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    Industry Condemns Video of Drone’s Close Encounter with Frontier Aircraft

    You're all missing a vital point, one which I saw from the pointy end of a KC-135 for 20 years. Stuff hits the jet wherever it will hit, and not just the engines are critical. Try the cockpit. Try the radome. Imagine those little motors nailing the windshield glass at over 220 kts. Might...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Hat in the ring!
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    Post your Ryzen memory speeds!

    MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon, V1.0 BIOS RYZEN 1700X G.Skill F4-3000C15-8GVKB 16GB (2x8GB) XMP Enabled in BIOS 2933 15-16-16-35-51 @ 1.36v Only reason I bought that particular memory was the warnings about not being able to do 3200 at launch, no other memory spec available, possibly decent...
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    Been having quite a bit of "fun" (for given values of enjoyment) with a MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon. Newegg failed to kick a preorder out the door, the local MicroCenter finally showed stock on Wednesday, so I drove to Baltimore to finish gathering build parts. Aside from the usual first start...
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    relic's back

    I've donated 60 million points to another team, convince me why I should return to the Fold. Yes, I know, paltry sums, but one machine and a GPU can do a tidy bit of work. That is, when the freakin' GPU can get an assignment. :mad: Relic is back? I thought I heard "D" in the aether. :p
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    Did I miss something?

    Speaking of that worthy site, any word on why they are down? (4pm EDT / 10/16/2014)
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Mine is still functional, going on it's eighth year of daily use, but wear is showing on the screen with patchy dark areas, and image retention issues are definitely distracting. All in all, I've gotten more than my money's worth from the monitor, so this is one bandwagon I don't regret climbing...
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    Who's left crunching f@h?

    Still stumping along, just swapped teams for awhile when the [H] was the 600lb GO-rilla of F@H. Recently started Folding with a R9 280X 6GB GPU, that's been " ... a touch of hangover" to quote G.W. McLintock. My work with ASH
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Heh :D I won't sell it, I've got a project 3007WFPt monitor it'll get harnessed to.
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    [H]ardMowedOver, new member

    Nahh, to properly kill a PSU while Folding required dual MP 1900s on a Tyan S2460. Burned the 20-pin connector clean out of one. Sorry to say, the last of those duallies lies in the basement, unpowered, mostly because I don't need a space heater at the moment. :)
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    [H]ardMowedOver, new member

    It's *ALWAYS* Relic's fault! And actually, I'm the new member, of the [H]ard Mowed Over club. 7m points for 19WU is just utterly sick. Welcome back, ChelseaOilman!
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    [H]ardMowedOver, new member

    Indeed. That pass came out of nowhere! :eek: I've got other fires to put out right now, but I'll keep throwing my points up as long as I can keep the lights on. Any other Old Ones about to rise from their slumber? :D
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    [H]ardMowedOver, new member

    Mowed over, my ass, that was a tractor with a flail deck! Just walking along, minding my own business and Wham! +140 mower goes by and over... Who woke up ChelseaOilman? Oh, the brutality! :D
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Passed the 8 mil point last night, and flipping back to Page 2 in my crawl back up the ladder. :)
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    [H]umility cometh

    Mowed over? 3 million points behind me, but less than three weeks to overtake. This is gonna be a [H]oliday [H]aircut! :D
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    Bulldozer PPD

    The log I gave earlier is for kernel 2.6.32-71.29.1.el6.x86_64, I rather doubt it has the BD caching patch. Will check the notes and see how to apply it.
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    big adv shortage again?

    Followed up in jebo_4jc's "Bulldozer" thread...
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    Bulldozer PPD

    Don't have the code snippets seen with the OP, so this link is posted vs. dumping a wall of text in here. The machine is a FX-8120 / Zalman CNPS9500 copper, Asus Sabertooth 990FX and 16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600. The AMD-supplied cooler butts right against the slot 0 RAM with barely 1/8"...
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    big adv shortage again?

    I have a Linux (CentOS 5.7 64-bit) machine pulling what I think are consecutive SMP -bigadv WUs. Log shows them using SMP, the A3 core and decent point values: Project 6099 (Run 6, Clone 1, Gen 22) returned 0135Z 7 Nov [8 min per frame] Project 6099 (Run 8 Clone 16 Gen 22) returned 1508Z 7...
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    SSDs and Digital Forensics

    The days of "The Man" easily finding stuff on your storage devices are on the way out. This rather interesting post on the Internet Storm Center blog details why lifting legal-grade evidence from solid-state drives is driving forensic experts batty. One example given: fill a SSD with data...
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    New PC, the desktop is grainy, help

    I just went through this eyeball shredding experience with a 8800GTS and a Samsung B2430HD, and the solution couldn't be any less intuitive from the PC troubleshooting side. Rename the source on the HDTV. :eek: Seriously. The Samsung HDTVs recalibrate the input based on what the source...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Finally, 4 million. Onward...:D
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I've been running AMD processors since the days of the 486DX-40. From there, through the days of the K5, Slot A, Socket A, dually MPs and onward to the Phenom II I post this with, never looked back. I root for the underdog, I vote with my wallet, and AMD has had that vote since 1995. Long...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    Been doing a bit more reading in the Ubuntu setup thread, saw the "ext4 no-no" and thought "Aw %^&$, I do NOT want to reload this machine!", since it is running a Cacti status monitor app. Further in, I see what appears to be the reason why; the core "takes 40 minutes to write out to the drive...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    Roger, thanks for clearing that up. Gods and deities, sooooo tempting to get into the horsepower race again. :) Edit: Looks like the 10-wu gate has been passed, the 12pm update showed 2 wu credited with 4525 points. The next was 69 pts, apparently from the single-core P4 (no HT) SNMP...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    See below. No monitoring program. Last monitor I ran was Electron Microscope III. Yeah, I've been a part of the [H]orde *THAT* long. Youngsters. Where's my danged cane? :D Danke! You know, the more I look around at the current Folding@Home project, the less I understand it. What is this...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    Beta 7, and watching the Extreme Folding website results. Not a lot of movement yet. From the logfile: 00:51:23:Server responded WORK_ACK (400) 00:51:23:Final credit estimate, 3620.00 points 00:51:23:Cleaning up Unit 00 We shall see once I get a few units through here. For the Ubuntu...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    "Hiya!" back at Xilicon, DwDawg, been waay too long fellows... The Opty / 8800GT combo can't happen because they are different owners. The Opty station is company property, while the Phenoms are personal gear. The machine is based on an Asus M2N-LR motherboard, and pretty much stands idle for...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    So, the V7 Beta client for the two Phenoms, skip the 6870 and just go for SMP, while tweaking the idling Opteron with the old-style 6.23 uniproc client. Sounds like a good jumping-off point. :D I'd love to get my hands on the Opteron quad-core 2-CPU Socket F rig that hosts our backup email...
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    A little moar D for the [H]orde

    Done. :) I thought I'd stick to this thread and not clutter the forum, but in retrospect Zero and yourself are right. The Opty is a single AM2, can't remember the code at the moment. Back to the previous discussion...
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    Old [H] Warrior, new tips needed

    As seen here (, I've been nudged to get back into active duty with the [H]orde. Given the mixed bag of machinery, what can be done with each to maximize their potential without making them unreliable for their primary tasks? Phenom II...
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    A little moar D for the [H]orde

    Hi, my name is Rip Van Winkle, and I used to fold! :( Dang, a lot has changed since I let the garden plot go to weeds. FLECOM was the top dog, OCAU had been vanquished, and I held the same rank as our team number. The call went up on the [H], I didn't pay much attention. Hell, we were the...
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    *** Countdown to 500 GPU ***

    One more 8800GTS to the fray. No, I'm not dead. :) 127
  34. S Deals 11/18

    Interesting. I tried this today with a known current flash and a Opteron 1352 "Barcelona", would not boot. Took the same Opty and put it in a Tyan S2925G2NR, fired right up. The M2N-LR has been running with a Opteron 1216, so I know it works. Nice price on the M2N, might try for another...
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    Westinghouse LVM-37W3SE 37" 1080p Monitor $585 Free Ship

    The phrase, "Duuuuude!", was written especially for this monitor. :D Now in it's second year, the Intarweb in text, pictures and the occasional YouTube video in Panavision(tm) on my desk. It gets the "Cold, Dead Hands" award for stuff you'll pry from my grasp when I'm good and ready to let go.
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    Which PSU best for my situation...

    Ditto the Earthwatts 500, and if BB doesn't have it on hand, find the nearest Staples. My local Staples had three on the shelf for $99 apiece.
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    Rocketfish Aluminum Full Tower Case--BestBuy Clearance $71.99

    One was spotted in the Dover DE store over the weekend, $77 and no tax.
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    Apple Sneaking Safari Onto Windows PCs

    I want only the software *I* choose installed on my machine, not what some jackass *thinks* I need. Apple is waaaay off-base with this latest stunt. I don't use iTunes, I don't WANT iTunes, yet here it is because some of the content on the web I want to see is using QuickTime. You want QT...