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  1. Denpepe

    2K Forum is Gone

    All i know is I got an e-mail from them around that period asking me to change my account password, but I never managed to as is was always offline.
  2. Denpepe

    2K Forum is Gone

    Could be a result of the hack
  3. Denpepe

    combine games to make the ultimate game

    Well I have been thinking about a division type game in the walking dead setting, and some state of decay 2 type of basebuilding
  4. Denpepe

    Gigabyte B650 Motherboard - RST_SW button not working to power on motherboard (outside of case)

    If you do out of case testing, use a screwdriver to short the power pins in the front panel header like the rest of us. Also from the manual 'he reset button provides you with several functions to use. To remap the button to perform different tasks, please navigate to the "BIOS Setup" page of...
  5. Denpepe

    Gigabyte B650 Motherboard - RST_SW button not working to power on motherboard (outside of case)

    I never heard of turning on the PC with the reset button, I would start by using the power button instead and see how that goes. Reset usually only works when the PC is already powered up.
  6. Denpepe

    Cablemod causing live kernel event 141

    The fans should be able to run at 100% without problem that's what they are made for.
  7. Denpepe

    3060 Build - deal going fast!

    Should work decent enough
  8. Denpepe

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Wow, cp2077 and some apex legends
  9. Denpepe

    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

    They did not sell enough preorders to keep the developpers on staff and had to release as is.
  10. Denpepe


    You can only release so much crap b4 you don't sell any games anymore so it is in their best interest to ship the game as good as possible and fix things or they don't need to make another one anymore.
  11. Denpepe

    msi z690 wont flash bios

    Use MSI center live update advanced function should do it.
  12. Denpepe

    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

    The translation you quoted says they are still working on a patch.
  13. Denpepe

    msi z690 wont flash bios

    The only way I got my MSI BIOS to update was running it from windows, no luck via the BIOS. (but that's not realy an option if you can't boot at all)
  14. Denpepe


    I got my starfield controller, now bring the game :D
  15. Denpepe

    Anyone savin up and or excited for the 4090 Ti?

    Sure, if they launch it at 1200-1300 € not at the current extortion rates
  16. Denpepe

    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    There is, but imo the software while supposedly good, sucks donkeyballs.
  17. Denpepe

    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    This is the first collectors edition in a long time from blizz I did not get, 110€ for the ce without game and 78€ shipping, that's nuts
  18. Denpepe

    Weirdest Game you Ever played?

    Postal 2
  19. Denpepe

    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    They must all be out of money then given how bad most games this year have been reviewed.
  20. Denpepe

    Lightweight, portable cases larger than ITX

    Maybe something like this? Fractal is usually pretty good brand.
  21. Denpepe

    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    Most of it but not all of it, it's just a culmination of years of misstakes (like the 12th gen hero mobo's which could catch fire due to a reversed cap or something) Also the beta bios voiding warranty thing is something that was in the Asus docs for ages, but just now people seem to have...
  22. Denpepe

    Question about connecting a USB connector into a motherboard.

    For the 24 pin, if you can't feel a gap between the mobo and the PSU connector it's fine, the USB 2.0 ones never click, as long as you put them on correctly and the devices show up in windows it should be fine.
  23. Denpepe

    Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL front panel power connectors do not match the manual...

    I can agree that Lian Li's documentation leaves a lot to be desired, though the front panel connectors I have never had much issue with, I just connect them with the text facing the outside (top for the top row, bottom for the bottom row) just the power LED one you need to watch in that case.
  24. Denpepe

    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    Well I found it strange that it was not sold out yet, now I know why (btw that reddit thread is not completely correct, they ship from Spain, not the netherlands) I got some bs reason about duties and VAT which is bs because we are all in the EU and like I said it was not the case for the...
  25. Denpepe

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    That should keep you busy for a while
  26. Denpepe

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    it's on sale on the ubi store, 15€ for the base game
  27. Denpepe

    Asus X670E-E BIOS 1003

    this was interesting
  28. Denpepe

    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    Oh man, Blizz has gone nuts, I wanted to order the D4 CE and they charge 78€ delivery for a 110€ article that does not even include a game, that's not going to happen (btw delivery charges for the last wow expac CE were 15.5€) Tried contacting customer service but they were unable to help.
  29. Denpepe

    WoW: 9th expansion; Dragonflight

    They added a new underground zone a bit like deepholm from cata and a bunch of intro quests like the island they added a while back, nothing to impressive imo, but it gives players something to do.
  30. Denpepe

    QLC versus TLC?

    Way back some Samsung EVO 840's lost data after not beeing powered on for a while, this was mostly fixed with fiirmware updates, but it's a concern, especially if you are going to let it unpowered for months if not years.
  31. Denpepe

    Do I have a bad board? Dust maybe weird problems

    I was about to ask the same thing
  32. Denpepe

    Do I have a bad board? Dust maybe weird problems

    Your idle temps in bios are 46-47° that seems pretty high, what cooler are you using? Also if you think it's bios related you could always reflash to the previous one to see if that fixes it.
  33. Denpepe

    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    I'm a huge Zelda fan and I never even considered playing this due to the weapon breaking gameplay loop, also why i stopped playing dying light, nothing fun about that kind of gameplay.
  34. Denpepe

    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    You know games are usually made for the lowest common denominator, not the highest, they actually want to sell a lot of games not a couple hundred or thousand.
  35. Denpepe

    How to repair a scratch

    Ask jay, he has a weekly show where you can ask him questions (rtfm) and he is pretty good at painting and stuff.
  36. Denpepe

    The Division 2

    If the game let's you go, go for it, and don't mind the above poster, he bought the game thinking it played differently so it must be a bad game according to him.
  37. Denpepe

    Worst CPU's of all time?

    I had one of those for a short while sucked donkey balls.
  38. Denpepe

    The Division 2

    I played a couple hours after the last patch and did not have any crashes so far, unlike a couple weeks earlier where it would crash randomly. As for the bullet sponges, a couple of tracking grenades and a couple headshots with a sniper rifle cleans out a lot of spots pretty fast.
  39. Denpepe

    iBIOS ?

    If the computer works fine as is I would not touch it un less they add somesthing you need.
  40. Denpepe

    iBIOS ?

    Bios updates should only be done if you need to, i.e. if you have issues or intend to add hardware that is otherwise unsupported (like new cpu's), this may be needed more frequently at the start of radical new hardware like AMD's recent switch to the AM5 platform.