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    Disney Trademarks "Seal Team 6"

    I may have spoke too soon
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    Disney Trademarks "Seal Team 6"

    You guys are missing the big picture... the big cash cow that will really do it for Disney... Seal Team 6 on ice
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    Portal 2 Adoption News "Controversy"

    What I like is when the father said: "She's sticking to her guns that she didn't hear it, and that means she's not ready to talk about it" ... hey genius... maybe it means, oh I don't know... she didn't hear it? Hell, I played through the game WITH SUBTITLES and I don't even remember that...