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  1. Dregan73

    Random [H] Spotted

    Well maybe not random but i named one of my fav ships in star citizen after the great Hard OCP
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    Random [H] Spotted

  3. Dregan73

    NASA Rover Opportunity Succumbs to the Martian Weather After 15 Years of Operation

    i guess they didnt think about windshield wipers
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    EA "Respawns": Company Up 16% as Apex Legends Reverses Entire Loss

    one would think that maybe EA could learn from this success and in the future give developers some room to breath and leave them the fuck alone, but knowing EA they will be back to there usual shit in a few weeks and find some way to fuck it up
  5. Dregan73

    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    it ran great for me i didnt have a single problem on my rig i played about 7 hours straight yesterday switching between all 4 javs and whatnot, never once had a crash
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    Terabyte-Using Cable Customers Double, Increasing Risk of Data Cap Fees

    I work for a cable company and while i hate data caps i can say that the company i work for has a very generous cap on there gigabit service 60mbit up / 1200 down with a 6TB data allowance
  7. Dregan73

    Anthem Demo a "Clusterf*ck": Connection Errors, Loading Issues, and More

    iv been liking the game so far, it has some issues though, the loading screens are absurd, and all over the place, and i felt the menus where overly complicated to do a simple task just to invite a friend, game is gorgeous though and feels good to play. And yes the demo was unstable and...
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    Ubisoft Apologizes for "Controversial" Relationship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

    a random baby left on a doorstep would not be a bloodline, or fit the story of assassins creed
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    There is no such thing as swearing, only people that are offended by it
  10. Dregan73

    Ubisoft Apologizes for "Controversial" Relationship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

    what are they upset about, u cant make a baby by crossing swords or rubbing snatch together
  11. Dregan73

    Star Wars Theory Prevails after Disney Claims Copyright on Vader Fan Film

    pure greed, its not like disney is broke
  12. Dregan73

    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    fuck Microtransactions and fuck the people that pay for it, fuck day 1 Paid DLC, and fuck Loot boxes, fuck pay walls, fuck DRM, fuck digital deluxe editions , fuck single player games that requires a internet connection to play, fuck all that shit, if there is any other fuckery i missed in...
  13. Dregan73

    Rogue One Writer Lambastes EA for "Catastrophically Mismanaging" the Star Wars License

    EA only cares about its share holders and bottom end profits, they use there sports titles as a crutch and just shit on everything else to rush it out or door
  14. Dregan73

    "Floss" and "The Carlton" Dance Emotes Removed from Forza Horizon 4

    fuck these people you cant own a dance, this is so stupid, is there a fucking patent on dances now ? jesus what is this world coming to
  15. Dregan73

    Battlefield V RTX CPU Performance Revisited

    i plan on sticking with my 1080 ti for at least 2 more years, i see no reason to get RTX at this current time, its nice thats the direction they are going but at this time its not worth the performance cost
  16. Dregan73

    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    space exploration should be a priority if we want to survive as a species, the planet cant support our growth forever
  17. Dregan73

    Games Industry Asks WHO to Hold Fire on "Gaming Disorder"

    gaming is not a disorder, its a choice of what one wants to do with there free time
  18. Dregan73

    NVIDIA's First 65-Inch 4K HDR Gaming Display Arrives in February for $4,999

    i want one when the price is a little lower, $3000 maybe ? i mean 65" at 144htz and gysnc, my living room tv is already 100" i want this for a desktop monitor
  19. Dregan73

    Analyst Predicts PS5, Next-Gen Xbox Will Offer 4K, 240 FPS, Virtual Reality

    i think realistically the next gen consoles will do 4k / 60fps in some titles and checkboard rendering in others with 60 fps a min requirement and hopefully 1440p @ 90fps per eye for VR , thats what i predict.
  20. Dregan73

    Soulja Boy Has Stopped Selling His Consoles Due to a Potential Nintendo Lawsuit

    lol hahahahahaha LOLOLOLOLOLOL,,,,,,,,,, what a dum ass question : is that a pair nuts tattooed in the middle of his forehead i cant tell
  21. Dregan73

    "Fresh Prince" Star Sues Fortnite for Stealing Carlton Dance

    This is fucking stupid, you can't own a dance move, fuck this guy
  22. Dregan73

    Anthem Alpha Streamer Loses Entire EA Origin Library after Breaking NDA

    there is no evidence they deleted his library he never showed he had any other games installed prior, for all we know the alpha was the only thing he had
  23. Dregan73

    Tom Cruise Thinks You Should Turn Off Motion Interpolation

    i love high frame rates in games but i have alwwase disabled frame smoothing in tv sets the first time i ever saw it, its horrible, and it introduces artifacts in some movies
  24. Dregan73

    Streaming Is on a Collision Course with ISP Data Caps

    my mediacom is very generous, gigabit speeds and a 6TB data limit a month, iv never used more then 3 tb a month
  25. Dregan73

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Launches in September 2019

    environments looks flat and lifeless, and mechs have no mass or weight to them
  26. Dregan73

    Valve Planning VR Headset with "Knuckles" Controllers, Half-Life VR

    uhh ill take wider fov over resolution in a heart beat, i think it sounds great, specialy if it has inside out tracking and comes in at a good price
  27. Dregan73

    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    i did the same thing, my Microsoft account now says my pro license is a home license , im not sure if it will revert or not
  28. Dregan73

    Intellivision Unveils Amico Console

    can it run crysis ?
  29. Dregan73

    Epic Games Sues Yet Another Fortnite Cheater, Alleging Copyright Infringement

    I think we should have the death penalty for cheaters in online games, that put a stop to it real qucik
  30. Dregan73

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Update Is Out

    coming soon in 2035
  31. Dregan73

    30 Minutes of Internet Access Costs Vacationing Family $13,470

    really doesn't mater what the kid did, 1 gb of data should never cost 13k in the first place, thats just absurd
  32. Dregan73

    PlayStation VR Sales Eclipse the 3 Million Mark

    while i do have a very respectful gaming pc, current vr headsets for pc are still a little to high to me, but i did get a psvr when it was on sale for 199 and i must say it does have its limitations but its done really well and it alot fun for what it is, i dont think its worth its original...
  33. Dregan73

    Learn to Fly and Steal with Your PC

    and to think something as simple as a key could have prevent all this
  34. Dregan73

    Fallout 76 Won’t Launch on Steam

    battlenet / steam / origin / uplay / windows store / to be continued ....
  35. Dregan73

    EmuParadise Will No Longer Offer ROM Downloads

    ehh websites are one thing, there still tons of places to get roms like IRC and usenet, especially if u want to download complete collections all at once, still im not sure why nintendo alwase wants to be dooshbags when it copmes to emulation, snes and nes mini have sold like hot cakes, its...
  36. Dregan73

    Star Citizen’s $27,000 Bundle Raises Eyebrows

    why would they ever release this this game for a mere 60 bucks when they have chumps paying thousands
  37. Dregan73

    Microsoft Explains Why It Isn’t Releasing Xbox One Sales Numbers Anymore

    there not releasing sales numbers because there no longer number 1, if it was the other way around that would be bloating sales numbers every chance they get
  38. Dregan73

    SNK Neo Geo Mini Portable Arcade Console on the Way

    i dont play those systems on that screen, there just there for display, all those system are emulated on my arcade cab, but i have a 27" 4"3 tube tv still when i want to hook up my old systems