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    X570 / AM4 ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact - a Mini-DTX SFF powerhouse...?

    Looking forward to the Formula version, knowing they have EK waterblocks on them already saves me time.
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    Computex 2019 Keynote - AMD

    Loved the 1800X comparison at the end - will be upgrading for sure
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    AMD Ryzen Sales Agency Teases Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 5 3600X

    Excited for the 3700X or higher Zen2 to upgrade from my 1800X
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    Matebook D 14 AMD

    2 weeks later - my wife said "this is my favorite laptop I've ever owned". No quirks, only wish the wal marts around me in Austin weren't out of stock now so I could get one myself.
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    Matebook D 14 AMD

    I ended up picking up one for my wife last Sunday. Lasts 8 hours or so doing Google Hangouts/Email/Chrome/Word. She's happy as a replacement for her 1st gen Razer Blade Stealth. I only wish it had 16gb of ram, not sure I could get by on 8gb for VS 2017 + a vm or 2
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    Matebook D 14 AMD

    Anyone else excited about the Matebook with Ryzen, hoping it does have "12 hour battery life". Loving my HP ENVY Ryzen laptop, but the battery life is 4 hours max.
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    What develeper is best with taking their time making sure it is as close to perfect as possible?

    I tend to think I do, but time tables generally force a release date.
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    Night and day difference - highly recommend either ordering it from HP with an NVMe or doing the install/migration yourself after the fact.
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    Before (1TB Stock Drive): After (500gb 960 EVO):
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    It does have 1 of each, will be taking it apart tomorrow night.
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    Yeah I was pretty impressed, overall once I get the 960 EVO in here it'll be the nicest laptop I've ever owned.
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    Firestrike (compared to my Kabylake i7-7500u Razer Blade Stealth):
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    Not seeing an option to make it public (first time using PC Mark) Skydiver results (compared to my old HP Kaveri Elitebook):
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics Using the stock BestBuy configuration - new ram comes tonight (2x8gb sticks) and 960 EVO comes Tuesday.
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    AMD launches Ryzen Mobile 7 2700U & 5 2500U with Vega Graphics

    Picked two up last night (one for me and one for the wife), the 1TB mechanical that comes with it is a huge let down coming from a Razer Blade Stealth. That being said it looks fairly trivial to swap in a NVMe drive and add another 8gb of ram (swap out the 2 4gb sticks). Will do before and...
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    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Is Borking Razer Machines

    My Fall 2016 Stealth updated last night, will keep it on the charger and out of sleep mode until a fix is out.
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Discussion Thread

    After being on Team AMD for the last 10 years I switched back to nVidia. I ended up getting a Gigabyte Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition 11G. Setup my loop, radiator etc. Love how quiet it is even under load, got it overclocked a bit and am getting 20-30% higher FPS in previously CrossFired...
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    FS: Asus WiFi Hardware, Samsung S3 Frontier, pair of Asus Radeon Strix 390X and 80gb of ECC DDR3

    In process of packing up for a move and clearing out stuff I either forgot I had or won't need in the new place. As I find more stuff I'll update this thread. I accept Paypal as payment. All items will be shipped either UPS or FedEx and insured within a day or two of receipt (to give me time...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU Specs and Pricing Revealed

    Holding out for a Asus/XFX/Powercolor OC or EK waterblock.
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    AMD Launches EPYC Enterprise CPUs Available Today @ [H]

    Shame they don't invite local Austin enthusiasts to these events - would have been neat to have been there. Though I have to say when I was at the Austin Fry's this Saturday the AMD motherboard section has expanded considerably since Ryzen launched.
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    AV Provider Webroot Melts down as Update Nukes Hundreds of Legit Files

    Having been working in this particular field, it is a serious issue, but there are a couple good solutions that do work (albiet with cons). Hopefully they can conjure up a good solution. Simply whitelisting is far a good solution.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Played on the new patch last night till 1AM, Creator Update ran over night and now am getting the dreaded "Black Screen" problem. Did all the troubleshooting - no dice.
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    Windows 10 Mobile Needs to Be Put out of Its Misery

    I was a Windows Phone 7 day 1 adopter (November 2010) with a Samsung Focus after using an iPhone 3G it was refreshing and fast. Picked up WCF and Windows Phone 7 development over a few weekends (I was already a C# developer) and made 10+ apps for Windows Phone over the years. The problem was...
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    G.SKILL Flare X and FORTIS for Ryzen

    Running at 3200mhz 1.35v now after the 902 bios update this morning.
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    Updated my Asus Crosshair VI to bios version 902 this morning - can now run my Gskill TridentZ RGB at 3200mhz (only ever was able to run at 2133 before). Bootup issues now resolved as well. Overall have 0 complaints now.
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    G.SKILL Flare X and FORTIS for Ryzen

    Gonna try the newer beta bios tonight - it's having problems running at anything but 1066mhz
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Evaluation Thoughts

    Been gaming on 4k for the last 2 years - albeit in varying degrees of happiness depending on the game. While I am an AMD fanboy, if RX-Vega doesn't deliver at 4k then I'm going back to nVidia after a 10 year break (GeForce 6800 was my last nVidia card).
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    G.SKILL Flare X and FORTIS for Ryzen

    So far so good. Bought them this week for my Ryzen build. Configuration works pretty well too, had them on a Knight Rider mode for most of yesterday.
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    G.SKILL Flare X and FORTIS for Ryzen

    Of course immediately after I buy the G.Skill TridentZ RGB :(
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    Yeah it sucks - if it weren't for Fry's coming through I would have been in the same situation. Amazon was a complete failure this go around.
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    AMD TrueAudio Next and CU Reservation – What is the Context?

    Glad to see TrueAudio isn't going anywhere - I use the HDMI port on my 480 to go straight to a Pioneer 7.1 receiver. Crystal clear studder free 7.1 audio in everything.
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    Amazon's pre-ordering was terrible, sucked I had to give up the financing, but glad to have gotten my board today. Good luck!
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    WTB: ASUS Radeon 390X

    Wife wanted my water cooled XFX 480s for her rig so I am looking for another Asus 390X to crossfire until Vega. Can paypal asap, located in Texas.
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    I swung by the Austin Fry's as mentioned earlier after work at around 5pm and all of the AM4 motherboards were sold out. Glad I ordered one last night. Canceled my Amazon order.
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    Placed an Instore pickup for the Asus Crosshair at the Austin Fry's last night (2nd try), just got a "it's ready to pickup" email.
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    Same thing here
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    I'll be doing the same at the Fry's near my work if Amazon hadn't updated.
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    My 1800X just shipped from Newegg, will arrive Friday by EOD.
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    Ryzen Shipping Thread

    Just got a "we are preparing to ship" email from Newegg on my 1800X. Nothing from Amazon yet. My preorder from the Austin Fry's was cancelled this morning.